Tuesday, January 21, 2014

33 Watch: The Police [Police State = 33 State]

POLICE = 7+6+3+9+3+5 = 33

The concept of police was first established in the 1790s when West Indies merchants were persuaded by British ruling elite to hire mercenaries to protect their cargo that was being transported by means of the River Thames.  The trade site was known as the Pool of London.  In time, the mercenaries hired to protect British goods came to be known as the Thames River Police.  Their start up is credited to merchant Patrick Colquhoun.  The original police force was made up of 50 men who were responsible for policing 33,000 workers to ensure minimized loss of goods from theft.  At the time, Colquhoun commanded his police force that 11,000 of the 33,000 were likely criminals and to act accordingly.  By July 28, 1800, the Marine Police Bill was passed, transforming the police force from a private industry, to a public industry.  Patrick Colquhoun then went on to write the book, The Commerce and Policing of the River Thames.  The book instantly caught international attention, from the United States to Australia.

Nearly three decades later, on September 29, 1829, London would establish the first professional police force in the world- the Metropolitan Police Service.  It wouldn't be until April 14, 1865, that Abraham Lincoln would create the Secret Service, the nation's first Federal Police Force.  Later in that same day, Abraham Lincoln would be assassinated in Ford's Theater.  The primary function of the Secret Service was to protect the treasury and nation from counterfeit money.  It makes one wonder, does the formation of the Secret Service and the assassination of Lincoln coincide?

Prior to the Secret Service, in the year 1845, Mayor of New York City, William F. Havermeyer, established a police force much like the Metropolitan Police Force of London.  In this time, cities such as Boston had makeshift police forces, but they were not professional and only worked in small numbers and in the day time.  With the installation of a police force in New York City, other large metropolitan areas followed suit.

Essentially, from that point forward, police forces became more and more common place and more and more cities found ways to allocate funds to grow their police forces.  The earliest police institutions were employed for the purpose of protecting the wealthy and their financial interests.  In other words, it was the wealth disparity between rich and poor that caused the need for city police departments in the first place, same as what happened at the London Pool which gave rise to the Thames River Police.

It should be noticed the word Police is a strictly English word.  The numerology of the word reveals who this police entity is truly for, and what its purpose has been from the beginning.  In today's world we see police forces being armed to mirror that of military.  We see police officers arresting and harassing petty criminals and the homeless, while white collar criminals get away with high crimes and murder.  Without further ado, let us examine the numerology of police.
  • POLICE = 7+6+3+9+3+5 = 33
"You have the emergence in human society of this thing that's called
The State. What is the State? The State is this organized bureaucracy.
It is the police department. It is the Army the Navy. It is the prison
System the courts and what have you. This is the State it is a repressive
Organization. But the state and gee well you know you've got to have the
Police because if there were no police, look at what you'd be doing to
Yourselves -- you'd be killing each other if there were no police! But the
Reality is the police become necessary in human society only at that junction
In human society where it is split between those who have and those who ain't got."

From the author, to the people-
NWA had it right.  Police = 33.  When you think police, you think corruption and injustice.  You think of a divided legal system that treats some portions of society completely different than they treat other portions.  Look at our legal system here in Seattle.  After the clubs close, within a few mile radius there are ten cars pulled over on the weekends for DUI stops.  This is only because DUI tickets and jail bring massive revenue for the government and money banking system.  Imagine if instead of trying to generate $100,000 in legal fees per Friday night, our law enforcement lined up paid for taxis and busses to get people home safely.  Wouldn't that cost less, be safer, and just overall smarter?  We could live in a society like that.  We just have to break this conspiracy that is very real and which makes everything from education to tomatoes cost more than what it should, and forces us to grind for the revenue and taxes we generate.  This system we live in, and it is a system, runs on more and more dollars being made.  That is done through $10,000+ in legal fees.  They want you to think tiin-foil hat when you hear conspiracy, and dismiss it at a wink, but who is they and why do they want that?  If you need help understanding my blog, please let me know because I'm trying to make this writing more clear for the purposes of a book.  In the book, I imagine I would have an introduction where I explain very clearly with a few examples of how this coding works.  It is all very simple once you get it.  There are only two ways to code, so it doesn't give infinite possibilities.  In this regard, once you understand how to apply the code, it seems to show up in ways that appear to be much more than coincidence, but instead, quite purposeful.  One only need compare the code against history to test.  Also, if you doubt that and think you can do it with any other number, you should try to prove the theory.  I really do think this information is important, and I really do believe we're living in a critical span the next few years where we can either stop this, or see what is to come.  If you think we should just wait and see what is to come, you should really think about the last fifteen to twenty years and what kind of direction we're going in.  The Seahawks being in the Super Bowl is awesome for a region, but at the end of the day, we all know a better life and survival is a lot more important and should be a lot more worthwhile to talk about.  For those with kids, I urge you to really wake up, because you have little ones that need a better world.  Ask yourself where things are going in the next 30 years?  Can you see it?  Think about that.  It could be a better world, but we have to change it.

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