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33 Watch: The Governors of New York, the Roosevelt Assassinations, The Bomb, and The Cuomo's

The first Governor of New York was George Clinton, who took office July 30, 1777.  The numerology of the name Clinton is 33.  The name also has a 33 coded into the first two letters.  Please see a follows:
  • Clinton = 3395265 = 33
  • 7/30/1777 = 7+3+0+1+7+7+7 = 32
  • 7/30/77 = 7+30+77 = 114
George and DeWitt Clinton would be two of New York's very first governors, in a state that would give rise to many powerful politicians who would go on to become President of the United States.
  • George = 7+5+6+9+7+5 = 39
  • New York = 5+5+5+7+6+9+2 = 39
  • NY = 14+25 = 39
  • Empire = 5+4+7+9+9+5 = 39
  • The United Nations in NY is 39-floors tall
    • DeWitt = 4+5+5+9+2+2 = 27
    • George + DeWitt = 39+27 = 66
    • Thirty-Three = 2+8+9+9+2+7+2+8+9+5+5 = 66
Two of the most popular former Governors of New York to become Presidents would be Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt was the 33rd Governor of New York, just before becoming the Vice President of the United States during the Presidency of William McKinley.  McKinley was the 25th President of the United States and fifth to die while in office.  McKinley died September 14, 1901.  The numerology of this day is 25, matching his presidency.
  • September 14, 1901 = 9+1+4+1+9+0+1 = 25
Theodore Roosevelt, who was previously the 33rd Governor of New York, would become the 26th President of the United States.  While President, he would push the United States more into the global arena and be a primary driving force behind the construction of the Panama Canal.  He would also add Oklahoma as a state to the Union.  Years later, Ronald Reagan would make the transition from 33rd Governor of California, to the 40th President of the United States.  Never overlook those 33s!

Franklin Roosevelt would become the 44th Governor of New York before becoming the 32nd President of the United States.  His Presidency began March 4, 1933.  Please recall, the second post on this blog is about the number 44 being associated with assassination.  Franklin Roosevelt would die on the 33rd parallel, in Warm Springs, Georgia, on a trip that was supposed to generate healing in his legs that had been paralyzed from Polio since 1921.  FDR's last day in the White House was March 29, 1945, when he departed on a car ride for Warm Springs.  Let us examine the numerology of March 29, 1945.
  • 3/29/1945 = 3+2+9+1+9+4+5 = 33
Let us also examine the numerology of Georgia, the 4th State.
  • Georgia = 7+5+6+9+7+9+1 = 44
After his death, he would be replaced by President Harry Truman, who was the Vice President for FDR's 1944 campaign for the White House.  There it is, that number 44 again.  Within months of becoming the President, Truman would become the first President to test atomic bombs and attack another nation with them in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  He would also establish the CIA, NSA and Air Force.  Prior to Truman, the Air Force was part of the United States Army, not an independent branch of the military.  The date of the bombing of Hiroshima was August 6, 1945.  The numerology of this date is revealing.
  • 8/6/1945 = 8+6+1+9+4+5 = 33
Three days later, August 9, Nagasaki would be bombed.  The numerology of that date is 36.  Thirty-three sums to 6, and thirty-six sums to 9; thus the numerology of the two bombings dates are 6 and 9, like Yin-Yang.

Fourteen years later, Nelson A. Rockefeller would become the 49th Governor of New York.  He would remain the Governor from January of 1959 to December of 1973.  Nelson A. Rockefeller has curious initials and a birthday.
  • Initials = NAR = 14+1+18 = 33
  • Birthday = July 8, 1908 = 7+8+1+9+0+8 = 33
While Governor, Nelson's brother David Rockefeller would propose the construction of the World Trade Center buildings on March 11, 1961, and have them funded the very next day.  Construction would begin in August of 1968, and the complex opened April 4, or 4/4, 1973.  This was the five year anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mario Cuomo would become the 52nd Governor of New York in 1983, and would serve that office until December of 1994.  On February 26, 1993 he would oversee the World Trade Center bombings.  These came exactly 3,119 days before the September 11, 2001 attacks.  Notice the number 311 and 119 within it.  These dates could represent the beginning and end of the WTC Complex.

Currently, Andrew Cuomo, the son of Mario, is the 56th Governor of New York.  The numerology of 56 is 11, and the numerology of 52, the Governorship that his father was, is 7.  Combined, the father and son Governors of New York are the 7/11 Governors of New York.  They also have 33 coded into the beginning of their name, much like George Clinton, the first Governor of New York.
  • Cuomo = 33646 = 22
  • Clinton = 3395265 = 33
Andrew Cuomo will oversee the upcoming Super Bowl, hosted by his state as well as New Jersey, where Governor Chris Christie also has some 33 connections of his own.  For one, he was born September 6, 1962; and second, he attended college in Delaware, the first state.  New Jersey is the third state and New York is the eleventh.
  • 9/6/1962 = 9+6+1+9+6+2 = 33
  • Delaware = 4+5+3+1+5+1+9+5 = 33
This year's Super Bowl will occur on February 2, the 33rd day of the year, and follow the Super Bowl that had a 33 minute blackout, at 13:22 in the third quarter.  It will be the 44th Super Bowl of the modern era, which began in 1970.  It is an event ripe for false flag terror, and one can only ask, will Andrew oversee a New York bombing much like his father, Mario?

Let's hope not.  Let us also remember, New York City was originally established as New Amsterdam, on February 2, 1653.  That means New York City's birthday, will also be the day of the Super Bowl, the 33rd day of the year.  In that sense, we can see that 33 has been important to the city since its very inception.

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    Teddy Bear = 39
    The ‘Teddy Bear’ was named after U.S. President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, who was from New York City, NY.
    New York = 39
    NYC = 39
    NY = 39
    MSG = 39
    Empire = 39
    Roosevelt died: January 6, 1919, Cove Neck, NY
    Cove Neck = 39


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