Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MK Ultra: False School Shootings Continue?

Can you spot the September 11 in the MK Ultra report?

Today it is reported a 12 year old boy shot thirteen and eleven year old classmates at his school.  No one is reported to have been killed.  Only injuries were sustained.  The age of the victims, 13 and 11, correspond with the letters M and K.  MK Ultra is an acknowledged psychological operations program against the citizens of the United States, that supposedly has been stopped.

The shooting took place at Berrendo Middle School in New Mexico, the 47th State.  The shooting is said to have happened at 8:11 am.  At this time, no names have been disclosed.

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  1. Had you noticed the disproportionate amount of shootings in/around the Denver metro area? I swear to you I think it's related to the Denver Airport.


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