Wednesday, January 15, 2014

33 Watch: Numerology Exposes the Virginia Tech Shootings Conspiracy

One trip to the shooting range, on March 22 of all days, and this guy became a professional assassin.

In the Virginia Tech Shootings, it is reported 33 people were killed and all victims were shot 3 or more times- two to the trunk, one to the dome, like a professional killer.  That's a curious amount of 3s in the land of 33 and it makes one wonder if the Virginia Tech Massacre, the worst school shooting in the history of the country is a staged or falsely reported event, no different than the Columbine High School Shooting of 1999, or the Sandy Hook School Shooting of 2012, where it was reported all victims were shot between three and eleven times.

The Virginia Tech shooting took place April 16, 2007.  Let us examine the numerology of this date.
  • April 16 = 4/16 = 4+1+6 = 11
  • 2007 = 2+0+0+7 = 9
  • Combined, we get 11 and 9
It gets more curious.  The majority of the victims were killed in Room 211, where 11 people were murdered, and 6 injured.  Think about the number 211.  It could represent 11:11, in a nation fixated with numerology and master numbers; 11, 22 and 33.  11 dead + 2x11 = 11 + 22 = 33.  It sort of reminds me where K Street meets 33rd Ave and turns into Water St. in Washington D.C.
  • K = 11th Letter
  • WATER = 5+1+2+5+9 = 22
  • 33 Ave = 11, 22 and 33 all intersecting, where most people would never notice.
Before the shooting, the official timeline of events leading up to the April 16 bloodbath, begins on February 2, 2007.  It should be noted February 2 is the 33rd day of the year.  On this day, Cho, the accused shooter, purchased a Walther P22 which he would go on to use in the rampage.  Later, on March 13, he purchased a 9mm.  On March 22, Cho went to the PSS Range to test fire his new weapons.  The Numerology of PSS = 711.  On this same day, he used the eBay account Blazers5505 to purchase more ammunition for the Walther P22.  On April 8, he would record his 'manifesto diatribe' and on Friday April 13, three days before the shooting, bomb threats would be called into the buildings where the majority of the killings would occur.

Let us quickly look at some of these numbers from what is reported.
  • February 22, the 33rd day of the year
  • 33 victims
  • P22
  • March 22, or 3/22, or 322, the number for the Secret Society Skull and Bones
  • PSS = 711.  Virginia Tech is on the 77th Merdian, as is Washington D.C.  7x11 = 77
    • The Pentagon has 5, 77-foot tall walls.  Construction began 9/11/1941
    • The Pentagon also has a 5 acre courtyard and 5 floors
  • Cho's eBay account is Blazers5505
  • The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall.
  • 5 of the 13 Colonies have 555 coded into them
    • New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut
  • Blazers = 2+3+1+8+5+9+1 = 29 = 11
From that list we can gather 11, 13, 22, 33, 55, 555 and 77; all numbers having much to do with the founding of this country, and other terrorism related events, from the Jamestown Massacre to September 11, 2001.  Washington D.C. is located directly on the 77th Meridian, which is referred to as the 'American Meridian'.  It seems strange that Cho's murderous rampage would incorporate so many important numbers from our nation's history, especially in a school shooting just miles from the nation's capital.

The full name of the shooter is Seung-Hui Cho.  Let us examine the numerology of this name.
  • Seung = 19+5+21+14+7 = 66 = 12 = 3
  • Hui = 8+21+9 = 38 = 11 
  • Cho = 3+8+15 = 26 = 8
  • The sum of his entire name is 3+11+8 = 22
Strange, the name Seung-Hui equates to 3-11.  USA also equates to 311.  Even stranger, before simplifying the number to 3, it equates to 66, which is what the sum of the 13 original colonies are, and what the first highway across the nation was called, Route 66.  We already had a long list of strange coincidences.  These additions make this conspiracy pretty hard to deny.  As I've shown all over this blog, the same numbers keep coming up in these worldwide reported mass tragedies.  Please take the time to read the other posts linked at the bottom of this post to decipher if you think this is all one big coincidence.  It was the repetition in the numbers 33, 3/11 and 9/11 that got me digging deeper into these matters initially.  What I have found while completing this research since has truly surprised me, and I believe it is very condemning of who is really behind these reports of terrorism, whether they be true or not.

Aside from the numbers, there are many other things that don't add up about this shooting.  While it was taking place, it was reported the shooter was a six foot tall male.  Cho is significantly shorter than this, closer to 5'6".  Further, at the end of the massacre, he killed himself, becoming the 33rd victim.  It is said that his shot to this own temple made his face unidentifiable.  How?  This doesn't make sense.  A 9mm bullet is a small caliber and one that is not capable of destroying someone's face.  It makes one wonder, if 33 people were killed, is it possible the shooter was really someone other than Cho, and maybe Cho was just a patsy?  Supposedly, all victims were shot with two bullets to the chest and one to the head, the way professional assassins kill.  Cho had only purchased his guns four months before the shooting, and only been to the shooting range one time.  Maybe he was just a quick learner.

Also, the Police did not setup barricades after the report his girlfriend had been killed earlier in the morning, prior to the mass shooting.  This is atypical when a homicide is discovered.  Typically the first thing the police would do is barricade the roads so that the culprit could not escape via motor vehicle.  From the numbers, to the inconsistences, something really stinks about the Virginia Tech Shootings.

Please be sure to read the following blog posts to see how these numbers carryover to the other mass tragedies you've read about in years past.

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