Tuesday, November 29, 2016

106 666 | Gatlinburg, Tennessee fire reporting, November 28 - 29, 2016

Evacuate Immediately = 77/194

Gatlinburg = 48/111/666; Tennessee = 34/52/106/636; Gatlinburg, Tennessee = 82/91/217

The '106' and '666' connections are very interesting.

Prophecy = 52/106/666
Destroy = 34/43/106

The imagery reminds of Revelation, the book of propohecy and destruction, that has many references to fire and burning.  Right away, I'm asking how such an awful fire could start in November?  Apparenlty, it is the worst drought there in a decade.  The weather is off, no doubt, it's been off.  Still, these are headlines we typically see in the late spring through summer into early fall, not nearing winter.



  1. Speaking of off weather, here in North GA we have also been having a serious drought. Lake Lanier, which I think is the largest manmade US lake, is down down down. Anyhow, we finally got some rain about midnight last night, and the storm line was crazy. A red storm line on the radar in a direct diagonal from New Orleans to Lake Lanier, but the system just missed Gatlinburg.

    One of the first cities I evwr visited that had a 365 day Christmas Shop/Amusement. I am sure that's just another Quinky Dink.

    1. Oh and Billy, make sure you get the Smokyland Motel sign in the shot...

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    3. I love the visible

      Tennessee State Bank=199(Do What Thou Wilt), 729J(Destroy)

      And with the S kinda covered in that top shot we get

      Mokyland=95(Tuesday), 555(The Air and the Earth, Purple Rain)

      Mokyland Motel=160, 960, 760

    4. The mayor actually said that they "couldn't reach some areas because it was TOO SMOKY"!! Lol

      What kind of Acquarium doesn't have Emergency Procedures to Protect their animals? They make it sound like everyone just closed the doors & ran. WTF???
      This area's been hit regularly by Floods & Severe Storms -- so it defies logic that they wouldn't have Disaster Plans In Place -- & been moving out animals in the WEEKS it took for this "Firestorm" to reach the town.
      Atlanta would've been the closest place to send them. Which I'd bet they DID do -- after cutting a deal to GIVE the animals away (expect to see something in the future about "Relocating" the aquarium animals while they "Rebuild" ...).

      That was -- after all -- the FIRST thing the Mayor EMPHASIZED -- that:
      "Gatlinburg WILL REBUILD!"

    5. Chattanooga has a big aquarium too. Plenty of room.

  2. 44 fires in the south..set to smoke out the elite from there under ground cities.. according to ben fulford

  3. The "Word" Gatlinburg's leaders keep emphasizing is: "FIRESTORM" --

    FIRESTORM = (J) = 450 ... (E) = 738 ... (Pyth/Simple) = 123

    1. In TN -- "SEVIER County" is pronounced "SEVERE" ... appropriate, eh?!?

  4. This "FIRESTORM EVENT" reeks of "SMOKE & MIRRORS" ...

    It "MIRRORS" the Fires In HAIFA, ISRAEL ...

    "TOO SMOKY" to Fight The Fire "in some places" ... so says the Mayor ...

    TOO SMOKY = (J) = 780 ... (E) = 798 ... (Pyth/Simple) = 133

    The "SMOKE" is obscuring their ability to Recite Factual Information -- nothing but CONFLICTING REPORTS about what has & hasn't been Destroyed.

    The WESTGATE RESORT -- largest resort in the region ... & BLACK BEAR Rentals ("High End" Log Cabins for Vacationers) ... have supposedly been COMPLETELY DESTROYED. But -- "other sources" say that's not true.
    If they HAVEN'T been -- YET -- you can be SURE that ... "When The Smoke Clears" ... THEY WILL BE.

  5. TN is the 16th state in union, bordered by 8 states.

    There are 3 stars on its flag representing 3 different landscapes found in TN, the flat delta planes like Memphis, the rolling hills like Nashville, and the mountainous regions like Chattanooga. This strikes me as significant for some reason.

    The state is shaped IMO like a movie ticket stub or one of those theme park wrist bracelets you wear to show you've already paid.

    There's an old goofy picky up line that goes, "Are u from Tennessee? Cause you're the only 10 I see!"

    SAY10 by Marilyn Manson just came out, didn't it?

    Tennessee Titans

    I don't know how any of this stuff connects, just putting it out there

    1. Great observations! I agree -- those "tributes" to the topography seem VERY significant.

      If you have a minute -- check out the video "ESOTERIC NASHVILLE" @ Freeman Fly. The Masonic influence -- & the SPECIAL ACOUSTICS -- at The Bicentennial Mall will blow your mind!! The whole place is an eerie tribute to Death & Destruction ... complete with a giant Black Granite Spinning GLOBE.

      Love that old pick-up line -- it's a hoot! Lol

    2. @Prunella

      That Kush is opening your 3rd eye I see...
      Great observation !

  6. I hiked on this mountain on Thanksgiving Day. One area was closed due to fires. They said it was arson. I asked them how they knew it was arson. Blank stare. You can't imagine what a fucking hole they turned this beautiful area into. Home of Dollywood. Pigeon Forge is like a redneck Las Vegas/Branson, Missouri. Anyway, the "fire" would have had to change drastically in a couple days from what I saw. I didn't even smell smoke, which I was expecting. I saw some smoke but nothing alarming. Clear hoax. Gatlinburg having 111/666 gematria makes a lot of sense. What a hell hole.

    I just wonder if Urban Meyer saying his wife told him to "bring a gallon of milk home" at his press conference after beating Mich was a message to the gang or a tribute.

    "bring a gallon of milk home" in the English Reduction system equals 111

    1. What if there are several drills scheduled to go at any time, and the one that gets the "go" is activated, in real time, by certain phrases said by the winning coach. For instance, we occasionally see games that were slam dunks, end the other way. I, like most, thought Michigan was a slam dunk. And it could have been. But maybe they switched it. I certainly don't think Meyer saying that, the way he said it, when he said it was no coincidence.

    2. It probably means Ohio St will win it all. Gallon of milk thing.

  7. Zach, there's been a lot of Dolly Parton related media lately. She had a thanksgiving/Christmas special TV movie on her life, and I've been seeing her all over news channels lately, seemingly out of nowhere. This lady's been out of the spotlight for decades. And then Gatlinburg and DollyWood catches fire. Just another coincidence....

    1. Dolly does have a set of " Mountains" just saying

  8. Also, to back up what Stephen said, we got our first reason here east of Atlanta in 42 days. 42? Really? And on the news they keep saying "it's been over 40 days" 40 days, 40 days. It's like the opposite of Noah's ark. Real dark times might be coming soon.

    1. God never promised he wouldn't burn the world, just no more floods.

    2. On the last episode of Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood's character, when informed that her world was not built for her, that she is basically a prisoner, said angrily "then we have to burn it clean". This show is all about the Luciferian idea that God is a tyrant and that this world is a prison (big question is, are they telling us the truth, or is it just a prison for them?)

      Tennessee Titans, the gods of course destroyed the titans, their creators. And now Tennessee burns.

    3. This world is a prison. And their god is Lucifer. Hell is Earth. But there are other world's than this.

    4. I also think the world is larger than we know... There could be others trying to reach us too.
      I agree!
      They hint to it all the time. " NASA is picking up sounds coming from Space" lol

    5. LOA, how can you be so sure? Is their god different from ours? I readily see the prison they've created, but before I make the leap into believing the world itself is one, I'll need to see it. The fact that they've been pushing the notion for years in their media/fiction makes me suspicious.

    6. I have a few reasons that I can be sure, but they come from a spiritual side(not religious) that seems to bore alot of people. Long story short, I died once and saw something. Anyhow, there is a facebook saying I read that says We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experince, we are Spiritual Beings having a Humam Experince. In essence, your body itself is a trap, all manufactured by God to force you to eventually realize that your are so much more. I cannot explain what we are as Spirits, I was only like that for a lil while. The whole God is the Devil is a totally legitimate belief, imo, because everything created by God is a part of God, right?

      I don't buy into religion or a one way trip to Heaven or even in Heaven really, but I have always believed that your life, in a spiritual sense, is what you make it, and thus, you're afterlife is going to be too.

    7. I dig what you say, Lord. My only issue would be, what do you mean by afterlife? After what life? Hasn't eternity already started? Or does it start when the dead body finally "dies?" I don't mean to come across as a smart-ass-know-it-all. I don't have the answers. Just asking questions to maybe further the discussion...

    8. Most of us are smart-ass know it alls round chere. But I totally dig what you are saying. I am coming around to some pretty out there concepts about cycles and circles and we've all been here before and we will all be here again. We only live once, but we probably "die" an infinite number of times.

    9. I like your instincts! Keep it simple!!!

  9. Interesting that we have a smoke screen Pizzagate happening when there is a smoke screen hoax in the smoky mountains...

  10. I'm not sure of the fires were first reported Sunday or Monday, but the date the Baphomet statue was unveiled on Obama's 666 day until Sunday was 490 days. If it was Monday, it's 491 days, the 94th prime. Just food for thought

  11. Hurricane- evacuated , seek shelter
    Active shooter - Run hide fight , get shelter
    Brush fires - evacuate , seek shelter

    So when the FEMA camps are open, YOU KNOW the DRILL !

  12. Think about how this came out on Cyber Monday, and how with Donald Trump being the President Elect, you can make a connection to "Firewall". Crazy

  13. There is no other world outside of your own.

    "If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?"

    "Will the sun still set if there is no one on earth to see it?"

    You can use these at parties to sound like you know something. These are used by monks to start debates.

    Answer: What tree? What sun? If you aren't there to see it, it doesn't exist. The idiots at the top know this. Just because you have knowledge doesn't mean you are smart. they are actually the lowest 1% if you think about it. They bought the lie that all this is real. The world that you experience comes from you and no one else. If you aren't here, there is no world.

    Ok, you have to chew on that one for a while. But don't fall for the, "their is other intelligence OUT THERE.

    Out fucking where?

  14. why wont you at least defend yourself against some of these claims mate? your silence tells us everything we already know

  15. We are nothing but ENERGY.
    Neutral state is the human experience.

  16. Fire on the Mountain

    Long distance runner, what you standin' there for?
    Get up, get out, get out of the door
    Your playin' cold music on the barroom floor
    Drowned in your laughter and dead to the core.
    There's a dragon with matches that's loose on the town
    Takes a whole pail of water just to cool him down.

    Fire! fire on the mountain!
    Almost ablaze still you don't feel the heat
    It takes all you got just to stay on the beat.
    You say it's a livin', we all gotta eat
    But you're here alone, there's no one to compete.
    If mercy's a business, i wish it for you
    More than just ashes when your dreams come true.

    Fire! fire on the mountain!
    Long distance runner, what you holdin' out for?
    Caught in slow motion in a dash for the door.
    The flame from your stage has now spread to the floor
    You gave all you had. why you want to give more?
    The more that you give, the more it will take
    To the thin line beyond which you really can't fake.

    Fire! fire on the mountain!

    Song by Mickey Hart/Robert Hunter Grateful Dead


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