Tuesday, November 29, 2016

33 49 71 76 119 144 | Brazilian soccer (futbol) team, Chapecoense, fatal airplane crash, November 29, 2016, "by the numbers"

This morning it was 76-dead, then 75, now 71

This incident comes 44-years after the Andes Mountain plane crash of the South American rugby team.

The number '76' connects to today's date and the word airplane.

It's interesting to note that the alternate spelling for 'Colombia', 'Columbia', has gematria of '76'.  So does the word 'master'.

11/29/2016 = 11+29+20+16 = 76 (Airplane) (Master)
11/29/2016 = 11+29+(2+0+1+6) = 49 (Alive = 49) (Chapecoense)
11/29/2016 = 1+1+2+9+2+0+1+6 = 22
11/29/16 = 11+29+16 = 56 (Avro = 56) (Type of plane, an Avro)

November 29 is also the date that leaves 32-days left in the year.

The '71' dead connects to teh site of the crash, Medellin, Colombia.

Colombia is also a predominantly Catholic Nation.  Catholic = 71

The only other number when written out that sums to '144', is 'Forty-Four'.

Forty-Four = 144; Kill = 44

The rugby team that crashed in the Andes in South America, was October 13, 1972, 44-years ago.

From the October 23, 2016, 44-year anniversary of the event, until today, is 47-days later.

'47' is the number for Brazilian.

Notice they're saying '77' people were on today's fight, with 6 survivors.

The incident from 1972, was known as the 'Miracle of the Andes'.

The story of the Andes plane crash survivors goes from the dates October 13, 1972, to December 23, 1972, 71-days later, or a span of 72-days.

Notice the Andes incident was a plane from Uruguay, which once broke away from Brazil, under the leadership of the '33 Orientals'.

Notice they departed 'Santa Cruz, Bolivia'.

Santa Cruz, Boliva = 67/76/193

They were playing in the Copa Sundamericana tournament.

And look where they're from, Chapeco, Brazil.

Chapeco sums to '33', the 'false flag' number.

The gematria of 'Chapeco, Brazil' is also '119'.

The divisors of '119' sum to '144'.

Notice they had the grieving fans meet at Arena Conda.

Blood Sacrifice = 67/76

Tragedies often happy on a Tuesday, like this.  For example, September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday.

Notice the authories say, 'We are praying for everyone'.

Cerro El Gordo = 72/135 (The Key of David = 135)
Copa Sudamerican = 63/72/144 (Name of tournament they're in)
Again, the 'Miracle of the Andes' happened in '72.

The word 'Chapecoense' connects to today's date as well.

11/29/2016 = 11+29+(2+0+1+6) = 49

From 1973 to 2016 is 43-years.  Massacre = 25/43/79; Champion = 43/79


  1. When something like this happens by the numbers are you thinking it's a total hoax or preplanned and manipulated?

  2. Tuesday comes from the Old English/Celtic Tiwesdaeg, or "Day of Tiw". Tiw in Norse mythology is the God of single combat, victory, and heroic glory, and is directly related to the Roman God of War, Mars. Tiwesdaeg is actually a translation of the Latin dies Marti, or day of Mars. Think of Fat Tuesday being the start of Marti Gras. So that's probably why violent false flags happen on Tuesdays, especially the kind like 9/11 that perpetuated many wars.

    1. New Vikings season debuts tmrw - 11/30

    2. Bernie Sanders was just on Conan blessing the orange one on the new moon in Sagittarius, the Hunter, ruled by jewpiter. Hunting season is on haha

  3. I would also wonder if this is some kind of sacrifice related to the 2018 World Cup. The last one was in Brazil.

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    2. FIFA World Cup 2018 starts 6/14/2018 - date numerology 22/58/38/31 ends 7/15/2018 - 26/60/40/33

      FIFA = 22/22/22/132 = Today's and start date's numerology

      World Cup = 40/112

      There are 80 weeks and 2 days until the start
      Medellin = 38/74/173
      173 is the 40th prime

      There are 5 survivors as of now
      Russia = 24
      survivors = 38/163
      163 is the 38th prime

      Moscow Russia = 49/175 11/29/2016 = 11+29+(2+0+1+6) = 49

      World Cup champion = 83 (inverse of 38)/191 which is the 43rd prime
      champion = 43


    3. La Lakers at the Chicago bulls tommorow
      Nov 29 2016, my theory is the bulls start the season 10-8 as a tribute to the world series and the cubs winning after 108 years now if the loose tomorrow to the lakers they will be 10-7 and who do they play next ....... Cleveland!!!!!
      and guess what
      cleveland cava liers = 1008 !!

      date numerology Nov 30th 2016

      the series is at 86-63 in the regular season for the lakers
      playoffs 17-11 also in the favour of the lakers and
      all time 103 - 74

      hoiberg = 46, lakers can become 4-6 on the road
      Luke Walton has birth numerology of 49
      Luke = 49

      Luke can go 11-6 in his coaching career
      hoiberg has birthdate numerology of 116

      Hoiberg is 52-46
      he can get his 47th career loss the refelection of the 74 wins the bulls have in the series

      bulls loose tomorrow to the lakers and go to 10-7 and then loose the cleveland and go to 10-8!
      bet the fucking house on it

    4. https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=353821551647835490#allposts\

  4. 3 months 8 days since the closing ceremonies in Brazil. 116 days since the opening.

  5. From Cinderella to Nightmare.

    Wonder if that's referring to the Colts being the Cinderella team.

  6. why wont you at least defend yourself against some of these claims mate? your silence tells us everything we already know

    1. Uh oh, expanding your trolling from YouTube to the blog.

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  8. From the Marshall football team plane crash on 11/14/1970 to the Andes crash on 10/13/1972 is *1 yr. 10 mo. 29 days* which looks alot like today's date 11.29

    1. Great observation. They're doing things in patterns, this we know. 11.29 is essentially 11.11

  9. I don't know if you've done any work on Thursday Night Football, but here's an abridged version.

    The Cowboys and Vikings have played 22 times regular season for a record of 11-11. All time, it's 29 games, and the Cowboys lead 15-14 (Cowboy = 29; Cowboys = 30; they won the last time, the 29th time).

    It'll be the 23rd regular season meeting, 23 days since Sam Bradford's 29th Birthday. This will also be Bradford's 74th all time game, and he currently has a record of 30-42-1. If he gets win #31, which is the 11th prime, it'll be in his 74th game. This will also be his 37th home game; his home record is 18-18 (Vikings = 37). Finally, he is 1-2 against the Cowboys. 22 or 13 could be possible tributes, but I like the multiple of 11 better here.

    As for the Cowboys:
    Cowboys = 102 (with a loss they will be 10-2)
    This will be Jason Garrett's 102nd all time game, as well. Here's currently 55-44 reg season, 56-45 all time.

    One last point. Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is going into his 44th regular season game, and 45th all time game. He's 24-19 & 24-20, respectively.

    I see an awful lot lining up for the Vikings; also a commentor above said the show Vikings debuts tomorrow as well. I think Zimmer's 44th/45th game goes well with Sam Bradford's election day birthday as well, along with Minnesota = 110 like President.

    1. Samuel - lavitocus 7:11 / Samuel Bradford / Samuel scores the winning TD for how state vs Michigan. - Ohio 17th state / on 11/26 - Michigan 26th state

    2. Thank you.
      Fifteen = 38
      Minnesota = 38
      US Bank Stadium = 38

  10. Bernie Sanders was just on Conan (Conan, a barbarian or Viking). Today is the new moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of the prophet, ruled by jupiter. Jupiter is a benefic planet, bestowing blessings wherever it's placed. Bernie, the prophet, making "pie in the sky" (his words) promises of free this and that. Bernie, a jew, on a show with an oversized moon prop in the background. Judaism is a moon cult. Their days start at sunset. They worship jhvh, the moon deity. PI IN THE SKY! Haha. He actually said pie in the sky and I'm looking at that swollen moon hearing PI. 3.14. Pizza PI. MAGNUM PI. He had an extra long interview on the day of the new moon 11-29-16. Haha. BURNie blessing the Viking? There's probably plenty of numerology/gematria in there, too.

  11. Gematria:

    Bernie Sanders
    Jewish gematria=451 (feel the Bern. Fahrenheit 451!)

    Jewish gematria=134(December, Reagan, lion face, doom, all=134)

    English gematria= 282

    drum roll.....



    The jew JEWpiter blessing the orange one Conan, err, I mean, Trump, I mean LOKI on the new moon


  12. And it's hunting season! Sagittarius is "the Hunter." Get yer orange hunting hats. Hahaha

  13. From today's date to Super Bowl is
    2 months 1 week 1 day


  14. Today is vin scully's birthday (was) 11/29

  15. Capo elkann fakes kidnapping. ELK. One picture he's got orange hair wearing a funny that look in like James holmes/joker, next pic he's got slicked back black hair and nice suit, next funny glasses etc. He's a shape shifter and a trickster! He's LOKI hahaha. Trump! You don't even need the gematria!

  16. LAPO
    GENDER: Masculine
    USAGE: Italian
    Meaning & History
    Diminutive of JACOPO.Expand Name Links
    Related Names
    See All Relations
    Show Family Tree
    FEMININE FORMS: Giacoma, Giacomina
    OTHER LANGUAGES: Yakub, Yaqoob, Yaqub (Arabic), Hagop, Hakob (Armenian), Jakes (Basque), Jacob, James (Biblical)

    Lapo is Jacob! Jacob the trickster! Hahaha

  17. "Conan without borders in Berlin" Dec. 8. BERLIN! The orange ones approve! Say hi to odin, Conan!

  18. "Manchester by the sea" trailer featuring a banner at a hockey rink that says VIKINGS! They're rubbing it in your face!

  19. JAKOB Gyllenhaal is back as Donald darko with his bunny friend rabbit teen frankist! And a new movie called NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. Night of the Lepus, anyone?!

  20. "Family name. The name "Gyllenhaal" originated from Nils Gunnarsson Gyllenhaal's father Gunne Olofsson Haal, who was from Hahlegården, a crown homestead in South Härene Parish in the county of Västergötland in West Sweden. Haal comes from the name of the farm estate "Hahlegården".

    The orange ones approve again!

  21. Seinfeld talking about Bavarian cream pie right now on tbs! Haha. Wait, what the hell is Seinfeld doing on?

  22. OH MY GOD "SOUP NAZI" is on! Season7episode 6! "The K! MAN DID IT"

  23. "Blue doesn't go at all." And some Italian guy!

  24. Frank=300/50

    History channel is hunting Hitler. Found a rare red/orange ore or something in the ground.

  25. "First we take Manhattan, then we take berlin"

  26. "The most unusual line-up in years takes place at Christmas 2016, twelve months away, as I write this in Christmas 2015. If your personal horoscope has any factors at 20 degrees, you will be profoundly affected, as Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries and Saturn at 20 Sagittarius all link up in the heavens. (Click to enlarge the chart).

    Uranus is opposite Jupiter, which is rare. What is even more remarkable, though, is that Uranus is also trine Saturn, and Saturn is sextile Jupiter. What does it mean? Massive opportunities. Extreme change. Tremendous life lessons. And all at the same time!"

  27. "The United Kingdom will be affected most by this line-up as she was founded (or born) with Psyche at 20 Taurus and the Moon very close by at 19 Cancer. Proserpina is also at 19 Libra. The dramatic events at Christmas 2016 are about the Royal Family. The Moon in Cancer rules the UK ‘family’ and of course that is the one residing at Buckingham Palace. The Moon is always about the Queen Mother or the Queen. What can we expect? A quantum shift. As the Queen’s head appears on the currency (Taurus) there may be a related question about that too."

    1. Maybe the Queen dies and Charles takes the crown

    2. Would fit the dead at 90 narrative. 90 degrees. Right angle. Or Charles "dies." I've heard Prince william is the anti Christ.

  28. "The clash between Uranus in Aries, ruled by Mars, the God of War – and Jupiter in Libra – the sign of peace, but also ‘war for the sake of peace’ raises nuclear questions. Why nuclear? Because of Saturn. Saturn is returning to Sagittarius, for the first time in about 29 years. By 2017, just around the corner at that point, that sends us all the way back to the year 1969 when the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament dominated the news. This clip created by British Pathe (the most amazing channel) on YouTube shows what was going on, the last time Saturn moved through Sagittarius. Why is this sign so important to the nuclear debate? Because it rules foreigners and foreign countries."

  29. There are some more clues to the Christmas 2016 issue, which is both a revolution and an opportunity, as well as a massive learning experience. Nicola Sturgeon, dubbed ‘Queen of Scotland’ by The Daily Mail, is fiercely opposed to Trident. So is Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing leader of the Labor party at Westminster. What is truly amazing to see is that both these political icons have horoscope factors at 20 degrees too. Jeremy has Proserpina and Minerva at 20 Aquarius in his house of groups. That is not only Labor, it is also CND.

    He also has Mars close by at 19 Taurus which you will remember is a hotspot for the UK as a whole. There is a big question here about selling out at any price – the UK making money at any price – and it’s about Trident, but it may also be about other military or nuclear expenses. Mr Corbyn does not give a birth time, but even without it, the position of Mars does not change very much.

    Nicola Sturgeon, for whom we have a timed birth chart, also has 20 degree horoscope factors. She was born with Saturn at 20 Taurus, right on Mr Corbyn’s Mars in Taurus position. We might phrase this as ‘war and money’. It is very much tied into the psyche of the United Kingdom (shown by her Psyche, also at 20 Taurus) as of course the country has a long history of mixing up its economy with its military spending and bases. Click on Nicola Sturgeon’s horoscope to enlarge it. Christmas 2016 is a defining moment for the United Kingdom and her national identity. The peace movement is coming back in a big way. There is also a separate but related issue for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family.


    1. Mhmm! All very interesting .. im in Scotland, how do you get your astrology chart done?

    2. IKR, the parallels Fludd uses when he codes are incredibly savvy. I enjoy reading his comments.

    3. Check astro.com. The theme of the occult narrative in the end days of the ember months is TRANSformation. Metamorphosis. Flipping the script. (Black) Beetles. The underworld coming to light. Recycling. Shot to gold. Gold to shut. Cinderella gone tragedy. Family vacation turned nightmare. Kafka. Beetlejuice. Frozen thawing. Let it go let it go. Mannequin challenge. Reanimation. sia the greatest video. Party after party video. Frequency shift. The guy appealing tothe working class criticizing actions that benefit the working class. Carrier pigeon. The messenger. Mercury the messenger. Mercury retrograde Dec. 19. Early morning. Dec. 21 assassin's creed. Woden's day. Capricorn. Headshot. Blue paint. Yule. Saturnalia. Rules don't apply. Purge. Baptism. Fire, wind, earth water.

  30. Off topic, need some advice.
    Looked at the NCAA by the numbers but now need to see if my predictions are actually possible.
    I'd got michigan beating florida in the orange bowl, what results are needed for that?
    And I've got alabama 1, clemson, penn state 3, and ohio 4.
    If penn wins big will they get put above ohio?

    1. Michigan will still get in and get the 4th spot, possibly playing Alabama in first round. Then they beat Alabama to prove their worth during the controversy of the committee letting them in. Only way they get in is if Colorado wins Pac12, or Virginia Tech wins ACC. I think Colorado and Clemson win, making the Playoff 1.Alabama, 2.Clemson, 3.Ohio State, 4.Michigan.

  31. I heard that the team that was involved in the crash climbed their way up from division 4 to division 1 in their Brazilian league.
    Like 41

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  33. I think I know why the pool turned green at the Olympics. Green = 31 like Cube, Pan-another guise of Saturn = 31

    Diving Pool 60/123 Maybe a connection there.

  34. There was a lot of electric green everywhere and at the Women's bicycle they kept showing 13 31 on the back of one of the racer's t-shirts. I didn't know why at the time but I knew they up to their old tricks.

  35. Wrote another installment of "The Code of Saturn's Cube" Green = 31 Cube = 31 Ruptly = 31. That's the Russian gov, corp that handles RT. RT = 11. 31 is the 11th prime. Much, much more. Reader contributions as well.


  36. Today's Google Coding: 'Jagadish Chandra Bose'

    (11/30 -- before calendar strikes 12 December tonight at midnight -- last night of magical occult 11 ! (1% New Moon tonight)

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  37. Zach check out this 7-7-7 (16-7-1960) supposed plane crash.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1960_Danish_football_air_crash Some sick "coincedences": One player Erik Dyreborg "coincidentally" "had been put on a different plane minutes before to make room for a kit basket" (says on wiki, also what is says in danish article). This guy Erik Dyreborg had been at a trial in 1957 at Manchester United a few months before the Munich crash of the Manchester United team https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Munich_air_disaster Erik Dyreborg was also childhood friends with two BK Frem teammates who died, Soeren Andersen and Ib Eskildsen. I looked up for danish articles about the danish crash and found only one which had 144 all over it. It was published on the day 50 years after in 2010. Based on interview with Erik Dyreborg and articles from back then. Denmark went on to win Silver in the 1960 olympics (sacrifice?) and Erik Dyreborg had a professional career in USA and Holland. He still has the record on the national team for scoring most goals in a match against Norway. Dyreborg has fitting gematria of 74,137 http://multimedia.pol.dk/archive/00458/Flyulykke_458434a.jpg


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