Saturday, November 26, 2016

41 69 78 108 177 593 | Record 593-foot high basketball shot made in Switzerland at Mauvoisin Dam, November 21, 2016 news +Golden State Warrors

108?  Basketball?

Golden State Warriors = 108
Geometry = 108
It's Over = 108

Remember the Bucks shirts for snapping the Warriors streak last NBA season?

Also, 108 was a big number on the most recent World Series, where the Cubs broke the 108-year drought.

The name of this dam, Mauvoisin', is right for a 'freemason' hoax by the numbers, a 'conspiracy'.

Conspiracy = 123; Andrew Bogut birth numerology is 123

Freemason = 42; ; Golden St. = 33/42; Math = 42; G = 42

Also, Mauvoisin Dam sums to '51', like 'conspiracy.  Conspiracy = 51/60/123

Andrew Bogut, who is from Australia

Australian = 35/44/116

They beat the record by 60-feet.  Conspiracy = 51/60/123

The 2:16 mark, eh?  Funny stuff.

How ridiculous = 69/78/177

And notice the date of Sports Illustrated's article, November 21, the day leaving 40-days left in the year (Basketball = 40) and having a numerology connecting to 'hoax' and 'propaganda'.  The date also has a parallel to 'Golden State'.

11/21/2016 = 11+21+20+16 = 68
11/21/2016 = 11+21+(2+0+1+6) = 41 (Golden State = 41)
11/21/2016 = 1+1+2+1+2+0+1+6 = 14
11/21/16 = 11+21+16 = 48 (Hoax) (Propaganda) (223, the 48th prime number)

Could this be "the technology" at work that seems to help Stephen Curry with his 3-pointers?  I sure do think so.


  1. Wormwwood the destroyer = 108
    Wormwood destroyer = 93

  2. 593 feet. 180m. Another 18. Started with peyton manning

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  4. What a complete joke "he said" it was his third shot
    Witches do things in three..........Three frogs three wishes and so on.

  5. Last night
    Clippers vs Pistons score was


    Any meaning to the 97 and 108 deformed basketball?

  6. Total magnetism. That shit would not whip over that far in the last 50 feet like it did. It was naturally curving towards the goal, but was still way wide right before the rim magnet sucked it in. Honestly it almost looked like a hidden cut in video editing. What a joke.

  7. What a waste of time. It was like a lifetime movie, watching that. Like they put all of themselves into making that shot. It was just felt and real.

    Gun. Head. Brains. Out.

  8. Hey Zach, not sure if it makes a difference, but Andrew Bogut is no longer with the warriors he plays for the mavericks now.

  9. That ball swayed heaps at the last bit of its drop! There has to be magnets!

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