Monday, November 28, 2016

33 39 47 48 | Ohio State university, "active shooter reporting", November 28, 2016 +False flags by the numbers

Today is November 28.

It's Virginia Tech de ja vu and more.

The Virginia Tech shooting happened April 16, 2007, the 106th day of the year, today's shooting happened in 'Columbus', or '106'.

And a quick point about the 'police', '33' and '911'.

This news comes the morning of November 28, 2016, the day leaving 33-days left in the year.

We know how they love to pair '33' with '47' and '74'.

This morning it was at a 'Hall'; Watts Hall.  Hall = 8+1+12+12 = 33

11/28/2016 = 11+28+20+16 = 75 (New World Order)
11/28/2016 = 11+28+(2+0+1+6) = 48 (Hoax) (Propaganda)
11/28/2016 = 1+1+2+8+2+0+1+6 = 21 (Saturn)
11/28/16 = 11+28+16 = 55 (OSU = 55)
11/28 = 11+28 = 39 (Security = 39)

November = 94; Ohio State Univeristy = 94

The 28th is ripe for picking on the 'Buckeyes' as well.

This shooting comes days after the school's biggest football win of the season.

The Ohio State University = 109 (January 9)

From today until the championship game is 42-days, or a span of 43-days.

Champion = 43

'42' is the number of the Freemasons, and relevant to Ohio State's football team.

Last year Ohio State played Michigan on November 28, and Ohio State won 42-28.

Buckeyes = 28 (Today is November 28)

42+13 = 55; OSU = 55; 11/28/16 = 11+28+16 = 55

When Ohio State won the college championship over Oregon, they won 42-20.

Freemason = 42 (Pythagorean)
Mason = 62 (Simple English)

"Run hide fight"?  Run hide fight = 75 (New World Order)

Watts Hall = 26/35/116; Watts = 11/20/83; Hall = 15/33

Update:  Here's the latest from CNN.

OSU suspect is dead = 56/92/200

This is definetly football related.  The shooting happened at Watts Hall.

The spokesperson is in the gang.

Notice the article brings up the football team, the athletics and finals.  The start of finals, December 9, is in 11-days, like the number of men on the football field, 11.

There's also a parallel between 'finals' and 'active shooter'.  No doubt this incident will had a lot of stress for students who don't know better, when finals are already stressful enough.

12/9/2016 = 12+9+20+16 = 57 (Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl)
12/9/2016 = 12+9+(2+0+1+6) = 30 (Saturn) (OSU won with 30)
12/9/2016 = 1+2+9+2+0+1+6 = 21 (Saturn) (Today's date numerology)
12/9/16 = 12+9+16 = 37

Compare the gematria of 'run hide fight'.

That name 'Monica Moll', MM, 44, is too much.


  1. 19th and College=106

    Nineteenth and College=507J(57, the inversion of Run Hide Fight(75))

    1. Also 57 points in that game of theirs last weekend.

  2. Everytime I see Watts, I think of the LA Watts Riots from the mid 60s. Pretty destructive six days.

    1. I think of the Watts Towers, those things basically look like 17 interconnected antennas.

      Watts riots 1965
      Ferguson 2014
      49 years in between

      Ferguson, MO is the home headquarters of Emerson Electric. I remember being struck by all the pictures of sparks and flashes and smoke from the Ferguson riots, along with strange purplish, violet lighting very unreal looking. I got a sense of it really being an electrical story.

      Just went ACTIVE ... 10/3/2016

      Located between CHATTANOOGA & Knoxville TN --
      Operated by the TVA -- Tennessee Valley Authority

      The FIRST REACTOR to go online after a 20 Year Hiatus

      TVA was formed as a GOV Agency -- but now they are PRIVATELY OWNED.

      First they needed the Gov's Backing to STEAL untold millions of acres of LAND via Eminent Domain ... & DROWN Countless INDIAN HISTORICAL SITES Underneath Dozens of Manmade Lakes & Waterways.

      Hundreds of Thousands of people were Forced Off Their Land -- RESETTLED in Cities & Forced to seek work at TVA Power Plants ... Because they no longer had any land to farm.
      These Displaced Residents were PROMISED that THEIR LAND would NEVER be converted for Private Use ... Yet that is EXACTLY what's happening now.

      It's another ugly story of how the Southern "Commoner" was railroaded into oblivion ... A story hidden behind tales of "Flood Control" & "Bringing Power To The Masses".

    3. That wouldn't be Lebanon, TN would it? They also built the nukes that ended WW2 in TN, I believe Oak Ridge.

    4. And supposedly the people who worked at Oak Ridge were completely clueless as to what exactly it was that they were doing.

      Same story over and over

    5. Pretty much ALL of TN is somehow affiliated with Nukes, TVA & the Military Industrial Complex. From the Milan Arsenal in West TN all the way East to Oak Ridge & beyond to Chattanooga & Knoxville -- the whole state is one "Secure Space" after another.

      That's true about the workers at Oak Ridge. Behavioral Scientists were brought in through Operation Paperclip to help ensure that ALL workers remained clueless. Some of the earliest MK-Ultra "conditioning" was done there.
      Though hard to "prove" -- there are numerous accounts of Josef Mengele being on site. Workers recalled a "handsome man with piercing blue eyes & a German accent" conducting repetitive "interviews". Afterwards though, these "subjects" could never recall exactly what went on ... & they all experienced episodes of "Lost Time". Similar stories surfaced a few years later at a Union Carbide plant in Rochester, NY -- where workers were also "Twinned" with each other ... implanted with identical false memories & experiencing identical injuries from "accidents" that they had no memory of.

      A pair of these "False Twins" hired a lawyer to investigate what had REALLY happened to them, & he WAS able to document "Beautiful Josef" being on site. However, days before he was going to release this information in court, this lawyer VANISHED while out on an afternoon walk -- & has never been found. (I tried to find the lawyer's name -- but that info is no longer where it used to be ...)

  3. Bama vs Ohio st. Round 2

    This may be a sign of unrest once the election is over turned.

    8 injured Lebron going to his 8th finals!! His last
    Not 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8... Then Wade said stop stop from 2010 heat big 3.

    Ohio st has 8 national championships in football

    7 Heisman winners the 8th could be Barrett
    If Lamar Jackson gets upset by the numbers.

  4. Watts= (EL)ectricity or Saturn


  5. With PizzaGate distracting people from Real Pedophiles, maybe people should start talking about Sandusky & Ohio State again? Do people Really think Pedophilia has disappeared at Ohio State? OH, but we've gotta support a Winning Team, so just shut up and Watch.

  6. OBJ #13
    LBJ #31

    Beckham scored twice imitated Lebrons dance

    LBJ did beckhams dance pre game

  7. Penn st sex allegation.

    Penn st is playing for big 10 championship

    Cavs just played the 76ers

  8. Wisconsin is discussing the recount

    GB season is on the line tonight

    Eagles season on the line tonight

    Pennsylvania is considering a recount and so is


  9. "Run hide fight" ?! Who the fuck is telling the school to fight an active shooter? Obvious hoax.

  10. Lebron will finish 4-4 in finals 8 signals complete

    Won back to back in Miami and Cleveland

    Pass Kareem for greatest scorer ever.

    Not bad and may be crowned KING of basketball

    Never won with a H.O.F coach especially Phil Jackson

    Wade won with Shaq Riley.

    Kobe won 5 titles with Phill that diminishes Jordan's titles

    Lebron won with less help and did more to carry his teams.

    Delivered the home town championship.

    Lebron is elevated over Jordan let the debates begin!

    More brainwashing for the Minions

  11. They will blame this on

    2. Drugs
    3. Michigan fan

  12. Kosta Karageorge 22 died last season
    Before the Michigan game, Ohio st played Wisconsin in the big 10 championship

    Corso put on the head gear for the 22 time favoring the Buckeyes

    Cause of death : suicide
    Gun shot wound to the head
    Reason was " Concussions"
    Location dumpster


    These hoax are getting old and sloppy

  14. Tweet went out at 6:56 am ... 4 min til 7 am = 47 / 74

    That was 2 HOURS before anything began showing up about this "LIVE, BREAKING NEWS".

  15. I've got a few friends who go there, If there was ever a Masonic college it's osu. Most the buildings there are named after masons and many of the famous alumni are as well. Of course, their sports teams are infested with manchurians and a breeding ground for the pros. I've told you before about Manchurian athlete Dante Booker =47, he wore 47 in high school when he was Mr. Football in Ohio. Now he wears #33 for THE Ohio state, watch him to be entering the draft in a few years. His father was a CFL player as well, I have no doubt he was a Manchurian. I knew the kid for 3 years and heard him speak maybe twice, he rarely showed emotion. My friends used to joke that he was a football android, he's perfect for OSU!

  16. Ohio is the 17th state admitted to the union.
    17 has been synching for me personally all year, along with weird flashes of strong deja vu type feelings. Bizarre.

    Apollo 17 was the 6th and last of the Apollo mission to the moon. Launched on Dec 7, 1972, returned Dec 14, 1972.
    44 years ago next month.

    Sandy Hook 4th anniversary on 12.14.2016.

    1. Dec 1 will be the 19th Anniversary of the 12/1/97 Heath High School Shooting in Paducah , KY.

      19 has been pretty prominent lately ... wonder if they'll have a School Shooting Hoax scheduled for Thursday?

      No wait ... Probably not ... "HEATH" is the shooting event they've chosen to ignore. They always skip over it & jump straight to "Columbine" as the "First School Shooting" ... Lol!!

    2. That info about Apollo 17 is interesting. Never realized they launched it on Pearl Harbor Day!
      12/7/41 to 12/7/72 = 11,323 days ... exactly 31 yrs ... (Not Inclusive)
      Including the end date = 11,324 days ... or 31 yrs, 1 day = 311/113

      One day earlier would've produced a span of 11,322 days -- so there must be some way that 12/6/72 -- or maybe 12/8/41? -- also factors in ... they'd never let THAT span of days slide by. :D

    3. There's definitely SOMETHING "significant" about 17. Always wondered how they settled on the name "Seventeen" for that teen mag.

      Your feelings of deja vu have got me wondering about 17's connection to time & time manipulation. Recently I would've sworn I was caught in a Time Loop -- everything was Beyond WEIRD -- & things Kept Repeating. There was so much "Wrong" around me that Something HAD to have been "off".

      "17" & "Time" need a closer look ... Oh Hell! -- I just realized that they're BOTH names of VERY Successful Propaganda Magazines.
      Yep -- there's DEFINITELY "something" up with 17 & TIME!

      Curious to hear your insights on that ... ;D

  17. OSU is a Gun free campus.

    This will end up being (Gun Control) excercise

  18. Urban Meyer's wife called his cell during his presser after beating Michigan. (hmmmm???)

    Meyer: She said, "bring a gallon of milk hime."

    "bring a gallon of milk home" in the English Reduction system equals 111

    1. Whole milk unpasteurized and unhomogenized is good for you. It costs about twice as much found at whole food type stores. The other stuff will poison and kill you.

    2. We should not be drinking cow's milk, even raw cow's milk is toxic/poisonous. The myth that cow's milk is good for your bones is a huge lie.

      "Cow's Milk" in the English Reduction system equals 33

  19. The presser was bizzare but Meyer with his head to the ground and his rear in the Air like a Muslim praying after the game was really bizzare.

  20. Recap...

    Castro died and uproar in the US
    Patriots Won caused plenty of grief (Zack was wrong again)
    Trump tweeted " election is rigged"
    Ohio St won in double OT contraversial fashion.
    Wisconsin recount underway
    OSU terrorists
    Everyone over spent on Black Friday

    The SHEEP do not stand a chance to wake up and smell the $6 coffee eating Pizza, Facebook , CNN, gambling sites, Porn and truth seeking on YouTube.

    Ladies and Minions must do more, Harry believes in you!

  21. the good news for osu Michigan was are work wasn't necessarily wrong because there was a hoax shooting planned to come that would of been hard to predict, also Michigan tweeted out to osu after the shooting: "Stay safe, Buckeyes."

    "Stay safe, Buckeyes." in the English Reduction system equals 52 (1+2+1+7+0+1+1+6+5+0+2+3+3+2+5+7+5+1), which reduces to 7

    "Stay safe, Buckeyes." in the English Sumerian system equals 1122 (114+120+6+150+0+114+6+36+30+0+12+126+18+66+30+150+30+114), which reduces to 6

    "Stay safe, Buckeyes." in the English Ordinal system equals 187 (19+20+1+25+0+19+1+6+5+0+2+21+3+11+5+25+5+19), which reduces to 16, which reduces to 7

    "Stay safe, Buckeyes." in the English Gematria system equals 2248 (100+200+1+700+0+100+1+6+5+0+2+300+3+20+5+700+5+100), which reduces to 16, which reduces to 7

  22. 42 days till the National Championship

  23. it is confirmed trump wins michigan

  24. Watts Hall makes me think of JJ Watt, the DE for Houston who is currently injured. He went to college at Wisconsin, who will be playing Penn State in the Big 10 championship.
    "Run Hide Fight" = 129. Jim Harbaugh threw 129 TD's in the NFL, and Andrew Luck was born 12/9. America = 129. Odell = 129. L = 12, I = 9.


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