Saturday, November 26, 2016

17 23 41 | Fidel Casto dies on 17-year anniversary of Elian Gonzalez arriving in the United States, November 25, 1999

Here's more proof of how history is scripted by the numbers.

Nice 3:22 post time.

11/25/1999 = 11+25+19+99 = 154 (Old baseball season length) (Cuba... baseball...) (Jesuit, 1540)
11/25/1999 = 11+25+(1+9+9+9) = 64 (Israel) (Zion) (Thelema) (Synagogue of Satan)
11/25/1999 = 1+1+2+5+1+9+9+9 = 37
11/25/99 = 11+25+99 = 135 (The Key of David)

Fidel Castro = 49/58/112 (112th World Series & 58th election just passed)

Here is one I overlooked.  A reminder there is always more!  Castro has died on the anniversary of Elian Gonzalez arriving in the United States, which was November 25, 1999, Thanksgiving Day.

Elian Gonzalez = 66/147

Think about how Elian is a reshuffling of the letters 'alien', as in, 'illegal alien'.

Elian = 23/41; Alien = 23/41 (Elian Gonzalez is currently 23-years old)

Notice Castro died 11-days before his birthday.

Exactly 17 years...

Kill = 17/44

Castro was the 17th President of Cuba.  59 is the 17th prime....  Kill = 59 (Jewish Gematria)

Remember, Castro's death came a span of 433-days from his meeting with 'Pope Francis'.

433 is the 84th prime number.  Both Pope Francis and Fidel Castro are Jesuits.

Jesuit = 84

Recall that Castro also died a span of 277-days from his brother, who passed February 23, 2016.

277 is the 59th prime number


  1. Hilarious. I wish I could cryo-freeze myself. But it probably wouldn't do much good.

    Please make some Quinky Dink baby clothes at A4T.

  2. JFK was buried on 11/25

  3. Replies
    1. Mike Manning the supposed successful gambler, maybe you can legally buy some cuban cigars soon and shove the whole box in your mouth at once as celebration.

    2. Looks like I'm behind on the times.. Still, my hope stands.

  4. Makes a lot more sense to why Janet Reno died too. Castro was the 17th president of Cuba too.

  5. I also noticed looking up Che Guevera, that he and Castor set sail in a "leaky boat" from Mexico to Cuba on November 25, 1956, 60 yrs before Castro's death. Guevera and Castro born 96 wks apart (including end date). Also should look at Batista connections if you haven't already. Reminds me of Dave Bautista (MMA) who is 47 years old now......

  6. Also Orland Castro, baseball player, and Orlano Castro Llanes, banker. Must have connections.

  7. Zach, Ron Glass from the 70's cop show "Barney Miller" just died today at age 71. It's more Patriots/Colts coding.

    Ron Glass = 105 (Masonry)(Zionism)
    Ron Glass = 33, 42, 51 (Super Bowl 51)

    Ronald E Glass = 46, 55, 64
    Patriots = 46

    Ron Glass is from Indiana, just like Florence Henderson.

    1. OH! I totally left this out. Today is 71 days until the Super Bowl, and he was 71.

  8. Also the date from the Queen/Prince "celebration" should connect. It is based on "Revolution".


  9. It was Macy's 90 parade this year

    1. Great observation. Just had to make a second channel plugging your channel and Dar's, can't believe I didn't mention them the first time, apologies!

  10. There was a movie called "POPI" that ran -- 113 min. -- released 5/27/1969.

    Starring Alan Arkin -- a Puerto Rican raising his sons in NY's Spanish Harlem ghetto cooks up a scheme to have his sons MISTAKEN for CUBAN BOAT REFUGEES. He's decided that they will have a better life that way -- because Americans are so sympathetic to the "plight of the Cubans" ... & couldn't care less about the struggles of Puerto Rican-American children.

    From 5/27/69 ("POPI") ... to ... 11/25/99 ("ELIAN") ...
    (Inclusive) = 11,140 days ... 30 yrs, 5 mos, 30 days
    (NOT Inclusive) = 11,139 days ... 30 yrs, 5 mos, 29 days

    From 5/27/69 ("POPI") .., to ... 11/25/2016 ("CASTRO/ELIAN") ...
    (NOT Inclusive) = 17,349 days ... or ... 47 yrs, 5 mos, 29 days
    (Inclusive) = 17,350 days ... or ... 47 yrs, 5 mos, 30 days ... 4753.42%

    There's some interesting numbers in there ... perhaps "POPI" gave the "Elian" Hoaxers an idea? ;D

  11. This is a good time to remind people about OPERATION PETER PAN -- later renamed "PEDRO PAN".

    This was a Child Trafficking Scheme of the 1950s & 60s -- in which the CIA & Jesuits of the Catholic Church worked together to (supposedly) "save" hundreds of thousands of Cuban children "from a life under the regime of Fidel Castro".
    They convinced parents that the ONLY thing a truly loving parent could do was to SEND THEIR CHILD TO THE U.S. -- to be ADOPTED & RAISED AS "AMERICANS".

    They blatantly LIED to the parents -- telling them their children WOULD be slaughtered ... or die from disease & starvation. Some were told that THEY TOO would eventually be smuggled to the U.S. -- but first they had to "prove their faith" by allowing their children to go ahead of them. Of course, once the children were "secured", the parents were never thought of again.

    The parents were also told that their children would ONLY be raised in Catholic homes -- & ONLY by people with Cuban roots. In fact though, the children were SOLD to couples who'd been unable to legally adopt.
    And the faith of the homes they went to was never a factor.

    As a child, I was close friends with several of these children -- who'd been adopted into Jewish homes in Memphis, TN -- a city which had a booming "Cuban & Jewish" Mafia culture going on during that era. (Southern Jews were very involved in the gaming industries that dominated Cuba until Castro overthrew Bautista.)

    These Cuban kids had "the desired look" sought by most Jewish parents ... & (as it turns out) Rabbis were procuring the children through the Catholic Church. They were actively encouraging these adoptions ... telling their congregations that it was their DUTY to increase the Jewish population in every way possible. They also reminded them that every one of these children adopted by a Jew also meant there'd be "one less Catholic in the world".
    My friends grew up knowing they'd been adopted -- but only discovered the truth about their heritage after becoming adults. As it turned out, our neighborhood had quite a few of these kids -- every one of them having been taken from their birth parents before the age of two. None were ever able to track down their Cuban parents though, because by then the records had all been destroyed.

    "Operation Peter Pan" followed the usual path -- from being completely unknown, to "conspiracy theory", to acknowledgement -- accompanied by whitewashing & destruction of records. To this day very few people know about it ... & of those that do, most have been led to believe that it was spawned by "Cold War Era Hysteria".
    Nothing is ever mentioned about the untold thousands of children who simply vanished. Only the Church & the CIA/FBI know what REALLY became of them.

    As time goes by however -- I'm growing ever more convinced that many of those who "vanished" -- may in fact, be right before our eyes ... serving as Reporters, Athletes, Entertainers, Scientists & Businessmen, etc.
    It's possible that some of these babies were deliberately raised to Deliver the Messages of The Regime ... perhaps totally unaware that the lives they've always led are completely different from those of so many others.

    It should be noted that these Child Trafficking Schemes have never stopped. Each new "Catastrophe" -- real or hoaxed, natural or political -- provides opportunities to scoop up new batches of babies ... for many, many different reasons.

    1. Weirdly like the plot of The Omen, when Lee Remick's baby died and a Catholic priest convinced her husband to take an "orphan" baby and raise it as their own without even bothering to tell her about the switch. I always found that part one of the most unsettling parts of the movie, that people u trust would sneak around behind your back like that. Scarier than all the devil stuff

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sex rituals and organ poaching = Pedro Pan

    Pedro for president Spurs coach Tshirt who is a pedophile and gay.

    Notice Cubans strike a Pot or Pan to protest.

    The echo of the bell is mocking Gods firmament.

    1. I wonder how Mark CUBAN plays in, if the Spurs coach is really a pedo, Dallas and Mr. Cuban are right down the highway. Mark. Check. Note. Cuban.

  13. Elián is not currently 23. He is still 22 for another week.


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