Sunday, November 27, 2016

New YouTube channel recommendation for #pizzagate

This channel, going by the name, 'Barry Soetoro', get's it.

I also happen to like this guy's delivery.  I'll be sure to checkout more of his work.


  1. That guy has videos on how to defeat Trump haters in an argument. I would think this guy would be someone you would want to fertilize, not plug on your blog as being someone who "gets it"

    1. His work on pizzagate is right on the money, are you sold on the pizzagate? The FBI's "unclassified" documents that Wikileaks, leaked? Question, how do you leak "unclassified" documents? They weren't de-classified, they were "unclassified", meaning they were never classified. In other words, everyone is worked up over something that was always available. So why are they all worked up over it? Yes, because it has been presented to them, to work them up, in a partisan manner.

    2. I honestly don't know what pizzagate is other than what I've seen you do here recently and that is about it. I know Elites love their kids and at the same time I know they love to dupe the people of this world too. Keep up the great work Zach! And try not to be too hateful towards brainwashed idiots

  2. I like this guys angle. Makes perfect sense to me. He put out a new video saying this is all funded to put the lock on social media after another staged attack. This sounds like a psyop!


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