Monday, November 28, 2016

38 39 93 | Miracle on 93rd Street, mainstream media propaganda about NY firefighters, November 2016

93rd St., last resort?  Notice the '39' gematria.

This story comes out of 'New York', where '39' and '93' are "the numbers".

7/26/1788 = 39 (NY date of establishment)
New York = 39
Empire = 39
MSG = 39
NY = 39

Notice the timestamp, 2:24.  That's 144 seconds.  Time = 144

Jim Duffy = 40/94; Jim = 14/32; Duffy = 26/62 (Mason = 17/26/62)

Notice below it was 'Jimmy Lee' to scale the building.

This is a commercial for why tax payers should keep forking over their money to these people who don't do shit for the most part, our first responders.

Notice 'Duffy', aka 'Mason', gave it the name, "miracle on 93rd Street".

This story is 100% bullshit.


  1. They have quickly become my least favorite group, firefighters and first responders, even more so then cops. Legitimately, they are probably just as shitty, but there is more of a hero illusion placed on the firerat response teams than on the police. You don't get much fiction about firemen setting fires, which they do more then you would think, while we've had crooked cop stories since there were cops.

    I remember right after the San Burn shooting I went grocery shopping. It was one of those days where the local firefighters bag your stuff for you, and if you feel so inclined you make a donation. I am not so inclined, but I do like putting these guys on the spot. So while the guy was bagging my stufd I asked him

    Do you guys get some guy of psychological assistance after running the horrorific scenes after shootings?

    Well, yes sir. We get all the help we need.

    Because, having to see something like dead kids scattered around a classroom has got to mess with your head.

    At this point, the responder wouldn't even look me in the eye. He just told me how they were trained and prepared for those sorts of things.

    They also have media training.

    1. Mind my scattered brain, I haven't had my coffee. ;)

    2. You're right, Lord ... I too USED to hold Firefighters in the highest regard -- Back When Our Firemen Were LOCAL RESIDENTS.

      But they were ALL Driven Out when our Small Town got a New Fire Chief -- fresh from NY AND FL. He immediately arranged for expensive FIREFIGHTER WARRIOR TRAINING -- conducted by the Company HE OWNS ... With HIS BROTHER!

      Ever since then we've had endless strings of ARSONS labeled as "Accidents" ... & Hoax Fires used to Cover Up The FALSIFIED DEATHS Of Entire Families -- who had recently narc'd on low level dealers (obviously allowing them to Start Their NEW LIVES With NEW IDENTITIES).

      Like you said, this New Breed of "FIRE WARRIOR" has had extensive media training ... & ALL Are FEDERAL AGENTS.

  2. "RUN HIDE FIGHT" -- Ohio State Univ in Columbus, OH ... TWEET from OSU Emergency Mgmt.
    Supposed "Active Shooter" ... Breaking News on MSNBC.

    There's a "GIRL HIDING IN A BATHROOM" ...

    Here we go ... Traditional "After-Holiday Active-Shooter HOAX" ...

    1. I should have said DRILL ...

      Cock-Eyed Camera Angles ... check

      Students being paraded around ... OUT IN THE OPEN ... with their "HANDS UP" ... check

      Catchy Phrases -- "Run Hide Fight" ... "Locate ; Isolate ; Evacuate ; Eliminate" ... check

      TWITTER in use ... check

      "Shelter In Place" .., check

      Throngs of COPS -- Standing Around -- Talking On Phones ...
      Despite Claims That "THE SHOOTER(S)" Are STILL AT LARGE ... check

      ** They're repeating "WATTS HALL" over & over ... but SLURRING it until it sounds like "WATCH ALL"

    2. OMG -- Now they're saying the "shooter(s)" not only SHOT people, but ALSO:
      Hacked Others With A MACHETE
      & RAMMED Others With A CAR ...

      I smell "ISIS" on the horizon ... led by the Three Stooges ...

    3. Larry=74, 444
      Curly=79, 474
      Moe=33, 198

    4. SLAPSTICK =
      (J) = 383 ... (E) = 660 ... (Pyth/Simple) = 110

      Comedic Farce!!

    5. Keystone Cops=903J(93), 167(39th prime)

  3. If you go to ESPN home page. There is a photo of Raiders QB Carr throwing a football with what looks like a SB ring on his ring finger lol
    Opposite of him is a KC chief Lamar Houston #50


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