Wednesday, November 23, 2016

33 37 47 58 211 | Betsy DeVos, sister of Erik Prince, leader of 'Alliance for School Choice', chosen to head Department of Education

Voucher acitivist chosen = 115 (Will take office with 115th Congress)

This woman is the fucking sister of Erik Prince!  Erik Prince is the military man who created the private military firm Blackwater that is responsible for untold amounts of propaganda.  He is a real lunatic, Erik Prince.  Let this serve as a reminder who runs the education system, the military, which this story hints at.

In light of her brother being Erik PRINCE, I find her name gematria very interesting.

The U.S. education system comes from the United Kingdom, 1837, the Victorian Times.

Notice that was 1837, emphasis on '37.

And a quick note about 'Victorian'.

Calculate the number of the beast.... the U.S. education system is the beast system is one of my oldest videos.

Also notice that 'Elisabeth' was born January 8, or 8/1.

Elisabeth = 36/45; School = 27/36

Notice she was born in '58.  This decision comes 58-days before Inauguration Day.  This was also the 58th Presidential Election.  Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

1/8/1958 = 1+8+19+58 = 86 (Symbol) (Triangle) (Pyramid)
1/8/1958 = 1+8+1+9+5+8 = 32 (America) (Average) (College) (Career)
1/8/58 = 1+8+58 = 67 (Female) (Freemasonry)

This decision comes 46-days before her 59th birthday, or a span of 47-days.

Foundation = 47; Framework = 47; Authority = 47; Obey = 47; Judge = 47; Gavel = 47

The 47 goes well with her organization for making more charter schools, and helping more billionaires pay less for public schools, so intead, they can just channel their money into their own children's schools.  This ensures those born into the lesser rungs, have even less of a chance.

Common Core, CC, 33.  Teacher = 33; Believe = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33

*Department of Education = 229; 229, the 50th prime.  America = 50; Donald = 50


  1. I am so sick of seeing blue and red!

    1. She is married to Dick Devos, a (44)
      Attended Calvin College CC (33)
      Her name "Betsy Devos" has some subliminal spelling as well (vote,votes, vote yes, voted, devote)
      "Elisabeth Devos" = (Bastile, Disease, El)

    2. Here's one to go with the electoral narrative:
      "Elisabeth DeVos" = "She lies bad vote"

    3. Blue & red being pumped into everything. Was watching WWE with the Nephew ... Ain't watched it proper since the 90's ... it's split into 2 sections now. Raw (RED) & Smackdown (Blue) ... At the big events it's Smackdown Vs Raw, or was in the one we watched, Survivor Series. Drillin the red/blue choice home, at every age/angle etc.


    In case you want a look a what military/education systems wanna look like.

    1. Released 12/18/1992
      1+2+1+8+1+9+9+2 = 33
      121 minutes long

    2. I used to love that film as a kid :) . That and the movie called, 'Toy Soldiers' ... how everything changes when ya figure what things really are .. .grrrr :( .

  3. The school system is designed to ostracize free thinkers like ourselves, and it works. Every time I said or did anything out of the accepted norm, there was always someone to laugh at or pick on me.

    Last laugh is on them, though. I dropped out of high school, make more than I would had I gone the standard route, and have no student debt to boot. The great secret of the school system is that NOBODY needs it. It only serves as a babysitter while both heads of the household are forced to work to make ends meet.

    The kids don't need it. The country doesn't need it. We gain nothing in it.

  4. Her husband is the owner of the pyramid scheme AMWAY.

    Blackwater & AMWAY. Western Michigan's contribution to the world.

    1. Ooops. That's the father. The son is married to Betsy.

  5. Love that you included that piece about Victorian school systems!

    The "Ragged Schools" WEREN'T created because the Queen "cared" ... they were a direct response to complaints from the Nobility -- who were "disgusted" by the sight of hordes of small children suddenly wandering EVERYWHERE (even encroaching into the "Territory Of The Nobles".

    The children's parents were no longer around to see after them during the day -- they were ALL slaving away in FACTORIES. There was no such thing as "Day Care" -- so the kids gathered together in bands & went roaming -- too often straying out of "their" ghettos.

    The very SIGHT of these poor children so bothered the "Ladies Who Lunch" -- that they adamantly DEMANDED that "Something Be Done". Instituting the School System was actually a COMPROMISE. "The Ladies" had demanded that the children ALL be "Rounded Up & Sent Away To ORPHANAGES" (since "clearly their parents were unable to care for them").

    Before the schools were up & running, a great many WERE "sent away" -- often without their parents ever knowing where they'd been sent. Of course The Ladies were none too happy about The Compromise -- angered at the prospect of "Public Funds" supporting these "urchins", they sought other ways to have the children Permanently Removed From Their Sight. Thus came the rise of "Ladies Aid Societies" -- usually formed with the cooperation of Churches.

    These "PHILANTHROPIC Societies" circumvented legal measures that attempted to protect poor children -- hiding their TRUE GOALS behind the guise of "Assisting Those In Need".

    They were the Victorian era's "Passionate Change Agents" -- which is exactly how DeVos supporter Jeb Bush describes his gal "Betsy".

    Super connection Zach -- VERY Appropriate!! ;D :D

  6. Don't give up so easily man. Regardless of where you look, it is very tall mountain we are climbing so learn how to control your emotions.

    This is long term community effort.

  7. I like your analogy, a 'very tall mountain'. Good reminder for us all.

    All the best in Truth Seek.

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  9. Why are you emotional? I think he does realize people are working 5-6 days a week to survive.

    I don't know Zach personally, look at his background, he does not look like a person who comes from privileged (I might be wrong). So I am pretty sure all the pain he has felt in his life is getting him to do the work that he does.

    He is working tirelessly to show you guys numerous of events everyday for awhile now. Don't you think he has right to vent off once in awhile? I don't think has reached enlightenment, yet.

    I suggest to start with yourself first. Human Beings are hypocrites. I am myself always am too, but if you are tired of what is happening around you. You should learn how to deal with what is inside you first so you can change the perspective of your reality.

    Think of things like APPRECIATION. That is one thing I believe we in the Western World do not do often enough. Look at the world around you, do you think they are not suffering more than you? Most people don't have a choice.


  10. get home from work only to be called a fucking faggot by Zach because i spent money on food that day and didnt give him every one of my last cents.

    he had a thing about if youve spent $1 on a cheese burger youre a fucking retard, derp derp derp. basically stop calling people fucking retards and shit, ill spend my money how i fucking want Zach you over entitled cunt and you wont be getting a single cent of it.

    If i could retroactively withdraw donations I would.

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  12. Not sure where to drop this wall of text, maybe I'll make my own blog instead of clogging up the comments here. I was leaning hard on Hawks, then changed again to Pacers. then I wasn't even breaking down Nets, but I have nets winning tonight too. I hope I don't screw myself AGAIN! Sorry didn't have enough time to edit my breakdown.

    11+23+20+16 = 70
    11+23-2+0+1+6 = 43
    1+1+2+3+2+0+1+6 = 16
    11+23+16 = 50
    11+23 = 34

    38 days left in the year, 1M 8D, 5W 3D
    span of 39D, 1M 9D, 5W 4D

    327D of the year, 10M 22D, 46W 5D
    Span 328D, 10M 23D, 46W 6D

    Hawks 9-5, 3-3 Away vs Pacers 7-8, 6-3 Home

    181st regular season Meeting between the two
    212th all time between the two
    Hawks have the regular series lead 99-81
    Pacers have the playoff series lead 18-13
    Total record including playoffs Hawks 112-99

    Hawks going for 100th or 113th win
    Pacers going for 82nd or 100th win
    100th prime = 541

    last matchup 3/17/15. Pacers lost 104-75
    3/17/15 to 11/23/16 - 617 days, 113th prime = 617, 30th prime = 113, 64th prime = 311, Pacers lost 6-4 at home
    also 88 weeks 1 day
    span - 618D, 1Y 8M 7D, 88W 2D

    Hawks Coach record 260 games, regular season 155-105. playoffs 15-18
    looking for 171st win overall or 124th loss
    171st Prime = 1019 (119 or 911)
    going for 156th win or 106th loss
    156th prime = 911. From 11/9/16 to 11/23/16 = 14 days. 14th prime = 43. Hawks improve 4-3 Away, 11+23-2+0+1+6 = 43
    Hawks can improve to 10-5 and coach stays at 105 losses
    Coach is 47 years old. 15th prime = 47, improve 10-5 (15), Atlanta = 15
    born 8/6/1969 to today - 109D, 3M 17D, 15W 4D
    today to next bday is span 257 days. 55th prime = 257. Hawks beat pacers last game on a date of 55th numerology

    Pacers coach record 945 games, regular season 485-460, playoffs 14-20
    coach has 499 wins all time, 95th prime = 499, Hawks are 9-5 (95)
    looking for 500th overall win or 481st loss
    500th win (50?) 11+23+16 = 50
    481st prime = 3433 (34 and 33). Date 11+23 = 34, Indiana = 34/52, Hawks away record is 3-3 (33),
    1st season as head coach for pacers, 16th game, record 7-8
    going for 486th reg season win or 461st lost.
    89th prime = 461, 24th prime = 89
    coach could lose, record 7-9 and win next game vs nets 8-9
    coac is 52 years old
    born 8/3/1964 to today - 112 days, 3M 20D, 16W. Span 113D, 3M 21D, 16W 1D.
    Hawks overall lead 112, going for 113th win, span of coachs bday to today
    born Aug 3, 3/8, 38 and 38 days left in the year, Death = 38

    Pacers vs Nets all time 169 regular season games, 180 all time
    pacers lead regular games 97-72, playoffs nets lead 7-4. overall 101-79
    170th regular season game on friday 11/25/16. Brooklyn Nets = 170
    Pacers going for 98th reg game win, could come in 8-8 with win over Hawks tonight. and improve 9-8 vs Nets bankers life fieldhouse = 98
    If nets lose tonight record 4-10, with loss to Pacers Friday record 4-11 (114),
    itll be 114 days from Pacers coach bday to game day 11/25/16, Indiana Pacers = 114
    If pacers/nets win tonight Nets 5-9 and lose vs pacers 5-10, itll be pacers coach 501st win against nets (51)
    Nets are 1-6 on the road, with loss to Pacers 1-7 (17), 17th prime = 59, 5-9 record with win tonight.
    1-6 (16), 16th prime = 53. Brooklyn Nets = 53. 1-7 (17) Brooklyn Nets = 170

    Hawks = 17/26/62
    Pacers = 26/35/62
    Brooklyn Nets = 53/62/170

    bankers life fieldhouse = 98/107/116/206

    Today is the 23rd, 23rd prime = 83, Friday is the 25th, 25th prime = 97.
    If pacers win tonight and Friday, their home and reg record will be 8-3 Home 9-8 season. Pacers would get win 98 vs Nets.

    My pick - Pacers and Nets

    1. You do know that the Nets are on a 4-game losing sreak? Another poster said, no matter how good the numerology looks, never catch a falling knife (or don't bet on losing teams). In regards to betting on Cleveland vs. Ravens

      The addict in me wants that huge payday on the Nets, but I will be patient this time.

      After being burned on the Pacers against (Paul George played when he was listed as OUT) the Magic, and burned again on the Pacers at home (Paul George was listed to play but DID NOT) against the Suns, I'm done with the Pacers this season.

    2. Yes I do, which is why I took the points as well as Money line. NBA is a different beast, I always screw myself. I've seen crazier shit in the NBA vs other sports. Look at the warriors -17 vs lakers who just beat them. I wouldn't be surprised if lakers lost by 20+.

      And Kevin love out scored Portland in the 1st quarter with 34 points hahah

    3. Maybe I shouldn't choose a team anymore and just break it down. Lol

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  14. Staunch buegs... u a moron 4 believin in zac stein dat his dream name. Colts n Vikings won't make sb. He is da gay lover of RFG choosen one dat why they beef. jason james rv n gg r legit sources. rfg tony bobby n dan r frauds like zac stein

  15. Staunch Bugs.... Take a walk if you don't like.....that was not a typo either....

  16. Why do the Cowboys and lions play every thanksgiving

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  18. Have you looked into Collin Rose the 5th officer who has died this week? 51 = conspiracy; They also had the President of the University that the officer worked for make a statement in the article. The presidents name is Roy Wilson = 51/150 just like conspiracy = 51 once again. Also Collin Rose = 50. This is perfect because he was shot yesterday but they waited to pronounce him dead until today because today has a numerology of 50 (11+23+16 = 50). Collin Rose also equals 122 like Freemason. The college the officer worked for is named Wayne state university = 88. When you write out eighty eight it equals 123 and once again another conspiracy hint because conspiracy = 123. Last thing I found was that Collin Rose died at 29 and how convent that Collin equals 29. Once again thanks for all the hard work Zach it is much appreciated!

    1. Here is the article

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