Wednesday, November 23, 2016

33 43 44 45 58 156 | Trump picks Nikki Haley, 44, as US ambassador to United Nations, November 23, 2016

Trump picks US ambassador to UN = 133 (White House) (Government)

Notice she is ALSO 44, funny stuff!

She has the right name for the 'federal' government, a 'conspiracy', which she serves.

Nikki = 27/45; Haley = 24

Nikki Haley is Governor of South Carolina.

Notice Nikki will turn 45 on Inauguration Day.

From today, November 23, to Inauguration Day, is 58-days.  Again, this was the 58th Presidential Election, November 8, 2016.

The name Nikki Haley connects to 'masonry' and 'zionism'.

Her date of birth stands out as well.

1/20/1972 = 1+20+19+72 = 112 (Zionist)
1/20/1972 = 1+20+(1+9+7+2) = 40 (United States)
1/20/1972 = 1+2+0+1+9+7+2 = 22
1/20/72 = 1+20+72 = 93 (Saturn) (Propaganda)

Notice she is from South Carolina, where the Civl War began, April 12, 1861.  Today is a fitting date to pick someone from South Carolina.

11/23/2016 = 11+23+(2+0+1+6) = 43
11/23 = 11+23 = 34 (Kansas, the 34th state, was the last to join the union before the Civil War began)

Lincoln, born February 12, was born on the 43rd day of the year.  The Civil War President.

South Carolina = 57/66/156 (Thirty-Three = 156)

You have to love that they use the 11:33 tweet to show what a bullshit show it is.

Masonry = 33; Divide and Conquer

And other things in the headlines right now...


  1. Another 44? Definitely a coincidence lol

  2. Barrack will soon Unvail he is the Anti-christ

    1. Yeah what the hell are you talking about Tomas Stovall

    2. I am talking Truth, Go check out Johnathan Klecks youtube for the proof. Zach is just mad I said 2 him aiming for 33,000 is bullshit and Truth was taught us 33 is false flags and rigged lies on top of lies. I don't know forsure if he is blinded by his gematria or just a sell out. Either way he is burying the truth with a nation that is about to be destroyed. Go ahead and erase this comment and keep up with your blinding the masses bs

    3. You don't listen and your ignorant
      Zach chose 33000 as an inside joke...a fuck you to the number coding used by this throw it in their faces. How is he a sell out if he's been doing this for year for free? He's raising money to help all of us

    4. just because someones been doing something for years doesnt mean theyre not a sellout.

      Zach talks about how "sick" and "disgusting" it is that these people are coding stuff using gematria, then goes ahead and chooses 33,000 and codes gematria into the names of his website etc.

      This guy has alot of hatred inside him, and its turning me away from him. His attitude is poor and hes clearly making money from this now.

      I dont know how well thought out this all is Zach, you want to go buy cheap houses in detroit that are falling down and start a community? Should we refer to each other by our YouTube handles in this community? WTF mate? Well just get a bunch of people that have never met in person, some of whom are clearly mentally ill and live together. Yea righto mate

    5. Make a joke out of it? Ur comments a joke Nicholas

    6. Well I have the same views as most people on here and Zach basically speaks my mind...I guess I'm a sellout too

  3. "Not a fan" = 26 26th Prime is 101

  4. Trump picks Betsy Devos for Secretary of Education today.

  5. So she'll turn 45 on the Inauguration Day of the 45th President, eh?

    Israel Wins Again=161

    1. You really think Trump will ever be president? The Skins/Bengals tied, that should be enough proof for you.

    2. Honestly, I don't care who the President is. I care about the division the whole charade causes to a certain extent, but most of the sheeple are destined to graze. Mostly, I like puzzles and do most of this for myself. :)

    3. Nikki Haley reminds me of Halleys Comet. Sort of goes with the phony "Comet ping pong" Pizza gate distraction.
      "Nikki Haleys Comet ping pong"

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  7. Hey guys,

    Some observations from India.

    On 22 nov(33) "Prof MGK Menon"(66) died at the age of 88 and a member of Royal society of london(connected to royalty) connecting to trump(88). He was a fellow of 3 science academies and became president of all three(33). He worked with space and defence agencies.
    Indian national congress tweeted that Trump supporters are those who "eat turkey on thanksgiving"(1776).

    Last night in Uefa champions league a goal was scored by Kevin Gameiro(66) on 55 min. And his team scored another goal at 66 min. His team Athletico de madrid(79) and at the same time a match between Benfica and Besiktas ended (3-3) and in another match 2 own goals were scored to make it (2-2) one by marco veratti(55) on minute 60 which is the gematria for the player who made it (3-3) in the previous match(vincent aboubakar).(all matches took place @ the same time)

    Please view my comments on other threads too and please opine.


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