Friday, November 25, 2016

47 52 106 110 | Wisconsin preps for recount, November 25, 2016 headlines, Green Party has raised $5-million, surpassing $2-million goal

Prophecy = 52/106/666

Today is November 25, 2016.

11/25/16 = 11+25+16 = 52

Notice it looks like she is making '666' with her hands.  Prophecy = 666 (Jewish Gematria)

And let us not forget the name gematria of 'Jill Stein'.

Jill Stein = 38/47/110
President = 47/56/110

Jill Stein is not her birth name, and she is Jewish, lost most who practice gemaria.

Wisconsin = 44; Donald Trump, 44th man to be President.

5 million...
2 million...

Too bad none of those people donated to the Truthseeker Network Revolution.  Now that would see if our democracy was really working!


Green Party = 57/129 (America = 129, Jewish Gematria)


  1. Clin on
    As it reads on the wall.
    Clinon aine = 96, 51 (Freemason)(Conspiracy)

    1. Yes, also blue and white in (51)

    2. Boy, I hope you're right. That Carol Brady thing has me a bit rattled as far as who's going to the big rigged show in February

  2. Notice this comes 17 days after Trump won the election.
    Sort of like the 17 minute rain delay in the World Series before the Cubs came back to win it 8-7
    Clinton = 87
    Clinton = 33
    Recount = 33
    Jill Stein = 47 47th prime is (211)
    Trump robbed = 804
    Clinton steals election = 84/93
    Trump Concedes = 93 57/66

  3. Replies
    1. Hey if you dont like the guy why do you come here your just wasting your time??

    2. I come here to try to save lost sheep like u who follow him

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    4. mike smith = 44 makes sense lol no one will listen to you her man just give up

    5. Are Mike Smith, Mikey James and Mike Manning the same guy?

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  5. J-10 S-19 -119 You know what it is

  6. Jill Stein has a birthday of 5/14/1950; It has been exactly 195 days since her last birthday to today.

    1. Jill Stein also = 660 and of course she is 66 years old great time for her to relevant

    2. 5+14+50 = 69; when you flip the 9 = 66 like her age I am starting to understand why she was running for president at this time.

    3. This year is the year of the 69, that is why she ran, as is Hillary...even Trump was 69 in the first half of this year.

    4. This year the 6 is a 9 that's straight from the mouth of a 0 sixer There prophet Drake born 10/6 so it is what it is

  7. I read an article on fox news stating that she has raised enough money for the 1.1 million dollar filing fee, and that her deadline will be at 11 pm for the money she is raising (weird most deadlines occur at 12). and then the article talked about a statement made by someone else on 11/11 (November 11th). Funny because Jill Stein = 110. Today also has a numerology of (11+25 = 36) when you write out eleven it equals 63 which is the reflection of 36.( this is the link to the article.


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