Wednesday, November 23, 2016

38 62 63 144 | 'Not his first crash', Johnthony Walker was in a bus crash September 20, 2016 as well... (Chattanooga School Bus propaganda)

Not his first crash = 80/107/206 (Tragedy = 80)

What I notice is there is NO NAME.

Surely Johnthony would stand out like a sore thumb.

I also notice that the reported time of the crash was 14:40, a lot like '144'.

The incident was September 20, 2016, 62-days, or a span of 63-days, to the November 21, 2016 "bus crash" in Chattanooga.  Mason = 62; '63', the '2016' number

Also, I notice this prior incident took place in 'Hamilton'.  Hamilton = 38; Death = 38


  1. He even looks like the blacker version of the guy who plays Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Love that last name.

    1. Interesting ... He also favors Munir Abdulkaber -- who's in a HAMILTON, Ohio (Butler County) jail.

      Today -- 11/23 -- Abdulkaber was sentenced to 20 yrs in jail for "plotting to help IS" (Islamic State). His Highly-Digitized photo can be found through an article posted under Google News ... or @
      They aren't an exact match -- but there's enough similarity to make the "Hamilton Connections" noticeable.

      Also spotted an article on Google News about Lin-Manuel Miranda -- promoting a future episode of Drunk History starring him. As they say it -- "He was Really Drunk!"

      I'm starting to think that ALL of these "HAMILTONS" are somehow "connected" ... within the Big Picture ...

  2. Johnthony is so ridiculous, lol. I also like Officer Bender badge #930 as the investigating officer for a crash on a bend, lol. It reminds me of something I only noticed the other week. I smoke and here in Canada they have these horrid pictures on the cigarette box to scare you into quitting. I looked at one that I had seen many times before but this time I had a good chuckle. There apparently was an anti-smoking activist who was a smoker and dying from cancer so she asked for her picture at near death be used to persuade others to quit. She apparently died at 42 and her name was Barb TARBOX, lol, that's what a box of cigarettes basically is.

    1. One of the rare phrases that equal the same in Jewish and English Gem.

      Barb Tarbox=618 in both, 103 in Ordinal

    2. Wow! That anti-smoking bullshit you found is priceless! Thanks for sharing that. Makes me enjoy my smokes even more! Lol ;D

    3. Me too! Now when people say, "Ew ... You smell like Cigarettes!" ... I can answer back ... "Yes, but I DON'T reek of "JOHNNY WALKER" (Scotch Whiskey)! Lol

    4. Yeah, Johnthony was on a "bender" that's for sure. The way he bent the tree around the bus.....too much. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

    5. Ooh -- good eyes!! I'll have to remember those, lol!

  3. Great catches on that bogus "Crash Report"!

    SYLVAN DR = Bacon (all caps) = (Reduced) -- 33 & 11 ... 33 + 11 = 44 !!

    SYLVAN = 45+51+38+48+27+40 = 249 ..... DR = 30+44 = 74 ..... 249 + 74 = 323

    Reduced = 9+6+2+3+9+4 = 33 ....................... 3+8 = 11 ........... 33 + 11 = 44

    Ain't GEMATRIA Grand ?!? Lol ;D

  4. In the upper right corner of the bogus report:

    Approved By ... 858

    858 = H E H ... They KNOW it's all one big JOKE!! ;D

  5. The Standing Rock Psyop is getting retarded. Just in time for Turkey day, the Indians losing the World Series, fake protesters named Israel getting shot in the scalp (scalping). Facebook posts from fake protesters with funny names (odd name spelling is a clue which reeks of gematria). Also posting times of 3:30. 2:11 etc. Fake indie reporters and protesters who look totally Jewish but with phony non-jewish names. How can people not see this?

    1. I absolutely hate it. It is right there with PizzaGate in the distract corner.

    2. What I am thinking is, yes the crazy spelling is gematria centred, but what about spelling names so crazy that "they" can retrieve the info searched or created with that name attached, in the "algorithms" they can retrieve the info really quickly to see what activity is generated with that name. Therefore follow the "stream" of info attached to the "misspelled" name rather quickly due to the fact there aren't many people in this world with that exact name. And then they can follow the patterns as they love to do. Social media is a social engineer's dream....

  6. Breaking news, a Sixth child dies from the fatal bus crash.
    Boys name is Keyonte Wilson = 61/70 187
    Todays date 11/23/2016 11+23+20+16=70
    Walker also equals 70
    The officer who reported Walkers 9/20/2016 crash was Mark H Bender
    Walker drove off from Woodmore Elementary School with 37 kids
    Woodmore Elementary School equals 198/307
    307 like 37

  7. Principle Lafrederick Thirkill from a neighboring school lost a 9 year old cousin in the
    Bus crash. The sister of the bus driver called him to send condolence and to say her brother is innocent.

    Thirkill= 256

    Rick Alfred thrill kill ?


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