Tuesday, November 29, 2016

47 | Elaine Chao, Washington Insider, Mitch McConnell's wife, picked as Donald Trump's Transportation Secretary, November 29, 2016

Trump picks Transportation Secretary = 154/181/460 (181, the 42nd prime)
Transportation Secretary = 107/125/314 (Pi, 3.14... wheels rollin')

Elaine = 5+3+1+9+5+5 = 28
Lan = 3+1+5 = 9
Chao = 3+8+1+6 = 18
Elaine Lan Chao = 55 (11/8/2016 = 55) (Satan = 55)
Elain Chao = 46

Elaine = 5+12+1+9+14+5 = 46
Lan = 12+1+14 = 27
Chao = 3+8+1+15 = 27
Elaine Lan Chao = 100

Notice Elaine is 63-years old.  When you sum 1-63, it totals 2016.

3/26/1953 = 3+26+19+53 = 101
3/26/1953 = 3+26+(1+9+5+3) = 47 (Republican) (Authority) (President)
3/26/1953 = 3+2+6+1+9+5+3 = 29
3/26/53 = 3+26+53 = 82

Her nomination comes 248-days, or a span of 249-days after her 55th birthday.  The nomination comes 117-days, or a span of 118-days from her 64th birthday.

11/29/2016 = 11+29+20+16 = 76
11/29/2016 = 11+29+(2+0+1+6) = 49 (Washington)
11/29/2016 = 1+1+2+9+2+0+1+6 = 22 (Car) (Master Builder Number, 22)
11/29/16 = 11+29+16 = 56

She must be miserable being married to Mitch McConnell.  What a miserable man.  She's been with him since '93.

She is also a Washington Insider, having served in George W. Bush's administraiton, 2001-2009.


Something I also caught this morning that I never caught before, 'automobile' gematria.

Mainstream = 113 (Think about people and their cars)
Synergy = 113 (The sum of the parts together are worth more than the parts isolated)


  1. But Trump's so anti-establishment!

    Says the sheep lol.

    Every pick has been an establishment snake.

  2. EL-aine Chao transportation

    EL Chapo transportation of Cocain

    EL Cartel

    MAO =Dictator
    Che= communist

  3. Women can't drive.

    Asians can't drive.

    Any other stereotypes I missed?

  4. Trump voters don't believe in Trump!
    They want to make Merica WHITE again.
    The sheep and zombies just go with the majority.
    Free thinkers know it's a game.
    Zionist win all the time.
    Truth community uses JEWTUBE to try and awaken the masses.
    Were you awake before JEWTUBE? I've listen to captain Zack rant " when the fuck are people going to get it, so what if I swear or call people niggers? It equals 59 lol

    Calling the FBI or going to Washington D.C to complain to who? Lol

    If you round up 1 million truthseekers and flood
    The airwaves, city halls , Facebook ect you may make a difference.

    There are a lot of hard working honest people in all walks of life afraid to stand up! Organize and make a movement or continue on the hamster wheel!

    1. That bugs me when Zach repeatedly uses the Masonic Zionist double G racial slur for African peoples.

      It's like he is trying to summon or cast a spell to keep people asleep and distracted.

    2. Matthew -- are you one of those people who believes that certain words should be erased or illegal? Don't forget how long that list is slated to be -- we've already seen that the push is on to BAN words like Bully, War & Gun. And those are just samples ... the REAL list is VERY long -- & growing all the time. NYC has even prohibited the use of words like "Poor" in classrooms -- falsely claiming that such a word might make kids "unhappy" or "uncomfortable".

      Anti-Word Agendas are NOT intended to "protect feelings" ... the goal is to REDUCE the language -- to the point where (supposedly) "Negative" words no longer exist. When that happens, how will people learn ANY Truth?

      If kids never learn the word "Poor" -- does that mean Poverty no longer exists? Of course not. The same holds true for ALL words that have been targeted for Removal.
      Our HISTORY is currently being rewritten at breakneck speed. How could ANY Historical Truth EVER be told if words like Genocide or War could not be used? Will they cease to exist -- or will people simply NOT KNOW ABOUT IT?

      Yes, "the N-word" is a slur ... IN CERTAIN CONTEXTS. It's also used to remind people that there ARE those who BELIEVE in that word -- & every negative connotation associated with it. Sometimes "softer" terms just don't convey the intensity of the Truth. "Racist" & "Bigot" don't come close when describing someone who actually USES "the N-word" in a derogatory way. That's a whole different level of racism ... & lumping all racists together with gentler, generic terms actually PROTECTS the worst offenders.

      I don't understand why you're offended by Zach's use of the N-word -- all I've ever heard him say is how much he despises it -- then he SHOWS people how it's been slyly CODED around us ... in ways we otherwise would NEVER have recognized.
      To assert that this is offensive is akin to adopting "The Brook Baldwin Stance" -- the skeezy white CNN reporter who recently LIED when she told viewers that merely HEARING the word was bringing her to tears. She then insulted ALL viewers by milking her self-generated "controversy" for ratings. And it was all because a guest repeated what someone ELSE had said. Meanwhile -- she & CNN were degrading ALL black people by constantly airing crisis actors from the Chattanooga bus crash that spoke in nothing but Ebonics. THAT was stereotyping & deeply OFFENSIVE -- especially to those of us in the South who KNOW that having a "certain skin color" does NOT cause people to talk like characters out of "Uncle Tom's Cabin". These "Crafted Productions" display True Racism -- in it's Worst Form ... sneakily presented & intended to promote racist ideology.

      I can't recall Zach EVER saying ANYTHING racist. I've only heard him EXPOSE hidden racism -- & to do that -- you NEED to use the Correct Words. There are certain words that I don't like -- so I CHOOSE not to use them. But I will defend ANYONE'S right to use whatever words THEY CHOOSE. Usually these "bad words" are taken completely out of context -- & their use is dramatized beyond all reason. But I will even defend those who use it in ways I don't like -- because we're SUPPOSED to be able to SPEAK FREELY. Taking that right away -- from even one person -- begins the slide towards what we're seeing now ... the banning of more meaningful words like Poor & War.

      Furthermore -- nothing he's teaching has anything to do with casting spells -- that's a theme resorted to by propagandists who want people to FEAR the things they don't yet understand.

  5. Trump wants an Asian lady for two reasons

    1. He can tickle her puss at minimal expense
    Get happy ending

    2. He can bargain on shipment of red DUNCE caps from China.

  6. War Dogs was a great movie.

    Perfect blue print to being a Zionist Jews!

  7. "Car Battery" also equals 113.

  8. Most people don't realize that CHAO -- & her family -- are BILLIONAIRES.

    They own the WESTLAKE Chemical Corp -- & its subsidiaries -- among other things.

    It's fitting that SHE would be Transportation Sec -- since the CHAO family wealth is dependent upon ALL things "Transportation-Related".

    They own a VERY profitable operation in Calvert City (CC!), KY -- situated on the Ohio & Tennessee Rivers. The bulk of their huge shipments travel by BARGE ... but they also make heavy use of Trains & Trucks.

    WESTLAKE chemicals are shipped North on the Ohio & Mississippi Rivers ... & South via the Tennessee & Mississippi Rivers -- connecting to their other big operations in Louisiana -- located in the "Chemical Crescent".
    As you might expect -- they've ALWAYS had "issues" with Polluting America's Waterways ... problems that are usually ignored -- or "remedied" by the payment of teeny tiny "fines" (when they bother to pay them).

    HER WEALTH is why her husband -- KY Senator Mitch McConnell -- has been such a political powerhouse for so long.

    Considering CHAO'S ties to TN ... it's interesting that the WESTGATE Resort in Gatlinburg seems to have been Completely Destroyed. Perhaps it's a well-hidden subsidiary of WESTLAKE?

    WESTLAKE would certainly be able to provide all kinds of Incendiary Chemicals to make the TN fires burn Fast & Hot ...

    The CHAO Family began coming to the U.S. after WW2 -- & made the move complete after China retook Hong Kong / Taiwan. At that time they CHOSE A NEW, "Americanized Name" -- CHAO.
    It's an appropriate name for a family well-known for cut-throat business practices ... & engaged in the production of massive amounts of Toxic Chemicals (they excel at chemicals used to create Plastics ... & other Petro-Chemical derivatives).

    The "CHAO'S" ... help facilitate ... CHAOS.

  9. why wont you at least defend yourself against some of these claims mate? your silence tells us everything we already know


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