Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Crisis actor busted by truthseeker at Ohio State University shooting hoax, November 28, 2016 (Video)



  1. Zach I found another song called Donald Trump by Mac Miller another MM like Mariyln Manson, some key things that stand out to me are this:

    The length of the song is 2 minutes and 45 seconds long, Trump became 45th president

    This song also came off the album 'Best Day ever'=45 R
    It's also in the genre of 'Hip Hop'=45 R
    The video came out 5 years 8 months before Trump was elected the 58th term president

    The video came out on 3/3/2011 (33) (March 3rd also leaves 303 days left in the year) (Miller=33)

    he has a star of david tattoo

    Star of David =119 O
    Donald=119 Jewish gematria
    Trump elected on 11/9
    His birthday is 1/19

    McCormick 43 R 88 O (Trump=88 O)

    Have a longer post about it on my blog, but these are the most important points ^^^


  2. so that run hide fight... is a registered trademark of the city of houston? its right on this page... https://dps.osu.edu/active-shooter
    just bizarre... and of course... houston is where the Super Bowl is this year... and all that football linkage...
    and yeah the telling part about this crisis actor video is how quickly that guy responds to the question are you a crisis actor... instantaneous no... you think that was covered in orientation?

    1. If you have a clue about how people act when they lie its no question. He said no instantly because it was on his mind. The average person doesnt even know theres such a term.

  3. why wont you at least defend yourself against some of these claims mate? your silence tells us everything we already know

  4. stay on the scumbag actors..this actor playing dylann roof needs to be exposed his name is john Christian graas he played the kid on senfeld non fat yogart

  5. Ha! I love it. I bet he could have gotten that guy to admit he was a crisis actor, if he bribed him with a box of Twinkies.


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