Tuesday, November 22, 2016

33 42 | DowJones closes above 19,000, November 21 and November 22, 2016


Dow = 15/42
DowJones = 33/42/105


  1. Zach, it looks more and more like Andrew Luck will not be starting on Thanksgiving versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. The backup QB for Indianapolis is Scott Tolzien.

    Pittsburgh Steelers = 243
    Scott Jeffrey Tolzien = 253
    Colts (Jewish Gematria) = 263 (Weird, huh?)

    Anyway, Scott Tolzien has a September 4 birthday. From 9/4/16 - 11/24/16, Thanksgiving Day, is 81 days.

    Pittsburgh Steelers = 81
    Thanksgiving Day = 81

    It's also 11 weeks 4 days, and 114 is popping up a lot lately, and is connected to 44 a number of ways, as you've documented.

    11 + 24 + 2+0+1+6 = 44 Life lesson number

    Look at the negative numbers on Ben Roethlisberger...
    It's 38 weeks from his March 2 birthday, and also 8 months 22 days.

    Death = 38
    Death = 228 (Reflection of 822)

    To Big Ben's upcoming birthday is 98 days, or 14 weeks

    Lupercalia = 98, 44 (Life lesson number 44 on Turkey Day)
    Dead = 14
    End = 14

    Again, 11/24/2016 has 44 numerology. Maybe the Steelers coding around Tolzien means he's going to beat the Steelers and kill their playoff hopes.

    Ben Roethlisberger = 101
    Tolzien = 101, 38
    Assassin = 101, 38
    Death = 38

    Ben Roethlisberger will either get is 119th reg season win, or his 61st loss

    Scott Tolzien = 61

    Big Ben is also 3-2 currently against the Colts. If he loses, he will be 3-3.

    Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger = 137 (33rd prime)

    Scott Tolzien's record as a QB is 0-1-1. He was part of a tie in Green Bay vs Minnesota, the first tie after the sudden death rule got changed, because both teams scored a field goal in OT.

    If Scott Tolzien wins, he will be 1-1-1 all time. What a record!

    Finally, the Steelers all time, including playoffs, are 22-5 versus the Colts. If they lose, they will be 22-6.

    Planet = 226
    Saturn = 93
    Indianapolis Colts = 93

    ...on a date with 71 and 44 numerology.

    Seventy one = 144
    Forty four = 144

    Time = 144
    Saturn, the keeper of Time...

    Looks like Colts! Vegas will clean up on this one, the Steelers are HEAVILY favored.
    11+24+16 = 51

    Will we see the backup QB for the Colts show us who they will be playing in Super Bowl 51 when his record goes to 1-1-1? New York = 111

    1. Are you really trying to make an argument that some non-name QB is going to beat Big Ben and the Steelers?

      The Steelers need this game a whole hell of a lot more than the Colts. The Colts could conceivably win out after this, but the Steelers HAVE TO WIN this game.

      Plus, it goes well with my expectation that none of the home teams will win on Thanksgiving Day.

      The only question is whether Pittsburgh will cover the spread. 10 points is a lot of scoring to make up on the road.

      No amount of numerology can make up for a Colts backup QB winning this game.

    2. Nice man! I like the colts to upset as well.. I saw some interesting stats for T.Y. Hilton coming into this game. He is currently sitting on 888 reception yards on 57 catches.. 888 = Jesus in Greek Gematria and i think we know what 57 means... lol

    3. Matthew rhodes- I hope you eat your words come 2 days. Why are you even on this blog if you came to criticize? This is a network for everyone to share their findings so we can see a bigger picture. GTFO.

    4. I believe colts will win next 3 games then lose to vikings who they meet in final, after losing to vikings colts will continue to win in play offs upsetting some big teams. Its all about the 5 connection, to makes it to the 5 letter state of the 5 pointed star.

    5. Matthew youre kidding right? The Steelers division is as big of a joke as the colts division. The colts actually need this win more than the Steelers. He made some nice connects there, do you have any?

    6. Neither team really needs the game, both could lose and still win their division, so I wouldn't base it off of that. Jacoby Brissett was the patriots 3rd string qb who went in and destroyed the texans 27-0. It's scripted anything can happen and bad quarterbacks can get the job done.

    7. awesome work man, alot of good numbers for colts

      Matthew Rhodes stop acting like upsets arent highly common

  2. can you make a post about the strange things that are going on with Kanye right now?

  3. The NFL clearly wants the Steelers to win, for the playoffs. What else do they need to do? Get a loudspeaker and a flashing red siren?

    I have a lot of bets on the Colts going to the Super Bowl.
    So, this is not sour grapes.

    Numerology is great when you have no idea. But, sometimes, like the Texans/Raiders Cowboys/Browns Patriots/49ers, it is clear who the NFL wants to win.

    The decision has already been made the Steelers are going to win. The odds are so bad, that knowing who the winner is, still is not worth the bet. I am avoiding this game.

    Lots of better options on Sunday.

    1. Yes there are better games, but if you can lay a little $ for a decent payout why not. I'm not saying bet your whole bankroll, bit if there's some equity in the decode it's worth a shot. Just don't write Pitt off as an easy win. As we all know this shit is scripted anything can happen.

  4. Zach if you get the time can you look at my blog post on the new NHL expansion team, they coded this one thoroughly.


    1. i will man, wouldnt mind getting some nhl decoding going on and contributing because im sure as shit the same stuff is going on

    2. and also Zach isnt that interested in others people work

    3. I've been doing nba n ive called some sick upsets I called Denver over Chicago last night, philly over Miami the night before and I feel good about the nets winning at home tonight vs the Celtics

    4. John care to share your decode?

  5. Matthew Rhodes, the three examples you gave of Texans/Raiders Cowboys/Browns and Patriots/49ers, all the numerology was in favor of Raiders, Cowboys, and Patriots. At first glance, I thought it would be a Steelers win too. But SO much lines up for the Colts to win it's ridiculous. After I posted this comment I did now research and found even more:

    It's 111 days from the game until Mike Tomlin's birthday (Tolzien will be 1-1-1)
    Pagano comes in with 74 games coached, this will be his 47th win, and Tomlin is currently 97-57, he'll get his 58th loss against the Colts on a date with 51 numerology 111 days before his birthday to make the BACKUP 1-1-1 (New York =111)
    There was even an NBC Sports article where they emphasized Pagano saying he has "all the confidence in the world" in Tolzien.

    All the confidence in the world = 129
    Ben Roethlisberger's all time wins are 129
    The full quote was:
    "I have all the confidence in the world in Tolzien"= 226

    Planet = 226
    Saturn = 93
    Indianapolis Colts = 93
    Steelers all time will be 22-6 versus the Colts with a loss

    This could not be more clear, and the Steelers are not the "powerhouse" they usually are, not by a longshot.

    1. I am stacking my storylines against your numerology.

      Well, not really, because I am not betting on this game.

      But, the only team the Steelers play in the AFC South is the Colts. And, the NFL takes Luck out of the game. Why? Because they want the Steelers in the playoffs.

      Maybe it is all a headfake. But, if the Colts win this game, they should never lose another game and win the Super Bowl. At least, that is how I am going to bet if the Steelers lose to the Colts.

    2. The series is 22-6 right now
      A steelers loss would make it 22-7
      22/7 > Pi
      It's abetting trap colts are gonna win

  6. Hey Zach Any Update on tomorrow night colts Steelers game? I would appreciate the feedback

    1. Why dont read other posts and do it yourself. Use your brain muscle...

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