Saturday, November 26, 2016

59 | The death of Fidel Castro, and the symbolism of '59' +The burial of John F. Kennedy, November 25, 1963

From the Jesuit Order's birthday, September 27, to Fidel Castro's death, was 59-days.

'59' is the 'kill' number.

John F. Kennedy = 59; Pope Francis = 59

Last year, Pope Francis met with Fidel Castro on September 20, 2015.

9/20/15 = 9+20+15 = 44 (Kill = 44) (Simple English Gematria)

The name 'Pope Francis' has the 'kill gematria', like the only Catholic President, JFK.

From their meeting to Fidel's death was 433-days, the 84th prime number.

Again, Pope Francis is the "first Jesuit Pope", and Fidel Castro graduated from Jesuit School in 1945, emphasis on '45.  11/24/2016 = 11+24+(2+0+1+6) = 45

12/17/1936 = 12+17+19+36 = 84

Also, earlier this year, February 23, 2016, his brother, Ramon Castro, died.  From his death to Fidel's, was a span of 277-days, the 59th prime number.

Fidel Castro also died on the 17-year anniversary of Elian Gonzalez arriving in the United States, November 25, 1999, Thanksgiving Day.  59 is the 17th prime number.

Interestingly enough, John F. Kennedy was buried November 25, 1963.

11/25/1963 = 11+25+19+63 = 118 (Death = 118, Jewish Gematria)

Remember, when you sum 1 through 63, it totals 2016.

John F. Kennedy = 59


  1. Zach, I'm sure you've mentioned this before, but this is truly crazy:

    Elisha Nelson Manning = 88, 97, 106
    Of course we're predicting Eli taking the Lombardi in the 97th season of the NFL, so I had to look up who won the Super Bowl in the 88th season.

    It was Eli Manning.

    1. Great work! Making his name '97' is kind of cheating though, but still, very good work!

    2. That was Super Bowl 42. NYC = 42
      NYG = 46
      Eli has won Super Bowl 42 and 46

    3. Yeah, one s exception out of the two. I guess that's not used as often.

    4. Eli's name reminds me of Nelson Mandela also...which has been important lately.

  2. Interesting stuff...I've been away from my computer the past few days and I missed all of this news. I was wondering what ended up happening on Black Friday...knew it would be something. This is probably a much bigger event than what we even realize right now...

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  4. Boxing=71 has been tied into this recent narrative, last week they made the ward and kovalev fight political reminding of the Cold War with a speech at the end.Then Fidel Castro dies who established the first communist state In the Western Hemisphere after the Cold War.They replayed it today before another live fight vasyl lomachenko=59 vs Walters.Walters is from Jamaica all black corner no Latinos and they yell "no mas" and quit after the 7th just like the real no mas fight which was of course on 11/25/1980.lomenchenko Improved to 7-1.The no mas fight was 17 years after the burial of John f Kennedy.
    So we have
    Kennedy burial 11/25/1963
    No mas fight 11/25/1980
    Fidel Castro death 11/25/2016
    Too scripted

  5. The mentioning of 22yr old Elian, is this a story within a story? I wonder if he's being groomed for some political leadership role in Cuba?
    "Elian Gonzalez" in the English Reduction system equals 66
    "The Next Dictator" in the English Ordinal system equals 186
    "University of Matanzas" in the English Sumerian system equals 1668
    "Young Communist League" in the English Reduction system equals 89
    "University of Matanzas" in the English Reduction system equals 89

  6. Alien Gonzalez

    Or Adrian Gonzalez

    (EL)ian Zale El-= Saturn

  7. Thinking about the Alien Gonzalez (fictional) story, I remembered how he was supposedly found hiding in a closet and they took those totally staged photos of him screaming in terror while a soldier points a gun at this child - even at the time I thought the whole thing absolutely ridiculous - but his being in a closet strikes me as foreshadowing the gay rights "out of the closet" pride LGBT that has been a media staple for the past 8 years or so.

    I have nothing against anyone's choice of a partner btw, just like i dont care what color a persons skin is. These are non problems. The media and their distorted views spreading retardation is the biggest problem IMO.

  8. 277 is also the number of days between Anton Yelchin and my girl Tay-Tay Swiftfoot's birthdays.

  9. FidEL is another Saturn name too. JFK has basically an EL in his name also. Fitzgerald. There are RAs in these names too. RA is the sun. CastRO is a Ra and FitzgeRAld is too.


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