Tuesday, November 29, 2016

14 34 55 88 115 | Google Doodle tribute to Louisa May Alcott, Little Women author, November 29, 2016

Above is the Google artwork, November 29, 2016, remembering Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women.  (Little Women = 49/148)

November 29 is typically the 333rd day of the year, the 334th in leap years.

Notice the purple Gs on the wall, making up the cleverly detailed 'Google'.

Purple = 88; Poison = 88; Program = 88

This woman died in 1888, emphasis on '88.

Louisa = 3+6+3+9+1+1 = 23/32
May = 4+1+7 = 12
Alcott = 1+3+3+6+2+2 = 17
Louisa May Alcott = 52/61

Louisa = 12+15+21+9+19+1 = 77
May = 13+1+25 = 39
Alcott = 1+12+3+15+20+20 = 71
Louisa May Alcott = 187

11/29/1832 = 11+29+18+32 = 90
11/29/1832 = 11+29+(1+8+3+2) = 54
11/29/1832 = 1+1+2+9+1+8+3+2 = 27
11/29/32 = 11+29+32 = 72
11/29 = 11+29 = 40

3/6/1888 = 3+6+18+88 = 115 (Killing)
3/6/1888 = 3+6+1+8+8+8 = 34 (Murder)
3/6/88 = 3+6+88 = 97
3/6 = 3+6 = 9

Louisa died 98-days after her 55th birthday, or a span of 99-days.  Sacrifice = 46/55

98-days is 14-weeks.  End = 14; Dead = 14


  1. I know is that you say that you think that they may be going up to the island or disappearing or being ritually sacrificed. This is been going on for a long long long time and I truly feel that they are sacrificed and they agreed to the sacrifice become famous but they never know when their numbers called up and when it is called they have no idea because if they did most of them would flee or run. I think Kanye West is dead I think they killed the guy you can't go willingly to the hospital handcuffed I know it's all a stage and all an act but I truly feel that he is dead they killed him. And he knew he messed up and had enough loose cannon. That's my take

    1. Thank you for this reminder, I still haven't looked at the latest from Kanye, but a lot of people are asking for me to check it out.

    2. Staging a death is much easier than people think. Think about how often you've seen any of these celebs in real life. The answer is most likely NEVER. These people live very private lives. I do think there's a mix of sacrifices along with the hoaxes. The sacrifices are likely the relatives or friends of those who sold out. That's my take on it.

    3. I see Kanye West as symbolic of "the west" his first name Kanye is a scramble of Yankee.
      His mental burnout is a reflection of the state of western civilization IMO. So are the fires everywhere. The (Dylan)Roof IS on fire and let that mother fucker burn. It needs to go.
      Fire cleanses so you can get some new growth in the mental forest.

      Fire on the Mountain

    4. In Kanye's truth rant he said something very odd. He said "Google lied to you".

      "Google Lied " in the English Reduction system equals 55
      "Satan" "in the English Ordinal system equals 55

  2. why wont you at least defend yourself against some of these claims mate? your silence tells us everything we already know


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