Friday, November 25, 2016

83 84 93 113 223 | Pipeline protesters ordered out, Dakota Access Pipeline protest, November 25, 2016

Pipeline protesters ordered out = 150/168/366

Remember, the coverage of the incident ramped up on September 3, 2016, and September 9, 2016, with the following events:

9/3/2016 = 9+3+2+0+1+6 = 21 (Saturn = 21/30/93)

From September 3 to November 25, the date of this news, is 83-days, or a span of 84-days, also 2-months and 23-days.

Football = 83; Cowboy = 83; Election = 83; Leap Year = 83
This comes the day after the 'Redskins' lost on Thanksgiving, to the Cowboys.

Notice how '223' connects to the tribte.

As for the '84'...

United States of America = 84; Divide and Conquer = 84; Order Out of Chaos = 84


  1. A group of veterans has assembled a call for self deployment of brave souls willing to STAND for whats morally just. The fight for water and our humanity is worth a brave stance, in my opinion. On December 4, 2016 an Army of Civillians will oppose the United States Government arm in arm, unarmed of weaponry, and will march across that bridge to reclaim Mothers Native land. I plan to march alongside them. I encourage any other brave soul to also find your way there to walk beside us as well. If we can come together in truth, we can come together to protect our true Mother against the Tyrant infection that has defiled and degraded her for far too long. The time is NOW! We must heed this call oc awakening and enlightenment and TAKE ACTION! The enemy is the United States Government. READY, SET. GO TIME TRUTH SEEKERS!

    1. What is going on in North Dakota is staged by the government. If you're so brave, why are you anonymous?

    2. December 4th is also Castros funeral.

    3. December 4th is also Castros funeral.

  2. It's crazy I gotta couple of buddies that sound just like the guy who says that they will oppose the army but what validates the hoax for me are the Starbucks hands up with the green gloves

  3. Zach you missed a few things. Glad to add them here, I posted them in the NFL thread, which is the most read.

    From September 3rd to the December 5th order to clear the area is 93 days, just like starting on 9-3

    Including the end date we are at 3 months and 3 days, 33
    Also 13 weeks and 3 days, 133

    Veteran's are coming on Saturn Day, the 3rd of Dec, 123 (Conspiracy), or if you flip 3/12 you get 213, our death number.


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