Wednesday, November 30, 2016

45 48 | November 30, 2016, 'Carrier' is staying in Indiana because they received 'incentives'

Incentives, eh?

And my favorite...

Wall = 23+1+12+12 = 48

Notice Carrier is sticking around in Indiana, Mike Pence's home state.

Of course Donald Trump was just elected the 45th President, with Mike Pence as his VP.

Elect = 5+12+5+3+20 = 45


  1. The line for the callers is muted on your show! I just tried calling in and couldn't hear you but could hear the caller?? Weird.

  2. Zach, in light of the "Dollywood" news today with the Bible page, I decided to look at the most well-known Dolly Parton movie, 9 to 5.

    Of course:
    Slave = 59; working our 9-5 jobs for the MAN (the jewish man...)

    Earlier this week, I was thinking about how the majority of this news was coming out on Monday, that is the Gatlingburg fires, and how this Monday was considered "Cyber Monday". The fire, Donald Trump and his "wall", firewall, cyber security. Somethings up with that. Anyway, in light of this, here's the one sentence synopsis of '9 to 5'.

    "Three female employees of a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot find a way to turn the tables on him."

    What? That sounds familiar. The trumpence are sounding...

    The original title was "Nine to Five".

    Nine to Five = 119/74
    Master Plan = 119
    Masonic = 74

    Release date was December 19, 1980
    12+19+19+80 = 130 (Washington)
    12+19+1+9+8+0 = 49 (Washington)(Revelation)
    1+2+1+9+1+9+8+0 = 31 (11th prime)(NY the 11th State)
    12+19+80 = 111 (New York)

    From 12/19/1980 to the 'Joel' news story on 11/30/2016 is a span of 13,130 days.

    It's also a span of 35 years 11 months 11 days (JFK riddle?). That's also known as 431 months 11 days.

    431 is the 83rd prime.

    The Donald = 83
    Election = 83
    Leap Year = 83

    One final connection, if you take the date of the unveiling of the Baphomet in Detroit (since we're talking religious symbolism here) that was on 7/26 the revelation date, and also Obama's 6th year 6th month 6th day in office; from that date to 11/30/16 is a span of:

    1 year, 4 months, 4 days

    1. Ties right back to Billy Joel who was born 5/9. His birthday was 29 weeks and 2 days before they found the Bible Page. 29+92=121=Revelation

      It is also 160 Days until his 68th birthday.

      Maybe Billy better watch his ass, cause 67 is a nice age to kick it for the elites.

      Oh Billy
      Billy don't you lose my number
      Cause you're not anywhere
      That I can't find you!

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  4. TV Guide= 88

    88% off subscription

    researching Trumps First TV guide cover.

  5. I rented a scary movie the other night called "The Darkness", starring Kevin "Bacon". It was about his autistic son talking to demons in the "Wall" that a native american tribe use to worship. He bought back from a family trip.

    "Wall" in English Ordinal equals 48
    "Son" in English Ordinal equals 48
    "Kevin Bacon" in English Reduction equals 42
    "Demons" in English Sumerian equals 420
    "Native American" in English Reduction equals 63
    "Francis Bacon" in English Sumerian equals 630

  6. Check out this fake Standing Rock 'news' Video. Notice how they highlight words in Yellow through out to make it easier to decode the bullshit.

    1. Here is what I found from the words in yellow:

      Standing Rock Sioux = 322
      Keep Indigenous Cultures Alive = 322
      Bridge the Gap = 66 (prophecy)
      Heated = 223
      Ordered to leave = 68 (1968)
      Water is Life Bridge = 47
      Protester = 47
      Out of Fear = 47
      Sheriff Laney = 74
      Police Chief = 64/208 (64 sacrifice) (28 psy-op)
      Women of Color = 64
      Water is life = 64
      Chief Ziegler = 113 (mainstream,media,dishonest, greenscreen,113A)
      Hour Long Protesting = 93/102 (Propaganda/The key of David)
      Out of Fear = 44
      The fake woman who published this (Liz George) = 59 (Slave, Negro, blues)
      Liz George (Lizard George Washington)
      Another fake news stoey said there were 10,000 protesters
      Ten Thousand = 42 (*igger)
      I am certain there is more.

  7. Zach I really hope you see this comment. In the show the arrow, a show on CWTV, one of the characters mentioned Gematria! In this episode (season 3, episode 8), a member of the arrow's team explains what gematria is (the practice of coding numbers based on the old testament). The episode is part of a crossover series with the flash, super girl, and legends of tomorrow and they are fighting an evil alien race that communicates thru gematria. here is a link. the scene happens around the 35 minute mark


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