Thursday, November 24, 2016

Haifa, Israel wildfire causes residents to flee, November 24, 2016, Thanksgiving day (Blamed on possibly terrorism)

If anyone set the fire, we know who it really was.  The Zionist filth.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the States! Zach I noticed something last night, I was telling my husband about the money Americans give to Israel annually. I thought you said it was 38 billion per year about 104 million per day. When I looked it up it's 3.8 billion per year guaranteed for 10 years therefore 38 in total. It is still a huge amount of 10.4 million per day and states it's for military support. Maybe I'm wrong but check it out. Thanks.

    1. Looks like you're right. It's not as insane of an amount of money, but it's still a record amount and the numbers still line up the same way.

    2. It's like a big lottery amount per day, enough said. WTF and what other countries are giving to their coffers? And for what?

    3. And that's ONLY the "MILITARY COMMITMENT $$$" ...

      What they DELIBERATELY NEVER MENTION are the LARGER AMOUNTS given under the guise of Humanitarian & Economic Aid. Those figures are nearly impossible for laymen to get their hands on -- because that money is hidden within Foundations, "Programs" & ... the all-time favorite disguise ...

      "JOINT Committees for --". Whenever you see "JOINT" attached to ANYTHING (military, social, financial, etc.) -- it's code for "Israel".

      Also remember the untold Billions & Billions in Tax Exemptions & Trade "Relief" ...

      And the equally high $$$ amounts SENT TO ISRAEL by American Jews & Christians. There are countless organizations that serve as fronts for Israeli slush funds ... Americans gather their pennies to "Aid the Jews Struggling To Get To Israel" -- never questioning where that money REALLY goes.

      Zionist Fraternities (like Zeta Beta Tau ... ZBT) & their "brother & sister affiliates" are CONSTANTLY trolling campuses -- & the public at large -- gathering funds that are SENT DIRECTLY TO ISRAEL. Check out their web sites & you'll find numerous ads ... as well as promos for this or that "fundraiser".

      There are also literally THOUSANDS of organizations all over America whose sole function is to reel in money to be sent to Israel.

      All this "Aid" -- despite the fact that Israel is the WEALTHIEST COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST.
      Think about that. Wealthier than the Arab oil-rich countries.

      Israel is the self-proclaimed, & widely acknowledged WORLD LEADER in:


      A litany of OTHER means by which they siphon money from Americans.
      It should be noted that the Online Porn & Gambling are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to Israeli citizens themselves (because they are "Harmful To Society ...!). Israelis can WORK at SENDING those SOCIAL WEAPOBS out into the World ... but their gov KNOWS full well that these are indeed WEAPONS.

      I keep up with The Times of Israel, Jewish Times, Israel's Voice & several Israeli/Jewish news sites. Interestingly, THEY have LOTS more "news" -- about the U.S. & the world -- than American media gives us. ;D

  2. Totally reminds me of the ELlie Gouldling song Burn.

    We gunna light it up, up, up
    So they can put it out, out, out

    I mean, you don't expect Israel to pay for this, do you?


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