Sunday, November 27, 2016

44 74 | Colin Kaepernick angers Miami football fans with pro-Castro remarks, November 27, 2016

This news comes November 27, 2016, the perfect day for Colin Kaepernick related propaganda.

11/27/2016 = 11+27+20+16 = 74

Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74

He better be careful with those "pro-Castro" comments and his Malcolm X hat.

Pro-Castro = 44
X = 144 (English Gematria)

Those are numbers coded on Malcolm X's death, as well as Martin Luther King Jr.'s.

Today is the 27th as well...

Also keep in mind, there are plenty of people who probably weren't angered, or could care less.


  1. What the hell is going on with this guy?

    He is a 1-man distraction show.

    national anthem, malcolm x hat, castro remarks... the NFL is getting their moneys worth.

    1. He is on puppet strings, that's all.

    2. Hence the amount this "Athletes" make. There's a reason only some QBs are getting paid more then others. Just deeper into the system then the other players.

  2. This clown is taking the stage in a whole new role.. next thing he will be doing the nazi solute ...

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  4. He only really angers white people because as blacks we get it harder then ANYONE...I don't pay it no mind as well as most blacks.. Not saying it is right but not exactly saying wrong either...

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    2. Zach 33 days left til new years eve G=33 Phily and slackers play 2night "mnf" in the English Ordinal system equals 33

  5. Kaepernick's defiant so-called pro-black militant behavior is not literal, it's symbolic.
    "Mark Of The Beast" in English Ordinal equals 144
    "Masonic Symbolism" in English Gematria equals 1344

  6. Eagles wideout Nelson Agholor is expected to be inactive Monday night, a week after he made revealing comments about the "mental battle" he's dealing with when it comes to football


  7. Packers
    (4-6, 1-4 Away)5-6 if win 11+11=22 master number take packers tonight

    (5-5, 4-0 Home) 5-6 if lose


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