Sunday, November 27, 2016

39 93 223 | David Seaman, Huffington Post contributor, pizzagate tool, & another Jewish Zionist mocking the goy

Here's the Jewish man, duping a lot of sheepish Christians, as Jewish men have done all throughout history.

David Seaman is the Huffington Post contributor and YouTube video creator who has made the majority of the viral content about the hoax pizzagate.  He is Jewish, and his name gematria is '39' and '93'.  Go figure.

Again, '93' is the number of the Zionist Jews, and the propaganda makers.

Of course '39' is the number of books in the Old Testament, that the Jewish Zionists go by.

This news is election oriented, and again, Donald Trump, who wants to fuck his daughter, was made the 45th President of the United States, 511-days after beginning him campaign, '45' and '511' are both numbers relating to Saturn as well.

Saturn = 511 (Jewish Gematria); 45, the sum of the Magic Square of Saturn

With regards to him working for 'The Huffington Post', that is a publication owned by the Zionist-Masonic cartel.

Here are some of David Seaman's pizzagate propaganda posts and other shit videos.  This guy is a fucking tool, and so are most people.  Again, if you're caught up in pizzagate, you're a useful idiot.


  1. Seaman? You just can't make this stuff up. Wait, yes you can.

    Either he is there as a disinformation agent to distract from the real story... or there is no real story.

    They do this all the time with terrorism, revolutions, and war. There are real issues at play, but the Masonic Zionists send in counter-agents to completely confuse the issue and turn it on itself or discredit it.

  2. I thought he is a good guy - they fired him from the paper? Am I mistaken?

    New England Patriots
    1st AFC East | 9-2
    Passing Yards
    268.8 PYPG
    Rushing Yards
    118.3 RYPG
    Total Yards Per Game

    so '666'i n PLAY for the PATS , going the AFC Finals game...

  3. This story was broadcast today on CNN although it took place on October 27.
    "Miracle on 93rd Street".

  4. Anyone who has never looked into Transmetropolitian and is interested in predictive programming or pop culture ties, should take a look. It is a comic about a dystopian future, of course, but it was written in the late 90s early 00s, so it doesn't have that made for teenagers feel. It has all this stuff in it and a political race between The Beast and the Smiler, and loads of 1984 esgue technoligical supervision.

    Same creator as Preacher.


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