Wednesday, November 30, 2016

94 | Google Doodle tribute to Jagdish Chandra Bose, November 30, 2016

Notice Jagdish Chandra Bose was born in November and died in November 94.

Jagadish Chandra Bose = 76/94/148 (November = 40/58/94)

11/30/1858 = 11+30+18+58 = 117
11/30/1858 = 11+30+(1+8+5+8) = 63 (When you sum 1 through 63, it totals 2016) (2016 tribute)
11/30/1858 = 1+1+3+0+1+8+5+8 = 27
11/30/58 = 11+30+58 = 99
11/30 = 11+30 = 41

11/23/1937 = 11+23+19+37 = 90
11/23/1937 = 11+23+(1+9+3+7) = 54
11/23/1937 = 1+1+2+3+1+9+3+7 = 27
11/23/37 = 11+23+37 = 71
11/23 = 11+23 = 34


  1. ZACH -- please see my post under "NC District ...". I fear this this Rule Change could be used to target sites such as yours. As of MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, the gov will LEGALLY be ALLOWED TO HACK YOUR SITE & CHANGE THE INFO -- without your knowledge. Very important LAW CHANGE that's been snuck in.

    1. I think it started yesterday honestly. Like I said yesterday, I've never seen a blog post deleted before in real time. It happened with the Kanye West post I spent the most time on.

    2. And I did see your post, it made go "Oh shit". I swear I commented and thanked you for the heads up!

    3. I did see your response on the other post. I believe you're right about the Kanye West post -- it SHOULDN'T have just "disappeared". They're probably unleashing bots to search for -- & capture -- any past info that's relevant to current events -- so they can then delete whatever's "inconvenient".

      This HAS probably been going on for awhile -- earlier "glitches" might've been the testing of software & working out kinks. I can also imagine a "sales pitch" that involves "Proving What Their Product Can Do" -- by using it in small increments against future target sites.

      I'm not aware of any remedies for repairing corrupted info, but if you have any techie friends, you might want to get them started on searching for one ... because I have a sickening feeling that you might be near the top of their Hit List.

      At least those of us who've followed you for a long time will KNOW when something doesn't actually sound like the REAL You. I sure hope I'm wrong, but I also can't shake the feeling that you could be hacked & made to sound like some crazy "terrorist" -- then that Falsehood would be "backed up" by a slew of their trolls chiming in. (It'd be so nice if I'm just being overly paranoid!)

      Worst case -- for ANY of us -- would be getting framed for one of their False Flags. Up til now I've always hoped they were blaming fictional characters or accomplice actors -- & not REAL, actual innocent people. I DO believe that happens in some cases ... but it's almost too disturbing to think about. When Big Brother decides to frame a person -- the deck's pretty much stacked against them.

      If a bad scenario gets worse -- you should consider moving out of the country -- somewhere "South". You can still do your work online from just about anywhere -- though I do realize that moving still won't protect your data from being hacked. However -- you might be physically safer somewhere else.

      The secrecy surrounding this change seems like a very bad omen. Good ol Trump did a marvelous job of distracting everyone & providing news fodder -- he helped guarantee that NO ONE on the "Outside" would be aware that this was being done.
      I'm afraid people will eventually become so FRIGHTENED BY THE TRUTH that they're going to AVOID IT ENTIRELY ... & just sink deeper into the "safety" of whatever fantasy world they choose. Up til now, Truth has just been Inconvenient ... but Mass Hacking by Law Enforcement has the potential to make it either SEEM -- or actually BE -- Dangerous.

      Hang in there -- your loyal followers have never left your side ... & we're not going to. :D ;D


    Did you see this bit about a single charred Bible page being found at Dollywood??

    Eat up the end of days folks, hopefully I will see you on the other side!

    1. Book of Joel=106

      The guy who found it was 24=+42=66.

      Pretty funny stuff. Itsa gunna get real hairy when all the second coming christ-tards start begging for the rapture. Can I getta, Amen?

    2. Great heads up friend, thank you! Stay strong!

    3. Lord -- that's HILARIOUS!! You're right too -- it's an excellent location to stir up the End Of Days crowd.

      Early on you speculated that maybe everything WASN'T really burning -- & I'm inclined to agree. The videos are too over-the-top & the local leaders are simultaneously too deadpan & too hopeful. You'd think they'd be freaking the fuck out!

      We've had far worse droughts over the past 30 years -- & nothing like this EVER happened. Like you also said -- the time of year is completely WRONG for out-of-control forest fires.
      Here in West KY the weather we get is pretty much the same as theirs. I've been out walking in the woods, & besides the usual fallen leaves -- the trees seem to be in good shape.
      In years past, I've seen the trees literally wither & look starved for moisture. That's not the case now though. Whatever fires there ARE -- have to have been "helped" ... probably with incendiaries falling from the chemtrails.

      Get ready for Giant Jesus & The Aliens to appear. Maybe they'll be "Ridin Six White Horses When They Come" ... & they'll be "Comin Round The Mountain"!! Lol


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