Thursday, November 24, 2016

Ross Kemp, another man with a July 21, 2016 birthday

This morning I saw on Facebook someone was trying to share my work.  No one gave the person a thumbs up (typical for Facebook behavior when it comes to the truth), but someone did comment saying she should check out Ross Kemp, because he was the best truth teller.

I had never heard the name before, but when I saw his birthday, I had to laugh.

He was born 19-years to the day before me.

He also worked for the BBC for a bit.  BBC = 223

About a year ago, I saw the same thing happen.  Someone suggested my work, and another person brought up Ken O'Keefe.  Ken O'Keefe was also born July 21.'Keefe

Maybe July 21 is truth speaker day?

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