Monday, November 28, 2016

13 41 61 156 | The death of Andrew Breitbart, March 1, 2012, "by the numbers" & Breitbart news

Notice Andrew Breitbart supposedly died March 1, 2012.

Notice he died in a leap year, where March 1 was the '61st day of the year.

News = 14+5+23+19 = 61 (God = 7+50+4 = 61) <<< Jewish Gematria

That date March 1 can be written 1/3, connecting to the name 'Breitbart'.

U.S.A. = 21+19+1 = 41
13 stripes, 13 colonies...

I know I made an older post on this man's death, but I cannot find it on the blog.  So here it is, quickly redone.


  1. Found a few other things connecting to Ohio State that are important;

    They play at 'Ohio Stadium'= 53 R (62 S-exception, mason=62, this comes 62 days after Jesuit order's birthday)
    'Cyber Monday'=53 R
    'Columbus, Ohio'=153 O

    This made me laugh when I saw it, the address of the stadium is 411 Woody Hayes Drive.
    'Assassin'=411 Jewish gematria

    Their saying is '#GoBucks'=24 R/33 S-exception, Muslim=24/33, somali=24/33, 33 days left in the year.
    Ohio State is looking for championship #9 this year, nine=24

  2. Just saw this headline: Q-poll: Obama at 50 percent job approval but only 1 in 5..."

    This article has saturn and kill coding. lotta juicy numbers. The high before the fall? Seems timely..

    In the video, he's wearing purple and black. Saturn colors.

    1. On Obama's natal chart

      "According to some, this Mars on the cusp of the House of Death is one of the astrological signatures for sudden, accidental or violent death."

      There it is!

      Also, Obama is a Leo, like castro

    2. "Two other important factors within Obama's birth chart raise concerns for me: Saturn in his 12th House of possible "self-undoing" and Mars in Virgo in his 7th House of both friends and open enemies"

    3. But we have to ask ourselves could this 12th House potential lead to his own self-undoing in the form of his assassination? Is there an Authoritative, stern side to Barack's personality locked away from Public view in his closeted 12th House? There are few astrological indicators more indicative of adherence to the Status-quo of politics, business, and established rules of government than Saturn in Capricorn.

    4. "What have Joe Biden and Colin Powell been talking about recently when they assured the world that Obama, if elected, would face a "crisis" and/or a "test"? What, exactly, does our new President have in mind when he speaks of "sacrifices" we're all going to have to make? If Obama is truly interested in changing American (and global) politics would the "Establishment" let him get away with that? And why has he invoked the memory of JFK as astutely as he has?... Since he's born with his Sun on his Descendant and Pluto, the Lunar North Node, Uranus, and Mars all in his 7th House of friends-advisors-enemies he has a lot of energy invested in relating one-on-one with advisors who might well be his secret enemies. Mars there certainly suggests the potential of violence that could come through his advisors who would then stand revealed as his open enemies."

      You called it many moons ago, Zach.

    5. I wouldn't invest too much time reading Barack's astrological chart because his birthday is as fabricated as his name.

      Keeping that in mind, I would not be surprised in the least if the Donald's birthday was tweaked so that he would be 70 years, 7 weeks and 7 days old on January 20, 2017.

      Order out of Chaos
      Gematria Jewish 777
      Gematria Reduction 75
      Gematria Summerian 1098
      Gematria Ordinal 183
      Gematria English 1047

    6. I think that is why Trump led the investigation on Barack's birthplace. He was testing the waters for his phony birth date. Mocking the messiah (777) seems likely too.


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