Thursday, November 24, 2016

40 73 | Hillary Clinton now leading by nearly 2 million popular votes, front page news, November 23, 2016

Hillary in 2020, just wait... or don't, and help me stop it!

2020 = 20+20 = 40 (Hillary = 40) (United States = 40)
Hillary Clinton = 73 (She'll be 73 in 2020)


  1. Judgement is coming for all of them................

  2. democrats want nothing to do with her after she 'lost' to Trump, simpsons said a woman would replace Trump, someone like Elizabeth warren or Michelle Obama is more likely imo.

    1. I agree it could be another woman, and I wouldn't be surprised by either of the ladies you just mentioned, or Elizabeth Warren.

    2. But remember...
      Hillary Clinton = 73
      She'll be 73 in 2020

    3. Lisa Simpson = 47; President = 47
      Simpson = 33; Clinton = 33

    4. Plus the simpsons in set in Springfield, the producer Mike Scully's hometown, is Springfield, Massachusetts where Warren is a senator.

      Elizabeth=88 O (Trump=88)
      Elizabeth Ann Warren=88 R

    5. Springfield in the simpsons was founded in 1796, 17+96=113
      'First woman president'=95 R/113 S-exceptions

      Springfield, Massachusetts was founded in 1852, 18+52=70 like Trump's age.

    6. Lisa is the daughter guys. An obvious ref to Chelsea. I really think she will start making waves after Trump gets it. I also think Trump makes it almost 4 years before going down and Pence becomes 46th for a short while, then Chelsea.

      I also enjoy loads of weed.

  3. She'll never be president, already rigged it one way and that's how it will stay


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