Friday, November 25, 2016

16 33 90 104 | Fidel Castro dead at age 90, November 25, 2016, 104-days after his birthday, November 25, 2016

Fidel Castro Is Dead = 73 (Sacrifice = 73)

Fidel Castro = 49/58/112; Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

Castro was the President of Cuba for 49-years, 1959-2008.

Dying on 'Black Friday' is somewhat fitting.

Notice Fidel Castro is dead at age 90, to close out '16.  Only 'ninety' and 'sixteen' sum to '33'.

Castro's leadership over Cuba was the result of what was originally called the Tupamaro movement out of Uruguay, the lone '33' nation in South America.  Americas = 33

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz = 104/113/257 (257, the 55th prime)
*Jerusalem = 104; 7/4/1776 = 7+4+17+76 = 104

He has died 104-days after his 90th birthday, connecting to his name.

Notice that Fidel Castro was born August 13, 1926, what would become the anniversary of the start of construction for the Berlin Wall, which began August 13, 1961, on Castro's 35th birthday.

8/13/1926 = 8+13+19+26 = 66
8/13/1926 = 8+13+(1+9+2+6) = 39
8/13/1926 = 8+1+3+1+9+2+6 = 30
8/13/26 = 8+13+26 = 47 (President) (Authority) (Agent) (Foundation)

In 8th grade I was permanently kicked out of my English class and put in another class, because of Fidel Castro.  I have told the story before.

His date of death is a date with '52' numerology, like JFK.

11/25/16 = 11+25+16 = 52
11/22/1963 = 11+22+(1+9+6+3) = 52 (JFK's date of death)
Prophecy = 52

Below, it points out that Castro outlived 6 U.S. Presidents.

Six = 19+9+24 = 52

Notice also the mention that Cuba is 90-miles from the U.S.  Here Castro is, dead at 90, 104-days after his birthday.  '104' is the number of the puppeteers, Jerusalem = 104

From his brother's death, February 23, 2016, to his death, November 25, 2016, is 277-days, the 59th prime.  Again, he became President in '59.  Kill = 59 (Jewish Gematria)


  1. In college football and basketball teams ranked 16 or 19 lost today **

    Many 23 tributes

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    Stevens t mason - first governer of mi elected age 23 - border war with Ohio - hated natives

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    Much much more - too much to type

  2. Took him long enough. He's been slowly dying for like a decade. After all these false alarms over the years he finally did it. By the way the Spanish alphabet has 27 letters with the extra letter being 'ñ' and until 2010 'ch' and 'll' were considered separate letters. So your gematria is off by 1. Again that's a foreign name, so English gematria doesn't exactly apply.
    I know I shouldn't indulge you, but I added up his date of death to see how you might spin it.
    He died on November 25, 2016.
    11+25+16= 52 = Propechy. Sure you'd have a field day with that.
    Of course assuming you only add the 16. In the Gwen Ifill article you added the 20 and 16 in her date of death to get 61, which is how old she was.
    11+14+16= 41 vs. 11+14+20+16= 61
    Hmmm most of the time you only add the last two digits of the year, but in other cases you add the 20. So you add or omit the 20 in order to get the desired sum that fits your narrative.

    1. It's like brainstorming, one doesn't necessarily know the right way to use the date. These blogs are the think tank alongside the numbers.

      First off, the year could be 5776 off the Jewish calendar, which may be correct. Or 2016.

      So when getting your numerology numbers is a blend of multiple practices.

      11-25-2016 = 11+25+20+16 = 72 this is done because there would be no differentiation fro the twentieth centur, nineteenth, and so on.

      Your common method which, cuts the century off is as follows
      11+25+16 = 52

      The other less traditional methods from other well known sources, astrology and other reduction techniques separates the year into single digit numbers
      11+25+2+0+1+6 = 45

      The other treats every digit as its own field
      1+1+2+5+2+0+1+6 = 18

      So far we have 4 numbers, 72, 52, 45, 18. No primes, fibonacci, squares or cubes.

      Some want to reverse the digits to force matches, because maybe the powers that be, do.. 27, 25, 54, 81, ooh a cube and two squares when we do that.

      I take the date and month from even other astrology sources 11-25 or 25-11. Our military and government uses dating with the number of day first, then the month, it's not just over seas.
      You can use them as, 25+11 = 36 (another square 6×6)

      Half of my gematria numbers are in the hundreds because they are not reduced so you can also get 6 numbers
      1125 2511 112(drop the 5) 251(drop the 1) (remove the thousand place of 1)125 and the like for (2)511.

      So that left us with 1125, 2511, 125, 511, 112 (the so - called Colt's number this season) and 511. 11's and their multiples are gigantic in freemason thought, that info is also out there through the freemason writers who are often 32nd and 33rd degree Scottish rite free masons, knight templar and society of Jesus members.

      The doubts that everyone casts are reasonable because, I personally can get 18 "umber out of any typical date, which is VERY DILUTED.

      We are searching for truth, think figuratively about building a puzzle. We build the outside edges, which we know (gematria and numerology) we do not have the cover for the whole picture, that's missing, then on the inside there are hundreds of ways you try to fit the green tree piece with the other pieces before you find the right one. Our puzzle pieces, unfortunately, are all the same shape as we are trying to make the picture that isn't on the box.

    2. If you can follow me you are on my level of thought.

      Not a gambler. Hate the sports takeover of this site, but it's extremely similar to world events and such, so that's why it's here.

      I didn't agree with Zach's superbowl picks in August, maybe earlier, and came up with my own using many methods of madness. I made an un-biased pick of Green Bay vs. New England, which was fun and based off of gematria, numerology, intuition, story lines, tributes and humor actually. Funny how in the beginning of the year after my picks which I laid out in a few threads on September 4th, there or around, we're the two teams most likely to make it in preseason.

      The story lines keep getting better with those two teams. Colt's very flat story lines, vikings Luke warm QB storylines, can Bridgewater come back this season? Maybe, I don't care. They have a new stadium, so what. New York Giants have a few story lines with the coach, Eli and players, but New York is the hub of the U.S. and both pres. Candidates were acquainted with the city and not the team.

    3. This is exactly how I think of what we are doing with Zach here. You put it very well @InsaneUnkown. We are trying to fill in the missing pieces and the numbers are a foundation...but we have to get creative to really figure out the whole picture. And sometimes instinct helps as well! We had pretty well established that something was going to happen on Black Friday that was big...but to know what was nearly impossible. What is interesting to me that it was Castro's that I just saw a recent piece on Cuba and how all of these new business are about to move into that country and take it over and basically ruin it. It will just be a new tourist destination for American's and Cuban's will be exploited for all they've got. I'm actually pretty sad about it. This was probably the major turning point. Next...high rise resorts all along the beaches out there.

  3. yay zach glad u posted this i was waiting to see your input! u da man zach! i hope u make a video!! love ur work!

  4. Zach I challenge you to pay back all your money u bamboozled from ur sheep until u do that I will continue to destroy u

    1. When you're fifteen and allowed on the internet

    2. Start a petition or recount. He has made no one do anything.

      The members here are free thinkers and can blow their money as they wish. If they drink too much Kool aid or swallow too many red pills, that's the user, bettor and Donato r's own problem.

      Come back on as Mike Manning, it's much more fun. Plus I love the word 'Schill' being over and incorrectly used.

  5. I give money to the people while u continue to scam them

  6. Zach the flip flopper, covering all bases with patriots, seahawks, cowboys, oakland. Did i miss anyone else zach or should we just wait for the sb so u can pick both teams as usual?

  7. zack prolly change his pick to browns vs bears or niners super bowl next.

    1. Zach has been a shill since day 1. Overstating his predictions. This guy takes credit for the sky being blue

    2. I am beginning to think that mike manning and mike smith are the same person lol. Glad no one pays attention to either of them.

  8. On Sky News, they keep talking about the 'Blackout' in London on 'Black Friday' ... then straight to a nonsense story about 'The Kings Of Leon', headlining some festival next year, with their latest album called, 'Walls' ... Can't believe I missed that :)

    They released the Album on October 14th 2016,
    but the single, 'Walls' was released on September 22nd, 9/22 or 22/9. ... 47 days before the election, or 48 with days end (Donald Trump = 48)

    Ohh and the album length is ridiculous :)
    42 minutes 42 seconds long. 42:42.

    The song 'Walls', runs 5 minutes 29 seconds or 329 seconds.

    1. Ohh and October 14th 2016 is 27 days before the 27th anniversary of the fall of the wall & Election of Trump.

    2. Ohh and 'Blackout' = 31 (k exception), as does 'Castro' = 31 (s exception). 'Kings Of Leon' = 127, the 31st prime number.

    3. With the song length of 329 seconds. The reflection of 923, the date & time Pope Francis made his big entrance. Sep. 22nd was the 266th day of the year. Pope Francis, fellow Jesuit, the 266th pope. The album release October 14th, the 288th day. 288 = the sum of the divisors for the no. 213. 213 was everywhere throughout the election & sports that weekend. McGregor went 21-3 beating 'The Silent Assassin' = 213. etc etc

    4. on Sky News, they are saying he survived 634 assassination attempts. This is funny ... 'Six Hundred Thirty Four' = 115. Squared. 634x634 = 401956. Split & sum, 40+19+56 = 115. Reversed, 436x436 = 190096, 19+00+96 = 115. Reflection of 115 = 511, Trump & Saturn, as Trav had shown in his post few days ago. Madness!
      He died at 22:29 local time, similar to 22/9, release of 'Walls'. 229th prime = 50 (America)

  9. few interesting points I'll add

    Of course he died at 90
    death 11/25 to brother's death date 2/23 is 90 days

    1. They are going to cremate Castro and have 9 days of national mourning startin 6am Saturday.


      So so perfect..

    2. 24 Hours x 9 days= 216 total
      Add1-36 =666

    3. Saturday/Saturn/Satan Worship

      "Saturn Worship" in the English Sumerian system equals 1206

  10. Castro was dead YEARS ago, this is just mockery. Enjoy the numerical explanation which confirms nothing!

    1. I agree, I think he died back in 2010 when they announced he was very ill and on his death bed.

    2. It does confirm something it confirms that Fidel Castro died "by the numbers" .he might have dies another date years ago but again that would further prove that this is being done by the numbers..You fucking rodents that keep hating on the blog better hope that general locator thing doesn't work to your disadvantage..

  11. its been 8 weeks and 5 days=13 from when Jose Fernandez and Fidel Castro passing


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