Tuesday, November 22, 2016

33 42 77 | He won't lock her up, Donald Trump goes against another campaign pledge, November 22, 2016

Washington D.C., the home of many big talkers who lack action, is on the 77th Meridian.  Donald Trump is one of those big talkers.


Clinton = 33; Federal = 33; Order = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33

11/22 = 11+22 = 33
11/22/2016 = 11+22+(2+0+1+6) = 42


  1. There never was any plans to indict her. It's all a part of the scripted controlled opposition drama.
    "Mind Control Agents" in English Reduction equals 77

    1. Even if there was a plan to do so, just threatening to release photos of Trump aboard Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express pedo-plane would snap him back into line.

      What is it about the rich that regular sex with adults isn't enough?

  2. the masses had 8 years of the Preacher and now they will get 8 years of the lying snake oil salesman.

    This will work out as planned.

    1. Baby boomers and middle class get ducked again

    2. Blacks feel oppressed and under suspension

    3. Latinos/ Asians / others will pick a side or remain neutral

    4. The hate groups are popular again

    5. The liberal media will PROFIT from the sheep FEAR paranoia .

    6. The truth community will go in circles figuring out all the hoaxes

    7. People will gamble, steal , do more Drugs

    8. The religious Turds will say it's revelation

    9. In 2020 Kanye may seriously be a candidate
    If he's not a dead.

    10. We do it again and again and again. Same fucking stage !

  3. www.gematrix.org


  4. I would be watching "December fourteenth" = 88 December fourteenth = 187............................... and it equals 1122 ... and what is today's date Zach..??? That is how the "Holy Spirit works brother" Oh it also equals 728 "Zionism" and more..

  5. And the conservative propaganda sites promptly wrote up articles saying that Trump is just toying with Obama, and that he's really gonna prosecute her. How can people be this dumb? Lol.


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