Monday, November 28, 2016

33 47 58 94 | 'Somali' shooter blamed at Ohio State, November 28, 2016 +Abdul Artan = Ohio State University

He 'cut people' at the 'active shooter'.

The details aren't supposed to add up.

Notice the main headline.

211, the 47th prime

The headline also codes out to 'Freemasonry'.

'They're also saying he is 'Somali'.  More '33'.  Again, today leaves 33-days left in the year.

Somali = 1+6+4+1+3+9 = 24/33

Read more about '33' and this hoax here:

UPDATE, shooter name is in.

Abdul = 1+2+4+3+3 = 13
Razak = 9+1+8+1+2 = 21/30
Ali = 1+3+9 = 13
Artan = 1+9+2+1+5 = 18 (18-years old)
Abdul Razak Ali Artan = 65/74

Abdul = 1+2+4+21+12 = 40
Razak = 18+1+26+1+11 = 57
Ali = 1+12+9 = 22
Artan = 1+18+20+1+14 = 54
Abdul Razak Ali Artan = 173 (173, the 40th prime) (Ohio State = 40)


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    1. The shooter's name is 'Abdul Razak Ali Artan' 173 O, 65 R
      173 is the 40th prime
      'Abdul' 40 O
      Gotta love the 'AR' in abdul Razak, likely will come out he had an AR for the shooting.

      He's supposedly a 'Somali refugee'=64 R/73 S-exception
      and he's 'eighteen'=73 O

    2. And his full initials in reduction form has 9-1-1 attached to it;

      A (1) ----> R (9) A (1) A (1) a lot like 9-1-1, 911 is the 156th prime and thirty-three=156 O, today leaves 33 days left in the year, 'Somali=33 S-exception

    3. Razak=21 R, date num of 21 (1+1+2+8+2+0+1+6=21)
      his last name 'Artan'=18 R, they say he is 18.

      Last important part is this;

      They're saying over 65,000 students are enrolled at Ohio State, 'Abdul Razak Ali Artan'=65 R

    4. I missed an easy 40 connection;

      Ohio State=40 R (Abdul=40)
      'Abdul Razak Ali Artan'=173, 173 is 40th prime

  2. I love how they're saying active shooter, but all he had was a knife

  3. Its cyber monday. 33 days left yr amazon page has 33.33 sale lol

  4. This is at "THE" Ohio state university
    They always exaggerate the "THE" in the OSU name
    also reminds me of that commercial that been playing that I can't remember who made it that has the football player exaggerating the "THE".

  5. So America is under attack by a "Lone Wolf"
    Refugee terrorist Gunman ( knife).

    The Trump campaign + ATL Left+ media spin zone= nightmare before Christmas

    I wonder what's in store after the recount

    And the Super bowl.

  6. "Somali" shooter w/ only a knife makes me think of Somali pirates,that makes me think of the Raiders.

    Abdul Razak Ali Artan = 74
    Raiders = 74
    Ohio = 47

    I know this goes against the threads line of thinking, but i believe this season has a "Cowboys & Indians" theme, or a "Pirate & Native" theme. i think the NFL's final 4 will be the Chiefs and raiders / Cowboys and Redskins

    1. No chance for the Redskins. They won't even be scripted to make it to the playoffs.

    2. You may want to check the standing before believing that. That tie is for reason. Time will tell.

    3. I like it Andrew. Good way to express a different point of view.

    4. At the time, 2003 was one of the highest years of pirate attacks worldwide, coincidentally its the same year Pirates of the Caribbean was released in theaters, as well ass the Raiders played the Bucs in the Superbowl.

    5. Same year Ohio St won the NC over Miami
      31-24 at the fiesta bowl home of the SUN DEVILS.

    6. Derek Carr = 47/83
      Derek Carrs older brother David was the First ever draft pick of the expansion Houston Texans.

    7. Syracuse, Marlins, Spurs, Buckeyes, Patriots winners.

      Patriots won the SB in Houston lol

  7. AAA=111

    That's what I noticed about the name

    Or 3XA=33

  8. saw this headline on bing not sure if it has any bearing on the Vikings, but it includes a muslim and minnesota:

  9. Nine people hospitalized after attack. There goes the number "9" being coded into these Masonic breaking news stories. Castro's death is coded in the number "9". Former NBA player Marcus Camby's autistic nephew was found drowned in a lake behind his house on 11/25 he was "9" years old. November/Novem is latin for "9", November is actually the 9th month.

    "Nine Hospitalized" in English Sumerian equals 1116 (1+1+1+6=9)
    "Novem" in English Sumerian equals 414 (4+1+4=9)

    "Marcus Camby" in English Ordinal equals 119
    "Nine Yrs Old" in English Sumerian equals 810
    "Autistic" in English Sumerian equals 612

    "Dictator" in English Ordinal equals 90
    "Cubans" in English Ordinal equals 60
    "Cuba" in English Reduction equals 9

    "Ritual" in English Ordinal equals 81
    "Berlin Wall" in English Reduction equals 45
    "Thanksgiving" in English Reduction equals 60
    "Divide and Conquer" in English Sumerian equals 990

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  11. Zach... Check this out... Apparently he was featured and interviewed in "Humans of Ohio State". Reminds me of the clown Mateen from the hoax Pulse shooting, who was in that documentary before the shooting...

  12. He was a lone wolf - as they said - attacked Ohio state with knife - wolverine

    1. Red Dawn film
      Russian invasion of Colorado

    2. "Artan" very close to Spartan

    3. Great movie!
      Had everyone scared during that time. It was either Aliens (S Weaver) or the Russians.
      Cold War hoax was stupid!

  13. Zartan was in GI joe

    I wonder if the Paris attack with a truck is the same hoax as this one ?


  14. RA (Z)artan

    The Sun god at the "O" or the "Shoe"

    11 is the Pillars , God +1 the Knife is the Bow.

    Niece attack during a parade of celebration of independence (Delivery truck delivering it's mighty blow)

    The Ohio st attack after a big Win, fans running
    On the field pure elation and joy.

    Boom terror attack , chaos and Fear !
    The energy delivered with terror is amplified like ( WATTS) to the archons.

    Same reason the Super Bowl black out happened. Kill the Lights then re energize it
    With a kick off return for 100 yards.
    If you can control the LIGHT you can
    Control everything, light is the way.
    They preach DARKNESS

  15. Z=26

    Z location or the End! To the beginning of God.

    Or Dogma!

  16. ***Not sure if posted before, but saw that the phrase "Run, Hide, Fight" is a registered trademark of the city of Houston.

    1. RHF= Reginal Hall Federation @ Virginia Tech

      Another school with Active shooters.

      Coincidence ? Lol


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