Thursday, November 24, 2016

42 44 65 66 71 73 | The real reason Andrew Luck is out 'Thanksgiving', November 24, 2016

Here is the real reason Andrew Luck is out today.  It isn't a 'concussion'.

Concussion = 42/60 (Indianapolis = 60/69) (Thanksgiving = 60/69/78/96)
Concussion = 132

Notice below he has played 71 career games.  Today's date has '71' numerology.

11/24/2016 = 11+24+20+16 = 71

Notice his next win will be his 44th.

Forty-Four = 144; Seventy-One = 144

In the regular season, Andrew Luck has played 65 games, his next will be his 66th.

Andrew Austen Luck = 66; NFL = 66

If his team wins in his absence, they'll be 6-5 on the season.  If they lose, they'll be 5-6.

His next win will also be his 41st in the regular season.  Super Bowl = 41; Baltimore = 41

From his birthday, to today's game, is the halfway point to the Super Bowl.

His birthday is September 12.  The Super Bowl is February 5, 2017.

Keep in mind November 24 is the day that leaves 37-days left in the year.

73 is the 21st prime. 73 is also the reflection of 37.

37 is the number that has been with Luck all season.  37 is the 12th prime number.  Notice he wears the number 12.

Notice Luck's next TD pass, will be #121.

Also, in case you missed the Colts-Steelers preview, the backup QB, Tolzien, it has been 81-days since his birthday, and he is facing the 'Pittsburgh Steelers'.  Pittsburgh Steelers = 81

Tolzien also played for 'Wisconsin'.  Wisconsin = 44

11/24/2016 = 11+24+(2+0+1+6) = 44

To close, here are the numbers on Luck's replacement.

Scott Tolzien is the Thanksgiving Day starter for the Indianapolis Colts, November 24, 2016.

Let's examine his numbers.

9/4/1987 = 9+4+19+87 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David) (Master Plan)
9/4/1987 = 9+4+1+9+8+7 = 38
9/4/87 = 9+4+87 = 100 (Scott Jeffery Tolzien = 91/100)

This start comes 81-days after his birthday, matching the gematria of his opponent.

The game began with the Colts kicker missing a 52-yard field goal.

He comes from the right town to be a NFL football player.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113


  1. Replies
    1. 0-2-1 reminds of me 21 and 12, I hope you're right though. =)

    2. They account his concussion on November 22 at 1:11am

    3. Or you don't see any numbers lining up with the colts?

    4. I see a lot that looks good for the Colts. What goes for the Steelers, is the date numerology. The divisors of 44 sum to 84, and it is a date with '44' numerology.

      Tolzien went to Wisconsin; Wisconsin = 44

    5. Oh yes, and the Steelers are in their 84th season.

    6. Did you see number 71 for the colts is out

    7. Tolzien hold the number 44 kill number and will kill the steelers. Ninjas is right 1-1-1 the time stamp. Also Vikings loss. Minnesota Vikings = 1110

    8. Viking loss is a scarify for the colts today?

    9. Colts and Vikings will be 6-5 if Colts win.

    10. Halftime score 21-7 like Dennis greens death date and is 127 total days from his death.there was a montage and a little segment remembering Dennis green before all the games started this morning.made me think ummm why now today?? Well yea I see why in the span of days..

    11. 127 days is also 4 month 4 days like 44 kill=44

  2. so 6-6 goes well for revelation... Lots of 66 today...

  3. If Colts win it will be their 500th win

    500th win sum of divisors is 1092 reshuffle to 921
    500 count of divisors is 12.

    1. Head to head

      6 wins 16 losses

      If the Colts loose it will be their 17th lost on a 71 date numerology.

    2. The starting QB wears #16 will they stay at 16 losses?

    3. Colts looking for 7th win

      If Colts win they will be
      6-5 ...65 sum of divisors is 84

  4. If you guys are watching the LSU vs Texas A&M game right now they keep moving the camera to the
    "home of the 12th man " banner in A&M stadium.


  5. Zachary K HubbardNovember 24, 2016 at 12:47 PM
    5-2, like how they'll be hosting Super Bowl 52.
    Vikings are not Super Bowl bound, the tributes this season are for Super Bowl 52, which is what I had be

  6. Zack is hedging again

    Is it colts or steelers ZACK ???

  7. Indy 500:
    This Colts/Steelers matchup comes 179 days after the 2016 Indy 500. Lucas Oil Stadium = 179. It just so happens that Big Ben is making his 179th regular season start. 179 is the 41st prime. Week Twelve = 41.
    Five Hundred = 881. Wisconsin = 881. Tolzien went to college at Wisconsin.
    The 2017 Indy 500 is in 6 months 5 days (65). Indianapolis looking to improve to 6-5.
    Five Hundred = 80. Roethlisberger = 80. Eighty = 74. Indy Car = 74.
    This game comes in between the 100th and 101st race. Scott Jeffrey Tolzien = 100. Tolzien has birth numerology of 100. Tolzien = 101.

  8. Today's numerology 14-0 steelers

    Sunny and hot pool weather here .. Bundle up Pacific north west 😈

  9. This Tolzien guy throws a lot better than a lot of starters. He throws bullets. He's really been acting bad to start this game lol. Bullet TD there in a small pocket.

  10. They had the punter skit ready to go right after he made that pass. Proof of rigging right there.

    1. No just for u weirdo u must lost money STUPID THIS IS NOT A GAMBLING SITE PUSSY... HOPE WE DON'T SEE U POST HERE

    2. I will be launching the real truth seeker website in a few months

    3. C handz uses them hands to jerkoff zach 24/7

  11. What up doe?? Hey zach called the show the other night from michigan what would you want me to look for in Detroit?? Vaccant land acutions what??

  12. Yep i.confirm gemetria died tonight unfortunately. They change the script


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