Thursday, November 24, 2016

29 33 46 71 | '2 killed at flag football game' in Kentucky, Thanksgiving, November 24, 2016

Neighborhood football on Thanksgiving, a childhood tradition

'29' and '92'.

'92'.  This headline comes during Thanksgiving Day, while the Cowboys are hosting the "Redskins".  It is the Giants 92nd NFL season, who play in the same division as the Cowboys.  They're the only team to beat the Cowboys this season as well.  Also, the Cowboys could potentially fall to 9-2 today, with a loss.

'92' is also the reflect of '29'.  Keep in mind this happened in 'Kentucky'.

Louisville is the right town for 'organized chaos'.

Louisvile = 46 (Chaos = 46) (Sacrifice = 46)

Annual Juice Bowl = 163 (163, 38th prime) (Death = 38) (Killing = 38)

It brought the death count to 106?  Wow.

The Juice Bowl = 52/133; Prophecy = 52/106; Government = 52/133

What's the real death count I wonder?

Notice the spokesperson's name, Christ Poynter.

Chris Poynter = 71
11/24/2016 = 11+24+20+16 = 71

10-4, "message received".

This lie was brought to you by your neighborhood police and federal government, plus some asshole cameraman.

Federal = 33
Police = 33
Cameraman = 33


  1. Zach, not sure if you saw this. On Fox, Joe Buck promoted his new book called "Lucky Bastard". Gee, I wonder what that's a clue for? lol (Luck, Andrew Luck).

    It was released on November 15. From November 15th to Super Bowl 51st on February 5th, it's 83 days.

    Lucky Bastard = 38, 137 (33rd prime)
    Minnesota = 38

    It's also 2 months and 22 days from the Super Bowl.

    Joe Buck = 22

    1. Funny that's the anniversary of my house getting ripped off. There is also a Lucky Whitehead on the Cowboys, and again, it will have been 777-days from the last Cowboys-Colts game until the Super Bowl.

      Luck? 777? Vegas?

  2. It is relentless. The media-driven programming just never stops.

    It feels like it just can't keeping continuing like this. It just can't.

  3. yeh im here in Louisville and something still isn't right.... and that juice bowl had been over.. wow.


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