Tuesday, November 22, 2016

33 38 42 52 60 72 163 | Death of D'Myunn Brown, Chattanooga school bus accident, November 21, 2016

Red = 27; School = 27; Earlier today the bus driver reportedly said "blood was everywhere"
*His name was Johnthony

Now I see what they're doing.  This is black history, on the bus.  Fuck these people who run our media and do this!

11/22/2016 = 11+22+(2+0+1+6) = 42
D (4) B (2) D'Myunn Brown (itials)

In this case, the incident takes place in 'Chattanooga'.

Remember, Rosa Parks was born February 4, or 4/2.

Rosa Parks died October 24, 2005.

10/24/2005 = 10+24+20+05 = 59 (Kill) (Negro) (Slave) (Blues) (February 28, 59th day of the year)
10/24/05 = 10+24+05 = 39 (Tuskegee = 39/93) (MLK, Malcom X, 39 and 93)

He was my only child = 79/88/196 (Murder = 79)
I knew where he sat = 75/84/174 (New World Order = 75/84) (United States of America = 84)

Diamond Brown, eh?

Diamond = 4+9+1+4+6+5+4 = 33 (School Bus) (Race War) (Masonry) (Secrecy)
Brown = 2+9+6+5+5 = 27
Diamond Brown = 60 (Nigger = 42/60) (Chattanooga = 42)

Diamond = 4+9+1+13+15+14+4 = 60
Brown = 2+18+15+23+14 = 72 (Monday) (Number coded in initial story)
Diamond Brown = 132

This story comes on Tuesday, November 22, a day after the 'Monday' 'School' 'Bus' crash.

11/22 = 11+22 = 33

Notice her son was 'six'.  Six = 52; Tennesse = 52; Prophecy = 52

D'Myunn is almost as good Johnthony, the name of the bus driver.

His name connects to death and more.  It reminds of a little red hat an asshole has been wearing lately.  Of course, red is also the color of blood, and earlier today, there were headlines about blood being all over.

D'Myunn Brown = 55; Rosa Parks = 55

The name of the school also connects to 'death'.

November 22, the date of this update, is the anniverary of JFK's death in Dealey Plaza, named after a 33rd degree master mason.


Notice the name 'Christopher A. Hart'.

Also notice the time she found out her son was dead, 10:30, or 22:30 military time.

Masonic = 223; Synagone of Satan = 223 (223 tweet yesterday)

Why would it take her that long to find out?

Also, notice they now say 37 children were on board.  Yesterday it was 35.

Rosa Parks = 37/55/64; Civl Rights = 64; Barack Hussein Obama = 64; '64 civil rights act

Here is the first reporting on the Chattanooga school bus crash of November 21, 2016:


  1. It is really weird that picture of a kid in a life vest.. He is pretty old to be in that type of life vest.. Goes with a emergence vest not a swimming vest.......

    1. Further feeds the racist angle. Black people, especially males, can't swim is an old racist standby down South.

    2. The name sounds and looks more like DAMN young brown!!

    3. D'Myunn - Damian.

  2. As usual -- nobody (supposedly) "affected by this tragedy" -- is behaving Normally.

    Remember ... this is the SAME community that hosted the National Guard Shooting Hoax.
    Their shady gov has been "Johnny-On-The-Spot" from the beginning -- & was out early this am holding a press conference.

    Now the "CONTROVERSY" is shifting ... & it's ... "BREAKING NEWS"!!!
    No "Black Box" on the bus -- but there were 3 cameras.
    Asking NTSB why the driver was arrested so quickly -- answer: "that's not their area" ... that's up to Local Law Enforcement.
    Seat Belts? NTSB recommends them ...

    But the "BIGGEST CONTROVERSY" for Today's Consumption:

    -- Supposedly the mother of one of the "dead" children sent a "Written Letter" complaining about this driver just weeks ago.
    -- A reporter kept asking the gov & school officials about "The Letter" -- specifically asking (over & over) -- "Does This Letter Exist?"
    -- The only response was rote, word-for-word repetition of a generic statement ... the usual crap about communities pulling together , etc.
    -- When "The Letter Question" persisted --
    -- The gov abruptly ended the press conference & the group quickly dispersed.

    Now the Persistent Reporter is the one getting interviewed ...

    Generate False Controversy ... & focus the dialogue on that. DISTRACT.
    This way -- "Reporters" magically morph into "Experts To Be Interviewed" ... & the need for ACTUAL: Official Spokespersons, Authorities, Witnesses, etc ... disappears.
    The "Reporters" BECOME the "Story".

  3. The "crash scene" is completely ridiculous. All you see is a bunch of numbskulls milling around. No urgency, no ambulances, no doctors. Where is H Wayne Carver when you need him?


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