Thursday, November 24, 2016

52 | Sixth child dies due to Chattanooga, TN school bus crash hoax, November 23, 2016 news

Six = 52; Tennessee = 52; Prophecy = 52

Remember they reported 12 dead, then 6 dead, then 5 dead... now we're back to 6 dead.

Here are the names of the supposed deceased.  The most realistic name is Keonte Wilson.

Keonte Wilson = 54/63/72/162
Cor'Dayja Jones = 50/59/140
Zyaira Mateen = 57/138 (Omar Mateen?)
D'Myunn Brown = 55/163
Zoie Nash = 43/52/97

And notice the quote from "LaFrederick Thirkill".  KILL ends the name...

LaFrederick Thirkill = 101/191 (Assassin = 101) (Society of Jesus = 191)

With all these names, it is easy to forget the accused driver, "Johnthony Walker", who probably won't be driving again in his life... meaning he'll be walking.

Death, death, death, death, destroyer, loss of income, "The Dump"... propaganda, propaganda, propaganda....


  1. Just pulling random pictures and claiming them as "victims" of the "tragedy."

    Women eat this stuff up.

  2. Prob bit stupid, but the names kinda resemble African countries ... similar now ... just a thought more than anything ... first thing poped into me head.

    Keonte - Kind of like 'Kenya'
    Cor'Dayja - Similar to 'Côte d'Ivoire' (Ivory Coast)
    Zyaira - Zambia
    D'Myunn - Benin
    Zoie Nash - Zaire

    1. D'Myunn actually more like, 'Réunion'. (Réunion Island)

    2. And couldn't read, 'Johnthony Walker' without thinking of the Scottish whiskey, 'Johnnie Walker'.
      'Johnthony Walker' = 73. 'Johnnie Walker' = 73k

    3. Yes sir, great work. I think it is a tribute to Johnny Walker.

    4. It is tied to the drink. Looking into thei parent company was fun. 33,000 employees.

    5. Was reading some book yoke called King-Kill/33.

      In the JFK assassination, a sign saying 'Hertz' is above the Sexton building on Dealey Plaza. JFK's aul lad ( Papa. K ), apparently rescued a 'Hertz' Yellow cab/taxi company during a stock crisis way back when. With all the Uber/Taxi Driver/Chequered cabs etc ... might be something, I dunno ...

      Book here ... Only read bits, not sure if it decent or bit'a waffle ...

    6. Ohh and 33'000 employee's ... sweet mother, when does it end :D ha.

    7. Was readin' Crowleys book, 777 ... with 'Thirty Three' = 156 and all that goes with it.

      Beside the no.156 he has this wrote:

      "156. BABALON. See Liber 418. This number is chiefly important for Part II. It is of no account in the orthodox dogmatic Qabalah. Yet it is 12 x 13,
      the most spiritual form, 13, of the most perfect number, 12, HVA. [It is
      TzIVN, Zion, the City of the Pyramids.

  3. Reminds me of Chiante. "I ate his liver with fava beans and a nice Chiante", quote from Silence of the Lambs.

    1. Actual quote " I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti." A lot of alcohol references I think.


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