Tuesday, November 22, 2016

213 | Trump holds forth, CNN headlines on "conflicts of interest", November 22, 2016

I've heard that Donald Trump has a twin.  If he does, I think today the twin was out.  He looked a little different to me.  Anyway, notice in the backdrop, the "purple".  Purple = 88; Trump = 88

As for the headline, it is a '213'.



  1. Twins = 22 goes good with today's date


  2. Could they clone people/celebrity before they "kill" them?

    1. Everytime u take a picture of yourself you are basically creating a copy. If u pUT that selfie on say Facebook, its then available to be copied and photoshopped or distorted. You've allowed yourself to become art.

      Why kill someone when all u need are their measurements?

      A set of images of different expressions, some catch phrases, a signiture "look" like Donald's yellow bird nest hair, orange skin and a scowl, get those right and u will fool most people. Most just don't look beyond the surface of anything.

      Think of impersonators, and voice actors. Think prerecorded as well. The voice on your answerinf machine is still you even if you recorded it last year, right? Still sounds like you. Think of those prank call aps that usw lines from a movie like having Arnold Swarzenegger call a random number. A signiture way of speaking Can often be enough to identify someone. Think of Sarah Palin and Tina Fey.

    2. Pru is right -- they've also got technology that can transfer anyone's face onto another "form" & add a perfectly duplicated voice -- complete with accurate mouth movements & facial expressions -- in "REAL TIME".

      There are videos online showing how this is done -- along with plenty of comments from people wondering what GOOD PURPOSE this could EVER serve.

      Once you realize the "possibilities" out there -- it's a wonder ANYONE believes ANYTHING the media puts before us!! ;D

  3. 1993 movie "DAVE" with Kevin Kline -- shows how easy it's done.

    Pair this with "WAG THE DOG" ... & it quickly becomes obvious how long these ruses have been aided by manipulation of the media.

    Good Holiday Viewing for those hoping to educate! ;D

    1. I think it's been going on since we've had newspapers at least. Probably longer.
      Ever heard of the Great Moon Hoax of 1835?

    2. I haven't heard of that one -- but I WILL be checking out. Thanks for the tip! :D


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