Friday, November 25, 2016

42 44 45 50 59 82 83 226 | The Thanksgiving Day death of Florence Henderson of 'The Brady Bunch' & the 45th President +Super Bowl 51

'124' was coded into Natalie Cole's death to start 2016:

Here's the story of a lovely lady = 124/142/340 (Heart Failure = 124)
*Her birthday is February 14, or 14/2, in the year '34

Her being dead at '82' reminds me of a different Brady, that plays football.

The Patriots are 8-2 as I write this.

The date she passed, November 24, is the day that leaves 37-days left in the year, and the day that is 73-days from the Super Bowl, or a span of 74 from the Super Bowl.

Masonic = 74; Killing = 74; Occult = 74

The Super Bowl is February 5, 2017.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44 (2017 = 20+17 = 37)
11/24/2016 = 11+24+(2+0+1+6) = 44

This also took place 74-days after the first Sunday of the NFL, September 11, 2016.

And notice the parallels between her character name, and the New England Patriots.

Her birth name also connects, see blow.

No doubt this is a Super Bowl riddle.

Notice the date of the final episode, March 8, or 8/3.  Football = 83

Notice also it was the year '74.

3/8/74 = 3+8+74 = 85 (National Football League = 85)

Florence Agnes Henderson = 109/127/226; Florence Henderson = 90/99/180
Florence = 42/78; Agnes = 19/46; Henderson = 48/57/102

Do you recall how earlier this year, Bill Belichick earned his 226th career win, in the Texans 226th career game?  He did it with the first rookie QB to start since '93.  Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93

Florence was born on the 45th day of the year.  Her death comes 16-days after the "election" for the 45th President.  Brady = 50; America = 50; Donald = 50

Her character name, 'Carol Brady', also sums to 45.  Carol Brady = 45/99

New England = 45/99; Thirteen = 45/99

She also died in 'Los Angeles, California', having gematria of '197', connecting to '45.

Think about how LA returned to the NFL this year.  It is the 97th season of the NFL, and the LA Rams play in the 'Coliseum'.  Coliseum = 97

2/14/1934 = 2+14+19+34 = 69
2/14/1934 = 2+14+(1+9+3+4) = 33
2/14/1934 = 2+1+4+1+9+3+4 = 24
2/14/34 = 2+14+34 = 50 (Brady) (America)
2/14 = 2+14 = 16 (Dead at the end of 2016)

11/24/2016 = 11+24+20+16 = 71
11/24/2016 = 11+24+(2+0+1+6) = 44 (Kill) (Brady Bunch)
11/24/2016 = 1+1+2+4+2+0+1+6 = 17
11/24/16 = 11+24+16 = 51 (Super Bowl 51, Patriots clue?)
11/24 = 11+24 = 35 (Tom Brady = 35)

From Tom' Brady's birthday to her death was 113-days.  Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113

Her death on Thanksgiving came 40-weeks and 4-days after her birthday.  She also died 82-days before her 83rd birthday, or a span of 83-days.

Election = 83; Leap Year = 83; The Donald = 83; Football = 83; Tom Brady born August 3

284-days, or a span of 285-days from her 82nd birthday.  (Span of 40-weeks and 5-days)

She also died a full span of 9-months and 11-days from her birthday.
911, the 156th prime
Thirty-Three = 156

82-days, or a span of 83-days before her 83rd birthday.

An unexpected death?  Hello arsenic.

Notice the name of her manager.

Kayla = 14/23/50; Pressman = 33/51/105; Kayla Pressman = 47/74/155/930

With regards to the '47' coding, Florence Henderson died 47-years after becoming Carol Brady, in 1969.

Also, it is interesting to note that she was just at Dancing with the Stars, three days before her death.

Dancing with the Stars = 87/105/222

Perhaps 'The Brady Bunch' was a fateful show to participate in.

The Brady Bunch = 59/131
Kill = 59 (Jewish Gematria)
131, the 32nd prime number; America = 32; 7/4/1776 = 32

Notice the gematria of 'Marcia' as well.  Marcia = 27/45

And the year the show ended, '79.  Murder = 79

She was born in Indiana in '34.  Murder = 34; Indiana = 34

Notice the show she acted for in '59, 'Today Girl'.  Today Girl = 48/111/666

She married a Jewish man.  Ira Bernstein = 62; Torah = 62; Mason = 62

Her resume looks a bit like Donald Trump's.


  1. Death to America is what I get out of it..............

    1. Maybe they are illustrating the death of the "mother"...which is without a doubt happening in America.

  2. She died a full span of 9 months and 11 days from her birthday. She was from Indiana.

    The Colts drive in the 4th quarter started at 9:11. Think about "Brady" Bunch and how 'The Brady Bunch' = 131

    There's a lot more I put on your latest YT vid this is just the cliff's notes.

    From her birthday on 2/14/16 to Tom Brady's birthday is 171 days. 711 is the actual 911. I guess it's a bit of a stretch but interesting.

    1. 171 has been a Trump/Time stamp all year. 17+71=88.

    2. Yeah for sure the 11 7 combo is tied to Trump

    3. Good stuff! I was thinking about Tom Brady and "The Brady Bunch" connection myself. The numbers still look strong for the Colts. There's just way too many clues surrounding that team. If they win, it'll be very Giants-esque. Sneak in with a medicore record, and get hot in the playoffs. 9-7 and seems likely for the 97th season.

    4. Walt Coleman = 119, 38
      Walt Coleman (J) = 1170
      WC (J) = 903
      W C = 23 3
      Luck (J) = 233

      This guy is always involved when there is a 9-11 afoot.

    5. Head ref in the Vikings game was #51.

  3. Death to the Baby Boomers, more like. This is their last hoorah.

  4. The divisors of 142 sum to 216 too (6x6x6). Funny that the Octal value of 142 is also 216. Prime factors 2x71. It's been 71 years since World War 2.

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    1. Who is "WE"? You and your Masonic handler?

    2. zachs l ron hubbards great grandson

    3. Zach, you may need a moderator at some point to clean this board of trolls. It's getting worse the more your website grows.

    4. naw it gets worse and worse the more times he is wrong he needs to give it up and just bow down to me

  7. Thanksgiving is "about" being thankful,eating,football,and patriotism. This story reminds me of the NFL and The Patriots. In New England the Patriots are sometimes referred to as "The Brady Bunch"

    Brady Bunch=98
    Tom Brady=98
    Carol Brady 45/99 (New England 45/99)
    Florence Henderson=99 S-exception
    Dead @ 82 years old, 82 days before her 83rd birthday.

    New England Patriots=82, Football=83

  8. Maureen McCormick and Florence Henderson related, or the same nose doctor?

  9. With all of Trump's Batman related bullshit predictive programming I can't help but notice how Flo '33' Henderson looks like the Joker with all of that plastic surgery.

  10. This is bullshit. First pick colts now changing to Patriots. Make up your mind or read the script more clearly before make a prediction

    1. JJ, seems like you're getting upset about something that wasn't written.

    2. don't worry jj you will have a real truth seeker coming in a few months zachs just trying to save face and hop on the bandwagon of my patriots Alabama picks

    3. don't know why u people would place faith in L ron hubbards great grandson

    4. How many accounts are you trolling under? Go back and see what I documented about the Patriots Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

    5. at the end of the day your colts pick is wrong while my patriots and Alabama pick has been right since day 1 and all your followers will be mine when the colts,giants,and Vikings become eliminated the truth has spoken

    6. Pats and bama wont both win lol

    7. The two best teams in football are going to win the championship. Stop this hi-wire act your walking mike smith. You are really out on a thin limb on this one. Zach is still on the colts and giants to my understanding. He is always showing alternate outcomes because he isn't always right. He is giving everyone both sides and it is up to you to decide. Your numbers have gotten the pats and bama. his numbers show something different. if you don't like it. Create your own site or prove zach wrong by showing your work on here please

  11. gematria is a scam and it will die out you will see in a couple months I have a better system

    1. Yeah you really struck gold with that Indians World Series prediction. Or was it the Rangers? Get bent Manning.

    2. if Zach could really make predictions then why is he begging for your money wouldn't he be rich already

  12. 2/14/16-2/5/17 is a span of 51 weeks. It's also 11 months 22 days like the infamous date 11/22. President from Massachusetts dies in Dallas; Cowboys v Patriots? It's almost too obvious. #1 vs #1 used to not happen very often, but the past three years the Super Bowl had featured the two #1 seeds. The time before that was Super Bowl 41 with the Colts and Bears. It's happened a total of 12 times.

    Another wrinkle to this: from Thanksgiving until 1/22/17, the date of the AFC Championship, is 59 days, or a full span of 60.

    The Brady Bunch = 59
    Kill = 59
    Indianapolis = 60

    It's also a span of 8 weeks 3 days, like 'Football' and Brady's birthday.
    And it's a span of 1 month 29 days. Luck has 129 birth numerology.

    Final point, sort if you mentioned this already, but not only is it a full span of 74 days from her death to the Superbowl, but it's also 2 months 13 days.

    Either the Patriots are going, or this is scripting for their "death".

  13. gonna be pats over cowboys, alabama over ohio st n cavs over clippers. dat wat happen when u steal warriyah info who is a fool

  14. tomorrow when ohio state wins and the colts are dead zachs career will be finished

  15. Lol Zach flip flopping AGAIN! Why am i not surprised

  16. Zach got inspired to predict events as a kid after he watched a episode of that so raven

    1. Good one. How's it feel being a virgin at the age of 50?

    2. how does it feel to know Zach was wrong once again and my patriots prediction is gonna be correct plus I got my first mil at da age of 21

    3. Why don't you wait til Superbowl finishes, then brag. You were wrong about cubs. If you get this Superbowl wrong as well you'll come back as Mike Myers, lol.

  17. Notice her pic is in front of a 'Pizza' sign. Lotsa Pizza stuff these days....just sayin


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