Wednesday, October 2, 2019

33 39 90 111 | Wall Street off to bad October 2019 start

Yesterday, October 1, the market dropped, and so far today, it is much the same.

Don't forget, we're in the FALL now.

Today, October 2, leaves 90-days left in the year.


  1. My parents continue to play with fire by being involved in the stock market. I keep telling them to get out, but nobody wants to listen to a "conspiracy theorist"..

    1. "Coming Market Crash Symbol" = 102 <<< Today?
      "Create Fear in Market Place" = 102
      "Get out of Market by October" = 102
      "Big USA Market Crash Coming" = 102
      "Signal One Month Later" = 102
      "Market Crash Clues" = 102

      "Get Out of USMarkets by Date November Eighth" = 444, 555
      "Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the WholeoftheLaw" = 444, 555
      "September Eleventh Two Thousand One Attack" = 444, 555

      Its all just a Coinky-Dink....Tell them to Double Down, and Prepare for Serious Mocking Monday Morning the 1110

      "We Scare because We Care" = 1110

    2. "Date of Forced Market Crash" = 102
      "Begin US Economic Collapse" = 102
      "Begin Crash of US Economy" = 102
      "November Eighth Symbol" = 102
      "Forced Market Crash" = 102
      "Secret Agenda" = 102
      "Al Qaeda" = 102

      "Thirty Eighth Day Away" = 102
      "Black Friday is [Eighth]" = 102
      "Biggest Crash Ever Symbols" = 102
      "Warning of U.S. Market Crash" = 102

      "I Pet Goat II Crash Symbol" = 102 <<<<<<<<<

      38 Days? Death = 38

      "Signal Major Crash" = 102, 1110 <<<
      "Pre-Planned US Market Crashes" = 1108 <<< Black Friday?

      "A Market Crash" = 118 <<< Zach did a really good job of making sure we never realized it was suppose to November know, the Day Paradise Begin to Burn...


    3. I wouldn't listen to you either

  2. We don't have one right now = 112..
    Jay Gruden on the QB plan vs Pats on Sunday

  3. Arizona Cardinals owner died today at 88 years old.

    1. They have a halloween matchup with the 49ers on TNF. Been wondering how the Cardinals were inolved

    2. It also may have to do with St. Louis Cardinals, since it was formerly a football team, now a baseball team. St. Louis Cardinals is the 2nd seed on the NL playoffs.

  4. see this.. the video length is 1:40. Redskins will be 1-4

  5. I would look into the WWII vintage plane crash in Connecticut today. It references World War II. "World War" equals 102. What's today's date? 10/2. We also have 42 date numerology matching "War" and "World War" Gematria values. It's 4 weeks and 2 days after the anniversary of the end of World War II. Today also has 13 date numerology. "The Flying Fortress" that's the plane sums to 233 in reverse ordinal, the 13th Fibonacci number and thirteen people affected. 5 dead, 8 injured. 58 is the full reduction value of "Freemasonry."

  6. Your Thoughtful AirmanOctober 2, 2019 at 2:31 PM

    They have a halloween matchup with the 49ers on TNF. Been wondering how the Cardinals were inolved

    And Halloween is G Hallas day of his death....I think...Chicago

  7. Now you taking the Cardinals?


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