Tuesday, October 15, 2019

47 74 77 82 107 | Washington Nationals make it to their first World Series by the numbers, October 15, 2019

The Cardinals have been eliminated picking up their 77th loss of the season (71 in regular season +6 in postseason).

Read about Steve Scalise and the Nationals scripted World Series:

Notice the Nationals won 4-7.

47 and 74 also connect to St. Louis.

Don't forget it was #47 who sent the Nationals to the NLCS:

157 pitches, 105 for strikes.

157, 37th prime; 10/15/2019 = 10+15+(2+0+1+9) = 37

If the Nationals win the World Series, they will get their 105th win of the season. 


107 pitches, 71 for strikes.

The Nationals improved to 8-2 in the postseason.

Keep in mind the Nationals are in their 51st season, and Steve Scalise was shot at age 51:

This comes on Ted Lerner's 94th birthday.

 And notice his name sums to 47.


  1. Called it! Im the only here you said Nationals would sweep

  2. https://brobible.com/sports/article/gambler-big-bets-ref-screwed-lions/

  3. Lots of correlation between these phrases and words:
    Loma Prieta
    30 years later
    October 17
    All 47 and October 17 is also 119

    World Series 147
    Candlestick Park 147

    2 upper 4s in the past two days in NorCal and a bit south

    Didn’t look far into: San Andreas, haarp and bay bridge or GG

  4. Oh no now that Rams guy will use this as how the Redskins will still make the playoffs even at 1-5 smh

    1. Actually that happened before when a team started 1-4 and still made the playoffs.

    2. Well 1-5 is a whole lot different scripted or not the Redskins still have

      Etc etc

      Teams who are doing well this season scripted or not you expect anyone to believe the Redskins with no identity no qb no defense will take them to the playoffs??

  5. raymondbelljrOctober 16, 2019 at 4:28 AM

    Oh no now that Rams guy will use this as how the Redskins will still make the playoffs even at 1-5 smh
    Watch and learn.

    1. Yes I seen your week 6 picks you went 6-8 lmao from the teams you said would win HOLY SHIT YOU ARE SOOOOOO GOO... bad smh

    2. You had
      Bucs L Ravens W Browns L Chiefs L Redskins W Vikings W Jaguars L
      Cardinals W Niners W Jets W Broncos W Chargers L Lions L

      Sorry you went 7-6 my bad wow you are still SOOOOO GOO... bad lmao

    3. He did better than Zach on his Patreon account

    4. Well everyone already knows Zach sucks and all he ever does is change his picks

  6. Terminator =133
    President =133
    Government =133
    Super bowl 53 score 13-3 Pats over Rams
    Terminator 2 scene 8/29/97 like 8/11
    97 Wolverines National champs #14 Griese QB
    #10 Brady Back up
    Desmond Howard #21 MVP of 1997 Packers
    Round 1 Pick 4 age 49 😂 @ ram
    13-3 packers defeated 11-5 patriots super bowl 31
    Final score 35-21 =11 or 83
    #11 Bledsoe vs # 4 Brees
    Michael Jackson=83
    Jackson was 38 in 1997 not 40 as the movie states
    He was born on 8/29/58 😂 one year before Patriots
    Established died in 2009 (11) 😂

    Last season Brady beat a Cal QB
    Rodgers is a Call QB packers

    Now watch the alternate ending decide for yourselves

  7. raymondbelljrOctober 16, 2019 at 8:27 AM

    Yes I seen your week 6 picks you went 6-8 lmao from the teams you said would win HOLY SHIT YOU ARE SOOOOOO GOO... bad smh
    7 correct to the other guys 5.
    Jets ,Cards, being two of the correct answers.he said I'm always wrong,, I proved him wrong and did better than him.


  8. raymondbelljrOctober 15, 2019 at 5:38 PM

    But who are you tell always tell people who work on these type of things they are wrong blah blah blah it doesn’t fit a narrative cause a team lost to a 3rd string qb and blah blah blah but yet you still tell people how the Redskins 
    Being wrong about one thing does not equate to being wrong about everything, or other things, obviously.

    1. And the whole Haskins thing he was drafted by them because Redskins=54 Haskins=45 Dwayne Haskins=54 he was drafted in the season of Super Bowl 54 that’s what the whole 54 is about nothing more or less Ha(skins) Red(skins) the whole reason he went to the Redskins

      Remember Redskins=99
      Guess what happened in the 99th season they didn’t make the playoffs and Alex Smith got injured

      Super Bowl 52


      Wanna know what happened that year the 49ers missed the playoffs and Jimmy went down with a injury it how could he and his new team have this 52 Super Bowl codes all over the place the whole reason he went to the 49ers is that season was because it was the season of Super Bowl 52


      He fit the 49ers perfectly an got traded to them the season of SB52 it’s just simple just cause Haskins gots that 54 doesn’t mean shit he was drafted only cause the Redskins have that 54 so did the 49ers with 52 and Jimmy G but look what happened it’s more than just that

    2. Oh yeah that season of Super Bowl 52 Jimmy threw 7 touchdowns and 5 interceptions like 57/75 who hosted the Super Bowl that year Minnesota Vikings=57 they was in their 57th season it was just narratives and clues and tributes the the Super Bowl the Vikings hosted not because he would make the Super Bowl

      It’s more than just Haskins gots that 54 coding that doesn’t warrant a playoff spot for him when he hasn’t started one game and the game he played he sucked baldy

  9. Wow 7-6 and you wanna claim you are so freaking good a guy who can tell past narratives and codes and all this shit yeah you went better than a few other people but anyone can just be like hey Chiefs win and get a couple wins over someone by just saying the teams name on who they think will win and the thought of you only got 7 picks right isn’t that impressive for someone who says that are so good

    1. Lol I claim nothing. Just pointing out I did better then a guy mocking me. He said I got everything wrong. .I proved I dont. End of debate. You people are very childish at times. I thought I had a hook,, I didn't. Last week's news. Live and learn.have a nice week bro!


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