Sunday, October 13, 2019

61 102 | A black woman is killed by a white Fort Worth Police Officer, October 12, 2019 + Atatiana Koquice Jefferson

It's more news made to provoke and divide.  It is black and white.

Her name,  Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, sums to 102.

This happened early Saturday, October 12, 2019.

10/12/2019 = 10+12+20+19 = 61

Pastor B.R. Daniels Jr., with his Freemason necklace, weighs in.

Shooting was on October 12, or 10/12.

Scottish = 49
Secret Society = 77 / 185
Christ = 77

Scottish = 113

Read about 113 here:

Skip to 9:43 in video to get to the Pastor:


  1. Also Zach she was wait for it....28

  2. "Atatiana Koquice Jefferson" = 402 (Reverse Ordinal) kinda like 42 Nigger and Slavery

    "Atatiana Koquice Jefferson" = 141 (Reverse Full Reduction) when you write 33 as a word it sums to 141

    "Atatiana" = 59 (Reverse Full Reduction) like slave, Negro

    "Atatiana" = 67 (English Ordinal) like blood sacrifice

    "Jefferson" = 44 (Full Reduction) like kill like shooting

    "Jefferson" = 46 (Reverse Full Reduction) like sacrifice, like Hate Crime

  3. Race Bait
    Make You Hate
    Race War
    Keep You Poor

  4. If you notice, Zach only uses full names sometimes... sometimes he uses full first middle and last name... or he will just use first and last... sometimes her just uses last names and or first names.... why? Because it gives him more options to try and put together a narrative that he likes. It's not because it's what you are supposed to do its because he personally does it because he needs to find something right, some type of numbers to match right, so he picks and chooses when to use the full name or just half the name....

    they say if you look long hard enough and use enough ciphers you can make any number match up.

    Same thing with the State... sometimes he uses the full city and state... sometimes he abbreviates it... sometimes he just uses the state or the city..... why? Because again he is trying to put together his own personal narrative and he needs as many different options as possible to make it work

    1. He didn't invent gematria. The common man simply can't figure out exactly how it's used. Yet still, it does in fact hint and expose things. You can't say it doesnt. It's not always obvious but it is true.


  5. ram29jacksonOctober 13, 2019 at 1:30 AM
    for Mr Anonymous or mr unknown or who ever was saying i never get anything right. Well, lets start bare bones basics this week.
    heres all me week 6 picks.
    Bucs,Ravens,Browns,Chiefs, Redskins,Vikings,Jaguars
    have a good day, internet land


    1. yes Harry, the point was i dont in fact get everything wrong.. also, my picks are based on an entire season narrative. next week i will get more right because the teams that lost this week, will win next week., redskins and vikings won today = eagles lost= benefits skins down the road.if Jets do win.. that pushes the Redskins narrative further along. I have 4 wrong so far.. 3 right = I dont get everything wrong, haa haa

  6. C is for Cookie
    Cookie = 115
    There's a C in DC
    DC is a comic
    Comics make jokes
    The joke is on you
    Washington Nationals win World Series

    1. because C=100 , its prevalent in teams that will make playoffs in nfl. team names,cities,states, that start with C.
      at least a few


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