Wednesday, May 4, 2016

174 | The Waco before Waco, April 19, 1985,_The_Sword,_and_the_Arm_of_the_Lord

The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord = 174
New World Order = 174
Number of the Beast = 174

This siege took place on April 19, 1985, eight-years before Waco, which took place April 19, 1993.  This was supposedly the nation's second biggest domestic terrorism threat.  They had a '224 acre' plot of land in Arkansas.  Terrorist Strike = 224

We live in the WIZARD OF OZ, it is a comedy.

OZ = 41
USA = 41


  1. Perhaps the "1st attack" was the "HANAFI SEIGE" in DC, on 3 / 9-11 / 1977? (Total bullshit & lies -- B'nai B'rith's announcement that THEY were running things.)

    3/9/77 to 4/19/85 (not inclusive) is: 2963 days; or 8 yrs, 1 mon, 10 days; & 811.78%. (Including 3/9 = 8 yrs, 1 mon, 11 days)
    3/11/77 to 4/19/85 (Including 3/11) is: 2962 days [ b - 96 - b ]

    "HANAFI" began on a WEDNESDAY & ended on FRIDAY (sundown Fri begins the Jewish sabbath). 4/19/85 was a FRIDAY.

    EVERY SINGLE PERTINENT DATE RELATING TO: "Terry Nichols" -- the OKC "accomplice" -- was on a WEDNESDAY. ;D :D

  2. EVERY WEEKDAY HAS "-day" at the end. If you ignore that, then WEDNESDAY becomes: WEDNES -- which is an anagram of: SWEDEN.

    In late Jan. of 2016, media were blasting that SWEDEN'S top military guy --
    ANDERS BRANNSTROM -- was warning that WW3 was imminent & that they'd be involved. BRANNSTROM WAS BORN IN HANCOCK, MICHIGAN -- 2/ 28/ 57.

    PAMELA GELLER wrote profusely in his support -- claiming that SWEDEN WOULD ALSO NEED A CIVIL WAR -- to rid them of the Muslims. She's the psycho uber Zionist who sponsored the "Draw The Prophet" event in Garland, TX (check out her wiki page).

    BRANNSTROM looks VERY "middle eastern" (i.e. "Jewish") -- a Mossad mole? Can't ignore the similarity between his name & ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK -- the 7/ 22/ 11 Norwegian "shooter" who (supposedly) killed 77.

    Also of note: His name BREIVIK -- so similar to BREITBART -- who PAMELA GELLER OFTEN WRITES FOR ...
    And the B B In BEHRING BREIVIK -- B B is the short form for B'NAI B'RITH ...

    Some (politician?) just recently made an offhand comment about "GOING TO WAR WITH SWEDEN" -- not AGAINST ... but "WITH" --

    Damn-it-all ... the ONE time I didn't jot something down that caught my attention! Thought it might've been in the Rumsfeld clip -- but no ... Obama or Trump maybe?

    It's significant though -- how often do we hear ANYTHING about SWEDEN?
    Now I need to check out the other "days of the week"! ;D :D

    1. Great anagramming! It's so cool to see the words hidden within words.

      Sweden makes me think of Weeds or weed - my true love Cannabliss.

      The thing about Wiki and old news stories is that they are stories given to us by the same system that reports hoaxes as tho they were real so I just doubt everything.

      It seems like they need incidents like this to happen so reporters have something to report, "Experts" can tell us what it means, comedians can tell jokes, soccer mom's can freak out, police can show us they are desprwtly needed, politicians can vow to fight against or fix, writers can write books, and filmmakers can make movies "based on the true
      (ish) story " and everyone has something to talk about during breaks from their dumb slave job. "News" really does drive our culture, I think. And advertising, of course. I always look for the product placement in the pics. It's always there.

    2. Yes -- completely agree on all points! If people could see that "Information Pipeline" laid out -- precisely as you described -- it would (eventually) open many eyes. (Though it might take a simplistic chart -- like the ubiquitous "Food/Nutrition Pyramid" -- for it to REALLY sink in ... lol!)

      Wiki truly is one of the slickest propaganda tools ever invented. However, it does often provide a jumping off point for those willing to look deeper. Understanding how wiki utilizes gematria (thanks Zach!) has provided an invaluable tool -- not only for rooting out utter bullshit, but also for spotting the (seemingly) tangential aspects of a topic -- those arcane tidbits that occasionally put you on a path towards discovering an Actual Truth.

      Wiki is most useful when looking at what's MISSING from the "story" -- especially when they've incorporated lots of detailed, diversionary "fluff". (It's astounding how many of their "Reference Sources" are unverifiable -- dead links or simply not searchable ...)

      The FINAL LOCK -- the one that inextricably binds people to this "Chain Of Lies" -- is The Education System ... Once the lies are printed in textbooks & FORCE-FED to Future Generations -- they become literally "Locked In" as irrefutable "FACT". For most of The Indoctrinated, ONLY the words of "Another EXPERT" can alter their belief in these fraudulent narratives. Case-in-point: PLUTO ... it's a planet ... until some "Experts" (quite suddenly) say it's not ...

      People may shake their heads, but eventually they tend to roll with the herd -- having been TAUGHT that THEY will NEVER be "smart enough" to understand such "complicated things" ... & never suspecting that the TRUE source of their confusion stems from layers of deception that have been built up over time.

      And you're right -- the product placement is blatant. My all-time favorite was the pristine, convenience store "Frito-Lay" chip display -- less than a foot away from where that Rogers guy supposedly shot a guy in the head!(Remember the Angry Rich kid -- Mr. "Girls Hate Me Because I'm So Rich & Drive A Hot Car"). Touting his "fancy car" comes in 2nd -- because I can't recall what kind of car it was! Haha -- product placement FAIL! Lol ;D :D

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