Friday, June 3, 2016

62 91 93 99 101 108 | June 2, 1991, ESPN NBA History Lesson (1991 NBA Finals and 2016 NBA Finals)

Yesterday, June 2, 2016, during Game 1 had up a graphic up about Magic Johnson upsetting Michael Jordan in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on this same date in history, June 2, 1991.  Jordan responded by winning the next four games, winning the Series 4-1.

Notice the Bulls won Game 5 of that Series with a score of 108-101...  Think about how the Warriors eclipsed the Bulls 1996 record in light of those numbers.... and don't forget how Jordan played his last game against Philadelphia, in perfect alignment with Kobe's last game, who is also from Philadelphia.

Golden State Warriors = 108
Philadelphia = 101

Let us not forget that Philadelphia won the first basketball championship.

From 1991 to this year is 25-years, or 25-seasons.


I often talk about falling on your number.  I want to point out that this was a class example on this date for Jordan and Illinois.  Notice how the name Jordan connects to June 2, written 2/6 or 6/2.

Jordan = 1+6+9+4+1+5 = 26
Jordan = 10+15+18+4+1+14 = 62

Also, the date had Illinois numerology.

6/2/91 = 6+2+91 = 99
Illinois - 9+12+12+9+14+15+9+19 = 99

For falling on their number, with a score of 91-93, they would go on to win that NBA Finals and the two to follow, in the year '91, '92 and '93.


  1. I saw on ESPN that today is the anniversary of his infamous 'shrug' game.

    1. I am noticing now that the Bulls would go on to win 91, 92 and 93... kind of like the score.

  2. What if gsw win the next 2 finals that's 3 in a row just like the Bulls

    1. Maybe, but the Bulls lost Game 1. We'll keep it all in mind.

  3. If the Cavs win game 2, I think it will go 7 games... If the Warriors win game 2, I think it will only go 5 games. Either way, I think the warriors will win.

    Here is the breakdown for each of these scenarios...

    7 game series:

    Game 1 - GSW
    Game 2 - CLE
    Game 3 - CLE
    Game 4 - GSW
    Game 5 - CLE
    Game 6 - GSW
    Game 7 - GSW

    5 game series:

    Game 1 - GSW
    Game 2 - GSW
    Game 3 - GSW
    Game 4 - CLE
    Game 5 - GSW

    As you can gather from what I wrote above, it all depends on who wins game 2. I'm still leaning towards a 7 game series, but we'll just have to see how this thing plays out.

  4. Well we have the '91 Bulls trip to the Finals connection looks like it favors the GSW. Then, ESPN posted this on 6/3/16 of Game 1 of the Bulls second trip to the finals.


    This is Jordan's 'The Shrug' game. (It was also the year the Grizzlies and Raptors entered the league) Cavs beat the raptors to advance to finals, Warriors beat Grizzles for the record 73 wins)

    The Shrug = 106 just like prophecy = 106

    Shrug = 73 just like the warriors beating the record

    The shrug game came on 4/21/1992 = 136

    From the time the Bulls made 72 to the Warriors getting to 73 is a period of 23 years (lol)

    Bulls went on to win the series 4-2
    So, there may be some connections there for GSW and the prophecy.

    However, the 93 Bulls finals, Bulls were 57-25 on the season, much like the Cavs. Will dig into the 1993 win later.


    1. Oh and Espn posted this after Game One of the Finals and Before the Death of Muhammad Ali. Which was interesting.