Friday, June 3, 2016

114 | The Democratic Party has never won the Presidency in the same year the West won the NBA Championship...

First NBA Championship in '47-'48.

Massachusetts wins, then Kennedy from Massachusetts...
Then Massachusetts, then Kennedy's VP....

Celtics and Hawks have history with regards to Jimmy Carter, from Georgia...

Bill Clinton's biological father was murdered by the numbers coming back from Chicago on a business trip.... Hillary is from Chicago....

Then Massachusetts and Obama... that's funny because JFK was 44th Term President and Obama with parallels, is 44th President...

Have you ever been to Miami before?  If not and you go there, you'll realize the city is hardly America.  Hint?

So if the Warriors win, we can bet on a Republican President?

That's funny, because the GOP Convention is in Cleveland this year, who have a chance to win the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

Here is where I have to take you newer people back in time.  Last year I successfully predicted the NBA Finals would be Warriors and Cavs using November 4, 2014 election, and then the Warriors game on February 26, 2015, where LeBron James scored his season high of '42' points.  Again, the Warriors and Cavs both retired the jersey for #42 Nate Thurmond.

You might recall John Boehner from Ohio was the leader of the 114th Congress at the time.

From the November 4, 2014 election of the 114th Congress, to the date of the February 26, 2015 game was 114-days.  LeBron had his career worst performance since his rookie season in Oregon, the 33rd State, on election day, 114-days earlier, and then his season high of '42' against Golden State.

Notice how the span of days from his worst game, election day, was also 3-months and 22-days.

Notice the three teams talked about are the Cavs, Warriors and Blazers.  It should be noted that the Cavs and Warriors both joined the NBA in 1970, and last year was their 44th season, just like this year is the 44th year of the Warriors being in Golden State.

Of course Oregon is also the 33rd State, and Cleveland is the only city in the league with '33' gematria.


  1. This is fantastic so if gsw wins its trump in if cavs win its Clinton .

    Or if cavs win its Obama for a third term ???

    1. I thought this post would be more popular... this is pretty interesting intelligence.

    2. Doesn't Cleveland Cavaliers and Obama have the same Gematria? Obama is VERY Connected to the Cavs

    3. That's why I said Obama third term I've been hearing about for years from all conspiracy theorist online

      So let's see what happens

  2. LeBron 3rd3rd ring, Obama 3rd term

  3. Where is this mystery third term going to come from??

  4. There's a hockey connection too, on election year stanley cup matchups, west=dems/east=repub. Detroit was in the west in 2008 but switched to the east, foreshadowing Obama's ideology as president. If cavs/sharks win, a dem(Bernie or Hillary) will be president. Also in English reduction, Sharks eat penguins=72 and San Jose California=72

    1. Another clue is that the last playoff appearance for the Sharks ended in giving up a 3-0 lead in a series. The last 4 teams to do that, all won the stanley cup in their next playoff appearances. Also, the last team that did the scanerio I just laid out also fell behind 0-2 to start the SCF--Boston in 2011 vs Vancouver. Boston was Joe Thornton's old team and Thornton plays for SJ. Boston came back to win 4-0 in game 7.
      The numbers 5 and 42 play a huge role in here: five=42, san jose sharks=42, joel ward's jersey number is 42--so he might play a big role down the stretch, the sharks would be the fifth consecutive western conference team to win the cup, they would also be the fifth team to win a stanley cup in their next playoff appearance after giving up a 3-0 lead in their last appearance, the sharks would be the fifth team to win a stanley cup on an election year in this century, and the sharks would win the cup on their 25th year, 5 is divisible in 25--five times.
      I should also mention that the interchanging of conferences in 88 and 92 SC winners also signaled ideology of nat'l parties and the influence of corporations and big money. The current trend has remained consistent from the Clinton 90s years on. Also, "who's going to win the stanley cup"=133 in English reduction and "san jose sharks will win the stanley cup"=133 in English reduction.

    2. Great research, very impressive!

    3. This is too funny, just as I predicted about Joel Ward--here come the precursor articles:

    4. 1975 NYI vs Pittsburgh
      Pit gave up the 3-0 series lead and they didn't win a cup till 1990 so if sharks do pull it off they will only be the 4th team to do it

    5. Well then 4 is important too:
      how many times it took the sharks to go to the SCF=4.
      sharks playoff appearances=18
      sharks eat penguins=72

      If they're going to win the cup, all of these circumstances seem fitting. Thanks for catching that error on my part too.

  5. If the Cavs win game 2, I think it will go 7 games... If the Warriors win game 2, I think it will only go 5 games. Either way, I think the warriors will win.

    Here is the breakdown for each of these scenarios...

    7 game series:

    Game 1 - GSW
    Game 2 - CLE
    Game 3 - CLE
    Game 4 - GSW
    Game 5 - CLE
    Game 6 - GSW
    Game 7 - GSW

    5 game series:

    Game 1 - GSW
    Game 2 - GSW
    Game 3 - GSW
    Game 4 - CLE
    Game 5 - GSW

    As you can gather from what I wrote above, it all depends on who wins game 2. I'm still leaning towards a 7 game series, but we'll just have to see how this thing plays out.

    1. The Cavs will win game 2 because they have to. It seems as though that the Cavs are taking a page out of the 91 Bulls by losing game 1 to win the series ultimately.

    2. While I disagree on the Cavs winning the series, I do think they will win game 2... If you look at the seven game series I proposed, it would be perfect for Vegas.