Friday, June 10, 2016

131 | First ever hockey championship, March 17, 1893

3/17/1893 = 3+17+18+93 = 131

Just a little more documentation here...


  1. Funny how every major sport has the 131 connection to the Championship

  2. Ali's Death'

    6+3+16= 25
    6+3+20+16= 45
    6+3+(2+0+1+6)= 18

    25+45+18= .. 88 ..

    Howe's Death

    6+10+16= 32
    6+10+20+16= 52
    6+10+(2+0+1+6)= 25
    6+1+0+(2+0+1+6)= 16

    32+52+25+16= .. 125 ..

    Hundred Twenty Five" in the English Reduction system equals 88

    Hundred Twenty Five" in the English Ordinal system equals 223

    One Two Five Eight Eight" in the English Reduction system equals 115

  3. Zach there is a news story today about a "106" year old woman fan of the golden state warriors and hopes for championship for her 107th birthday,wow..

  4. A few observations from tonights Euro 2016 opener France v Romania.

    France 2-1.

    Todays date has numerology of 52 (Prophecy) Also 10/6 a lot like 106 the number of prophecy. Keep that in mind as theres a few connections to revelation.

    Giroud scored the opener for France. Giroud = 470. France = 47 fitting player to score the first goal of the tournament.

    Bogdan Stancu scored a penalty to make it 1-1. Bogdan Stancu = 121 like revelation.

    Dimitri Payet scores a 89th min winner for France. Payets birth numerology = 121. the 89th min makes me think of King James who plays later today in the NBA finals.

    Paul Pogba who ive picked to be either player of the tournament or score the winning goal in the final changed his shirt number from 19 to 15 for this tournament.

    This is the 15th edition of the Euro's. 15th Prime number is 47. France = 47. I think thats a tribute and not done by coincidence. Pogba recently turned 23 years old. Pogba = 23 i like that connection to Lebrons number he also has connections to the deaths of Ali and Kimbo slice.

    I recently shared how the CL goal was scored on the 15th min. We've also seen Djokovic break the 47 year record at the french open. He wins that final in 34 games. The 34th Prime is 149, like the day the CL final was played on which was won by the French manager Zidane.

    All these things are intertwined, im still going with Cavs to win in 7 games, it will tie in with france's last group game on the 19th against switzerland who have 52 numerology. Like the drought in Cleveland for a championship.

    1. One more thing to point out on this one, i think zidane winning the final for real madrid is symbolic. He took over on a date of 41 numerology, Jan 4th so 4/1. Exactly 145 days before the CL final.. Zinedine Zidane = 145. He won the final 13 days before the start of the Euros in france. The 13th prime is 41.

      41 connects back to Golden State, if it goes to game 7 on june 19th thats a date with 41 numerology that will be played in golden state.

      France will play on the same day against switzerland = 52 the same number of years since Cleveland won a championship. The finals ends on a date with 33 numerology. Cleveland = 33.

      I also had to laugh at this. The stade de france stadium is were the finals started tonight and were the finals will finish on July 10th.

      Its in Saint-Denis. Saint Denis = 42/114
      Lebron James = 42/114

      David Guetta opened the ceremony... 42/114.

      The last time France hosted the tournament they won it back in 84 the year lebron was born. There going for there 3rd Euro and Lebron for his 3rd ring. 3-3. 33...

    2. +jmontz: Have you applied this to English rugby? It would seem it pre-dates soccer, so there may be something there which pre-dates American football?

    3. I haven't yet, im still new to all this but that is a great shout. I'll have a look after the Euros are done. I'd imagine there will be similar patterns. Rugbys the original sport of England they have to play it in these posh schools were the royals are educated.

    4. That was my next question as well.

  5. 3/17/93 - 3+17+93 = 113 (Dishonest, Mainstream, Scottish)

    1. Whats that linking to? If you mean Pogbas birthday its actually 15/3/93 = 111 (The NBA Finals) Also its the 74th day of the year.

      If its something else my bad haha.

    2. That's the date of the first hockey championship, so I'm pointing to it being propaganda from the beginning. Notice the year (93).

    3. Oh nice haha my bad though it was a reply to my post!

  6. Yes sir, same thing has been going on for centuries.

  7. I think Golden State gets their 88th record win today - seems fitting since the "88" death of Gordie Howe. Hoping the Cavs get it in 7 though *

    1. Lil Wayne's new song about the cleveland cavaliers titled "Off Off Off"....

      Has me wondering if cavs are going to finish it with 3 in a row....

      "Off Off Off" = 186

      Three Games In A Row" = 1086

    2. then again.... "off off off" could be representing Lebron, or Cleveland's "3rd" finals loss in a row....

      I still like Cavs in 7...

    3. "Off" reduces to 6+6+6 in EO