Wednesday, June 15, 2016

142 | CNN, 'Killer laughed during massacre', Orlando shooting hoax propaganda

Killer laughed during massacre = 142
Islamic Extremism = 142
Terrorist = 142


  1. Hey Zach. Turned on Sky News this morning ... they were interviewing survivors. :D Holy Shit man, I nearly fell outta me bed. :D ha. The name of the survivor was 'Angel Colon' . :D Not messin'. His name is basically Angel Shitepipe. :D
    So ya could say, Survivor from the arse fucking club , named Angel Shitepipe speaks to the press. No offence to anyone who gay and that ... but sweet mother. As subtle as a mickey to the face :D
    2 survivors were named Angel, one called Patience and another named Mr.Justice died. Justice is dead but the 2 angels and patience survived :D Another level of hilarity.

    Rabblin, sorry. Take care man, Dar!

    1. Ohh and the survivor named Arse or 'Angel Colon' = 44.
      The words highlighted, 'Pure Evil' = 63. Just like Paris. 'Rampage' = 34. Like the date summed. 'Gay Nightclub' = 129 ( Original number of dead for few days after Paris Attack ).
      'We Are Orlando' = 131 / 59

      All the best, Dar!

    2. Feck, one more. 2 survivors named Angel were interviewed. 'Angel' = 73. 'Pulse' = 73.

    3. Great eyes Dar, I don't know if you saw my post on Mr. Fagot, a witness written about by the local paper where I am.

  2. Where was security? for a club that occupies 400 patrons?

  3. I don't fully believe that no one dies in theses drills , I think there are always casualties that's part of it.

  4. I think the "deaths" are like deaths in a video game because the pea pill are not "real" 3d flesh and blood people they r pictures and made up identies.
    Representations, symbols, pawn pieces, The Sims
    The Simpsons

    How do you know what u know about this so called incident? Internet, TV, newspaper.
    What do they show u? Pictures, interviews with supposed witnesses
    Usually laughing gleeful witnesses
    Crocodile tears while they smirk
    Paper dolls
    Very forgiving victims
    Of course they don't care if leg gets blown off or their child blown away they don't exist they r characters

    That is the answer to the great mystery of how these goofball can slip slide through security and do all these magical Ramboesque things. Not hypnosis, not mind control, not ninja hit men team, or MIB it's because u r reading a goddammn story!

  5. Fiction 217 456 76/31
    Victim 851 456 76

  6. Maniac---41, 246, *84*

    Killer Clown- --134, *804*, 1157

    These guys are often made to look like circus freaks.

    Freak- --41, 246, 102
    Freaks--60, 360, 192
    Freakshow----106, 636, 1150
    Circus Freaks---133, 798, 577
    Circus Freak---114, 684, 487

  7. Could be nothing but 53(#injured) days from 6/12 is Obama birthday and adding the deaths 50 and injuries 53 you get 103. 103 days from 6/12 is 9/23