Wednesday, June 22, 2016

22 33 44 67 107 118 156 | The death of Benji Wilson, Chicago High School basketball star, November 21, 1984

Benji might have been born in the wrong year.  Blood Sacrifice = 67

Benji was born on the 77th day of the year in Chicago; Chicago is now a city divided into 77 neighborhoods.

3/18/1967 = 3+18+19+67 = 107 (Shooting)
3/18/1967 = 3+18+(1+9+6+7) = 44 (Shooting) (Kill)
3/18/1967 = 3+1+8+1+9+6+7 = 35
3/18/67 = 3+18+67 = 88 (Poison) (Program)

11/21/1984 = 11+21+19+84 = 135 (The Key of David)
11/21/1984 = 11+21+(1+9+8+4) = 54
11/21/1984 = 1+1+2+1+1+9+8+4 = 27
11/21/84 = 11+21+84 = 116

Benji died 118-days before what would have been his 18th birthday.  He died at age 17.

NBA = 14+2+1 = 17

Let us now look at his various names and nicknames he went by.

41, the 13th prime.
Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Green Screen = 113

Catholic = 71
Bavarian Illuminati = 188

Conspiracy = 51
Catholic Church = 132

Basketball = 22/31/40/85

Notice Benji played ball in Chicago, where Michael Jordan was drafted to the Bulls, June 19, 1984.

From the date Michael was drafted until the date of Benji's murder, was a span of 156-days.

Michael Jordan had just to come Chicago from basketball weirdo land, North Carolina.  Again, Benji was born in '67.


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    1. You know these people have no honor. There are no boundaries. The 'children' are merely softer targets. They don't care about or have the same thought of protecting the young, weak or infirmed.

  2. Simeon = Sim One
    The Sims 332 558/93
    332 like Boston and Bulls

    Nice Masonic finger pose. It's also used heavily in religious art

    This kid is probably just an image and a name. I doubt he ever really existed. He's probably just a sob story used to put across the idea that Chicago is dangerous and black kids are shooting each other constantly and isn't it such a shame this promising young man s life cut tragically short, oh if only someone would ban all the guns boo hoo.
    They use these paper dolls to get us to believe in their false reality.

  3. Remember they want us to think they r all powerful and can kill anyone without hesitation because that is serious intimidation. Its scary it makes you feel weak so u keep going along with the bs.
    These bitches aren't shit. They hide behind their paper dolls. They r the weak ones. Laugh at their retarded Sims stories and continue to tear them to shreds

    1. I think they may actually kill people, but as you say, they use it as intimidation.
      That really only works when you are afraid to die.

    2. The reason I doubt that they actually kill people is because killing someone is messy and impossible to totally control, something could go wrong, the person might not die, they might suspect and try to run away and not be in the correct spot, etc..given how precise and by the numbers they need everything to be I can't really see them leaving anything to chance that's why I think most every fucking famous bitch and prettt much all of the average Joe stories are just Sims, CGIs, and miniatures.
      Even if you see them in "real life" they could just one of the actors that represent them, like how Milli Vanilla danced and lip synced to prerecorded tracks sung by others. I think the story of their fakery was given to us as "proof" that real investigative journalism is going on and that no one can get away with thee things for long.
      They could be really killing people but I just doubt it based on what I see. Who knows, I just look for the ideas that empower me the most. Since I'm always having to believe that something is true, I'd rather believe in what empowers me.

    3. 911.. Do you think anyone died? Clearly no planes were used.. The evidence for that claim is substantial.. But I find it hard to believe that no one died that day. The reason I ask is because some people believe this.

    4. I believe people died, I don't think you could sell it without actual death. I wouldn't trust the official dead body count though. Ever seen the Demons in the smoke of the explosions? Creepy Stuff.

    5. Yeah. The death count is not accurate for one simple reason... They are counting passengers on the planes that never existed. And I have seen that... Equally as creepy was what was being said in that classroom that Bush was in during it all. Like some kind of sick ritual.

    6. My grandfather worked in wtc he was in the building when the plane hit in a lady was in the hallway tell everyone to calm down help will be on the way

      everyone was alive when he left in think about it how do we no there was anyone on the floors when the planes hit?

    7. No, I don't think anyone died on 911. They made up the bios for the victims just like they make up Facebook accounts for the Sims they use in the news stories today.
      There is a good article on this on the September Clues forum do a search for VicSims report if you're interested. The photos r so beyond fake it's funny and the names are just as silly and punny as the stuff we see in the news today.
      No one dies this is a fucking game

    8. Martin kl you ate full of shit. IMO no one was in that building its been practically empty since the first bs attack in 93. The army roped off the area made sure everyone was out of the way and then detonated it in the usual way meanwhile playing a movie on TV.

    9. Jake,
      Why would u need actual deaths to sell it? The vast majority of people believe every single thing the news tells them. Look how obvious fake this Orlando nonsense is yet still people call me a conspiracy theorist for doubting it.

      Couldn't sell it? That's absolutely laughable.

    10. Well my first thought was that there were too many people near the base of the towers to get away from it in time, and I'd bet some of those people had to of died, especially firemen. Also, what about the people that were jumping out of windows? There is collaboration with people on the ground, so I don't see any of that as CGI. I wouldn't be surprised though, if the floors where the explosions took place were empty.

      As far as getting crap from the idiot public. I feel your pain. Everyone around me looks at me like I'm an Alien, I even have had people say "Do you own a gun? You know the gun laws are for people like you."

    11. Do u personally know any of those people on the ground? How do u know they were there? We're you there at the base of twc that day? How do u know there were firemen covered in ash, with running people etc..think about it, how do u know what u do about what happened? Who told u oh yeah it was the media..the movie.

      The jumpers, the falling man imagery look at the pictures do they look real? Please.
      You watched a movie, alongside a drill. Yellow tape central. Cops and other military uniforms keeping everyone away. Remember there was a n official drill that day.
      It was fake no one died

    12. And if u have ever been to NYC you can't see shit there anyway even a block away other huge buildings block your view.

    13. Well its possible, I guess I never really put that much into the possibility of "No Death". I just figured there had to be some, just based on the size of the event. The only collaboration I have is a High School friend who worked nearby. He only saw the collapse, but wasn't close enough to verify what was happening at the base.

    14. Well, no worries I didn't either until about 2005 or so. I was deep into my poltical phase then and my first thought was that Bush and Republicans were responsible by letting it happen like Pearl Harbor as was my thinking at the time.
      The more info I found the more my ideas about what happened changed. I don't blame people for not wanting to investigate cause it was exhausting but I do resent them for making me have to put up wth the safety first retard land I wake up to.
      Sorry if I come off as grouchy, I mean no disrespect

    15. Its all Good. Waking people up has to be one of the toughest things I've experienced. Just when you think you have a handle on it...the hole gets deeper.

    16. @prunella your the one that's full of shit tryna sell this belief that no one is them buildings

      I live in jersey I work in nyc in I catch the wtc path train to work everyday so your theory is way off

      In like I said my grandpa used to work in wtc in my friend father also worked there

      Ppl really died so your theory's is way off

    17. I am one to entertain every theory until proven otherwise. The idea that "Ppl really died so your theory's is way off" just does not cut it for me.
      Prove it. Not what you think you saw on TV like the rest of us, or any big holes in the ground or news you read like the rest of us... PROVE these people were here in the first place.
      That is what Prunella is saying. If you cannot prove it and have nothing more than the fact you somehow live in reasonably close proximity, you have nothing.

    18. Thank you, mir.
      How can I prove a negative? How can I prove that people I don't think ever even existed didn't die? I have seen no convincing truth yet that there were any victims and have spent the past ten years being called every name in the book by people (or programs) who had a friend, brother, uncle, cousin, ex friends mothers cousin who was there man.
      Yeah, sorry but I doubt

    19. Not to mention but what has the vast majority of people believing that nearly 3000 people died on 911 led to? It's led to the absurd, scared shitless, more rules than ever, dumbass society we live in today. Do you like being restricted ever tighter each year because of these blatantly fake stories?

      Imagine if the majority didn't believe the official story and laughed at all the dumbass gun control propaganda and refused to play along. What if people quit paying unfair bills and taxes and quit going to their shitty poorly paid jobs and said fuck u to buying shitty overpriced crap from China that breaks within a year. Yeah I want to live in that one, how about u?

    20. @mir you clearly don't no how to read this guy @prunella said that no one works In wtc in Im telling him I work a block away from wtc in. My grandpa was in the wtc

      As far as ppl didn't y'all think what y'all want I m wan y'all know it all I suppose

    21. +martin kl, LOL You're a funny guy, eh?
      Clearly, it is you who is experiencing difficulty from the reading comprehension realm. I 'get' +Prunella et al. just fine. I don't have to agree with her - or anyone - to any degree to appreciate where she's coming from. What I understand is she has verbalized that there was a drill on that day and people may have/were probably also asked to leave and/or evacuate for a 'drill' - and who knows what else. She is entertaining her own research as well as the research of others. She states that CGI could have been used, etc.
      I will again put to you: WHAT PROOF do *YOU* have.
      Put up or shut up.
      I'm the confrontational one, btw. It is unlikely you will get Zach's attention because he's the nice one here... so if it is your intention, you need to just move along. There's nothing for you here.

    22. Don't let Helly Kitty fool you. I only keep her around to try to remind me to be nice.

  4. Derrick Rose to the Knicks

    Derrick M Rose = 66, 75, 138
    NY Knickerbockers - 75, 183
    NY Knickers = 75
    Rose = 57
    fifty seven = 131
    New York Knickerbockers = 102, 111
    New York = 111
    The NBA Finals = 111

    Early foreshadowing?

    1. We just had a Rose moon too
      Moon = 57

    2. If the Knicks get durant lebron is reign is over

    3. Hockey apparently just announced a hockey team in Vegas today #rigged lol

    4. The owner is quoted sayinghes partial to the name Black Knights for the Vegas hockey team name

      Black Knights=63(both k's)/117

  5. Someone needs to check out the "Big Dig"
    "Big Dig" = 38, 38, 38 & 228 [Never seen that before]

    "Death" = 38
    "The Big Dig" = 71 = "Catholic"
    "Seventy One" = 144

    "Central Artery Tunnel Project" = 117 & 333
    It also equal 2218(J) = "New World Order"

  6. Gunna go ahead and say it'll be Chicago vs Baltimore in the World Series. Probably a Baltimore win, cause Fuck Chicago.

    1. I think your reasoning is sound. :)

    2. Thank you mir. Its actually more of a "fuck chicago" as most of the negative energy created stateside seems to end up there. That city is prime for a huge riot, make the 60s riot look like a rainbow parade. Losing in the Series might just be the lethal injection of depression the Chi needs.

      And Baltimore is my 50 years ago recycle team, check out all the scores for them during the Orlando week up to the NBA finals, pretty telling.

    3. There is a myriad of reasons to believe Chicago to be the armpit of this nation. You'll find no qualms from me, sir.

  7. Dude. I just watched Polarization Nations response to you. He came out swinging, but not sure if he landed any punches. ANY insight in to the matter?

    1. The guy who guaranteed a tsunami would wipe out Super Bowl 50 and everyone NEEDED to evacuate? =)

    2. True That. The problem is that I don't know enough about you tube and how it works, because I have never made a video, so I'm not sure what the hell he is talking about. The problem I have is that he has never moved beyond "Back to the Future" and "The Big Lebowski." Just knowing the little amount I know, I have been all through various movies and books, and found all kinds of goodies. You'd think he would be exposing coding across the board instead of just those two movies.

    3. I've subscribed to very few YouTube channels. Much more lunacy than not on YT, imho. I'm sure there must be actual information there from some, but it's like when going shopping at the flea market - you have to dig through a lot of shit to find any diamond channels.

    4. I can personally tell you that Polar is piece of shit. We had a YT relationship and he broke my heart. Jk, but he is a total dick and is all about the theatrics. He will say Zach reaches for numbers in his work while at the same time totally making shit numbers up on his own to fit his shit. He lost me when Scott Wiedland was supposedly Bowie's son. Hes National Enquirer with a Graphic Design degree.

    5. When I first came across Polar, which is before I found Zach, my first instinct was that he was not legit, or at best he was reaching too far, and he really wasn't producing anything of value.

      I followed from the perimeter. I'm not loyal to his channel, but I'm just trying to decipher if he is reaching, and may come up with something good to use, or if he is straight up not legit and needs to be ignored.

      I have been burned pretty bad before, so everyone on you tube gets a rectal exam, and I'm glad Zach has pointed out people who he thinks are not legit. Input from all areas helps.

  8. Funny how clear this picture is of Benji from 84 or prior and they can't give us clear pictures of those darn terror suspects in 2016.

    1. Still mad about my elementary school pics with the laserbeams in the background. Lol. I think some people know what I'm talking about.

    2. I have pictures of me drunk in the 90s taken by someone much drunker than I was and even those are clearer than the pics they give us of terrorists here in 2016 when everyone has a camera with them at all times that takes such crisp and beautiful photos that u could hang them in an art gallery

    3. I hear ya' both.
      It is pretty difficult to believe that I can drive down just about any road in Amerika and be photographed continually for miles. When we have something like the Orlando shooting, we finally see the police 1 or 2 days later claim they'd (finally) secured the in-house video at the club.. but of course, like Sandy Hook, it will never see the light of day if said video ever did exist... or will be so redacted as to be impossible to detail/prove/disprove anything.
      Alllll this and we don't have shit. Ayup, uh huh...
      "I want to believe."
      Oar something.