Wednesday, June 8, 2016

235 | Curtis Morton of Black Sports Online (The guy who mocked me for Super Bowl prediction)

Look at this tweet he has up from June 3....


Washington D.C.

The numbers being coded for a high profile assassination...

Honestly, this guy makes me want to say words I shouldn't.  He can't write, he runs his mouth, and he wears a fucking bow tie.  The guy called me a lunatic for the following prediction before the Super Bowl:

Broncos Win
Panthers Lose
Von Miller MVP
Black Panther Tribute

Did the dumb mother fucker apologize after going four for four?  No he did not.

Anyhow, looks like he might be part of the gang.  What a scum.  It is too bad there are so many black men who are willing to get fucked in the ass to collect a pay check from a jew.  No Vaseline.