Sunday, June 19, 2016

27 31 41 49 59 100 101 103 122 | The 'freak accident' death of Antonin Yelchin of Star Trek, June 19, 2016

I see some 'Prince parallels' here, another death connected to the NBA Finals.

Star = 1+2+1+9 = 13/22
Trek = 2+9+5+2 = 18/27
Star Trek = 31/40/49 (Basketball = 31) (Revelation = 49) (Warriors = 49)

Star = 19+20+1+18 = 58 (Freemasonry)
Trek = 20+18+5+11 = 54
Star Trek = 112 (Prince died on 112th day of 2016, April 21, 2016, 49-days after March 3 Game)

This death comes 59-days from the death of Prince.

This man was ripe for dying in an 'accident'.

Accident = 1+3+3+9+4+5+14+20 = 59 (Kill)

Anton = 1+5+2+6+5 = 19
Yelchin = 7+5+3+3+8+9+5 = 40
Anton Yelchin = 59 (Accident) (Kill)

Anton = 1+14+20+15+14 = 64 (Cleveland last won in '64)
Yelchin = 25+5+12+3+8+9+14 = 77
Anton Yelchin = 140 (A number often found with '106)

His birthday also has a heavy tie to the NBA Finals.

3/11/1989 = 3+11+19+89 = 122 (Golden State) (San Francisco) (122nd Meridian)
3/11/1989 = 3+11+(1+9+8+9) = 41 (Golden State) (King)
3/11/1989 = 3+1+1+1+9+8+9 = 32 (131, 32nd Prime Number)
3/11/89 = 3+11+89 = 103 (Cavs 103rd game of the season today) (Orlando shooting, 103...)

103 is the 27th prime number.

His birthday, March 11, can be written 11/3, a lot like '113'.  Remember, the NBA Finals began with both teams having played each other 113 times, Warriors and Cavs.

He has died the date of Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

6/19/2016 = 6+19+20+16 = 61 (Finals)
6/19/2016 = 6+19+(2+0+1+6) = 34 (Murder)
6/19/2016 = 6+1+9+2+0+1+6 = 25
6/19/16 = 6+19+16 = 41 (Golden State) (King)

That part about 'Freak Accident' from the headline comes in big here.

He joins the 27-club.

His death comes a span of 101-days from his 27th birthday.

It has been brought to my attention that a new Star Trek movie is coming out, and it comes out 33-days after the death of this young man.

Notice it is called 'Beyond'.

7/22/2016 = 7+22+20+16 = 65

The date July 22 can also be written 22/7, a lot like '227'.

 Remember when Prince went to the Warriors and Thunder game at Oracle Arena on March 3, 2016, 49-days before his death?

Here's another blast from the past.  Who remembers when I called a celebrity death on February 27, 2015?  It ended up being Leonard Nimoy, or 'Spock'.


I love that CNN last refreshed their article on March 22, my goodness.

2/27/2015 = 2+27+20+15 = 64
2/27/15 = 2+27+15 = 44 (Kill)

From Nimoy's death to the opening date of 'Beyond' connects to 'Saturn'.


  1. From the start date to but not including end date is 100 days. The phrase "Freak Accident" = 100

    1. Great work, it is also 59-days after prince.

    2. This morning when CNN was previewing the game for some reason they started talking about courtside ticket prices. They we're $49,500 each on the headline. The anchor rounded up to $50,000. Then anchor Victor Blackwell says something like, "wow! imagine paying $100,000 for two tickets!" They could of talked about so many other things but they brought these numbers into it.

  2. He starred in Alpha dog as Zack Mazursky, in the plot he is kidnapped but becomes friends with his kidnappers who eventually end up killing him, its based on a true story.

    Alpha Dog = 181. (The Number Lebron James has scored so far this series)

    Zack Mazursky = 49 (Warriors)

    Death of the Warriors?

  3. 33 days before the release of the next movie; Star Trek Beyond. Or 4 weeks 5 days on this, King James's 450th birthday.

    1. Star Trek: Beyond---177

      More 1s and 7s.

    2. Interesting on the 4/5 45 connection, look at my above post about alpha dogs.

      Shawn Hatosy - The actor who played the role of the murderer = 45

      Ryan Hoyt = 45 (The guy who committed the murder in real life)

  4. Thinking about how much death there is this year and all the white horse/Invictus symbolism; the first of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" in Revelation is the "White Horse". Read this excerpt from Billy Graham off of Wikipedia:

    One interpretation, which was held by evangelist Billy Graham, casts the rider of the white horse as the Antichrist,[13] or a representation of false prophets, citing differences between the white horse in Revelation 6 and Jesus on the white Horse in Revelation 19.[14] In Revelation 19,[15] Jesus has many crowns. In Revelation 6 the rider has just one. A crown given, not taken. This indicates a third person giving authority to the rider to accomplish his work.

    Revelation 6; Revelation 19. Today is 6/19. King James/King Lebron James

  5. His birthday makes me think of Guy Fawkes death day too.

  6. Oakland 3 police chiefs in 9 days

  7. He had also just been cast as Brady Hartsfield in a TV adaptation of Stephen King's 'Mr Mercedes'.
    Mr Mercedes = 103 (basic)
    Brady= 23 (pythagorean)
    Hartsfield = 57 (pythagorean s exception)
    That character uses a car to kill other people...

    1. The Stephen King connect is interesting, as we are seeing so many Kings lately, Stephen means King, and King James plays King Curry tonight.

  8. I was thinking of how the Luciferians live their inversions, so just for shits and gigs I wanted to see who the last celebrity to die at 72 was. It was Frank Sinatra, Jr, who died 3-16-16, exactly 3 months and 3 days ago.

  9. France 0 - 0 Switzerland

    Keeps France on a 4-1 Goal Difference

    France finished on 7 points. Lebrons 7th NBA Final, game 7. The 0-0 was the only other scoreline to make sense.

    1. I keep feeling we will have overtime tonight as well, 0-0 final there could hint at that.

    2. We also had 4 ripped shirts a popped football and france hit the woodwork 3 times.

      Make of that what you will. Ive never seen 4 Switzerland players get ripped shirts i think its all a tribute but i cant be arsed to work it out right now!

      I've also never seen a popped ball and ive watched a lot of football

  10. It's amazing how many celebs and well to do peopeopleve died in the last year that havent been mentioned much in the news. From artists like Tunga to owners of chain resturants have kicked it without the limelight. Something is rotten in Denmark, mos def. Just do a google for Dead at (Pick a number) and you'll find a few '15-'16 surprises. I picked 64 trying to find an invert on PMs 46, but there are a lot of Dead at 64s.

  11. Chelsea Clinton baby named Aiden
    Anton Yelchin
    Andreas Lubitz (German wings pilot)
    Anders Bering Brevik (Norway character)
    Anton Leva
    Rosemary s baby name Aidan, year one was 1966

    Don't know where I'm going with this just musing on all these A names

    1. I thought Rosemary's Baby was named Adrian.

    2. Oh, you are right, my bad. But it doesn't really matter. The names are essentially the same just like nicknames and duff spellings if same name. Adrian/ R Aidan

  12. He played Pavel Chekov-120

    120 days from now is 10-17. We have been seeing many 711s 117s, yada yada, and 10-17 is 117. 10-17 is a very interesting day, particularly for British History. In 1660 the Nine men who signed the 9 men who signed the death warrant for King Charles I were put to death. In 1778 General Charles, Earl Cornwalis surrendered. 1814 was the famous London Beerflood. 1917 Britain bombed the Germans for the first time in WW1. 1956 Queen E opened the first British nuclear power plant. 1980 was the first visit of a British monarch to the Vatican. 2000 Hatfield Train crash.

  13. Parents were Olympic figure skaters (1972) but not allowed to attend.
    6/19/16 is 1 month 17 days (47 days or 6 weeks 5 days) to Olympics (8/5/16)
    And 65 days to 8/23 (2 months 4 days)

  14. This strikes me as a PR story to get people buzzing about his new movie Star Trek Beyond Boring. They keep showing the ad for it with this story everywhere, in theaters July 22!
    That's just the time in July when lots of weird shit happens like Aurora shooting and also Prince Williams kids birthday.

    The way they said he dyed, pinned between his car and brick wall was interesting wording... pinned.

    Since we now have daily celebrity deaths to keep up with it might help to organize a list of the ways these bitches kick the bucket. Like a game of Clue: who is the victim, where location did he dye, and how was he kylled?
    I will file this dude under car accidents

  15. Pavel Chekov = 120, 48
    Anton Viktorovich Yelchin
    initials AVY = 48

  16. Prunella, probably more of ex KGB / FSB GRU/SVR story.

  17. His car was said to be a Jeep Grand Cherokee which in pythagorean (K exception) = 96
    It was a 2014 model. 2+0+1+4=7