Sunday, June 5, 2016

33 44 47 52 74 77 85 96 99 110 144 187 523 | Warriors defeat Cavs 110-77 in Game 2 of NBA Finals, June 5, 2016

Tonight was LeBron's 35th NBA Finals Game, Draymond Green was drafted #35 overall.  They both wear the #23.  This ended up being the first NBA Finals game that LeBron didn't score in the first quarter.

Catholic = 35 (LeBron, Catholic High School) (Golden State, Catholic Connections)
King James = 35 (LeBron scored 35th points of Game for Cleveland)

Notice 'Cleveland' lost by 33 in the 'second' game of the NBA Finals.

Cleveland = 33
Second = 33
NBA Finals = 33
Golden St. = 33
Stephen = 33

****President = 110 (Think of the LeBron and election connection)
Washington D.C. on 77th Meridian
********George Washington = 187 (187 combined points) (Homicide code)

On this date in history, the the Portland Trailblazers, from the 33rd State, won the '77 NBA Championship over the Philadelphia 76ers.  The Blazers and Cavs both joined the NBA in 1970, along with the Buffalo Braves (now the Los Angeles Clippers).

The first quarter had a long pause with the score at 8-4.  It finished with a sum of 40 points.

Forty = 84
LeBron born in '84 (Ali with Parkinson's in '84)

In the second quarter, Golden State also scored '33'.  The halftime score was 52-44 which popped out in the wake of the death of Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali = 96 (96 points in first half)

Muhammad Ali was "Muhammad Ali" for 52-years.  Muhammad in the Quran was the "Prophet".

Prophecy = 52
California = 52
Warriors from Philly, the city of Prophecy

Muhammad Ali just passed at age 74, as predicted.

Muhammad = 74
Halftime = 74

For the third quarter, it closed 82-62, a sum of 144 points.

Remember, the NBA Finals began June 2, or 6/2/2016.

6/2/2016 = 6+2+20+16 = 44
Forty-Four = 144

Something that stood out about the fourth quarter to me, was Steph Curry scoring the first points of the quarter, giving the Warriors 85 points with a very long three.

Curry = 85
Basketball = 85
Phoenix, Arizona = 85 (Where Ali just died)

Another thing that stood out, was the Warriors scored their 99th points of the game on an and one, at the clocked stopped at 5:23.

523 is 99th prime

The Big Three combined for 34-points, a very specific number to Ali's recent passing.  Please see those posts if you have not.

Notice Curry and Thompson combined for 35-points.  It was the number tonight.

The Warriors made 44-buckets in their 44th season, in the game that finished with 187-points.  'Chicago' sums to 81 in Jewish Gematria.  The Philadelphia Warriors defeated the Chicago Stags in the first BBA Championship.

That was in the year '47.

6/5/2016 = 6+5+20+16 = 47

Cleveland shooting 79-shots is interesting.  Ali had birth numerology of 79 and drew parallels to Jim Brown in the wake of his passing.

Champion = 79

Oracle = 54 (54% for home team at Oracle)